Adderall Is Not a Safe Pre-workout

James works as a consultant in Silicon Valley with the additional responsibility of running a tech start-up. However, he wasn’t much of a fitness enthusiast until he found Adderall. He discovered that it helps him to focus better and makes exercises feel like a breeze.  Many people like James are finding out that a pre-workout

What’s the Best Way to Dissolve Protein Powder?

After a fantastic Deadlift or Squat session at the gym, your body’s muscles need to get the proper protein and nutrients. Protein drinks and shakes are the ideal post-workout recovery nutrition sources, but using clumpy, gritty powder won’t make your drink taste good.  Try a few different types of protein powder until you find one

Shoulder Press – Dumbbell Vs. Machine – Which Is Better?

Muscle mass and endurance can be improved by weight training because of the wide range of equipment alternatives available. You can achieve specific fitness gains with different types of equipment.  Free weights like dumbbells, for example, offer some advantages that stacked weight machines do not, while the latter also provide some benefits that dumbbells do

Are Long Arms a Problem in Bodybuilding?

“Do you even lift?” is the most crucial question in strength training, followed by “How much bench do you have?” However, if you’re a serious lifter, you’ve probably done a bench press. Although your 1-3RM may be impressive, you may find it challenging to achieve your desired numbers if your limbs are excessively lengthy. As

What’s Better: High or Low Top Converse for Lifting?

Both high and low top converse/ chucks are good picks for weightlifting. However, factoring in your needs and preferences based on the guidelines we provide would help you decide which one works best for you. Converse shoes have been around since the 1920s and had already become a staple by the 1940s. Famous for their

What’s the Deal With Squatz and Oatz?

Building your muscle mass involves more than just lifting heavy weights all day, every day, as there are more essential factors involved. One such factor is what you eat, precisely, how much you eat.  As a result, many fitness enthusiasts have carved out the squats and oats mantra, implying that eating (a lot of) oats

Shoulder Press – Dumbbell Vs. Machine – Which Is Better?

The shoulder press is an essential, popular, age-old exercise among weightlifters. This is because the shoulder press is an excellent exercise for strengthening your shoulders and upper back.  You can typically perform the exercise with dumbbells or a should press machine, both with varying advantages and disadvantages. This article will look into these differences to

Can You Burn a Lot of Calories Stocking Shelves?

There is a natural and interesting relationship between your daily activities and how many calories you burn. As a result, many people have become interested in how many calories they potentially lose as they go about their daily activities and occupations.  How calories work  Calories are how we measure the amount of energy in a

How to Increase the Size of Your Small Rear Delts?

Not knowing what to do with your bulked up body and an embarrassingly small set of rear delts is very frustrating. Your rear delts require individual attention for them to look strong and developed. Here’s a definitive guide to building the well-defined physique you are looking for. The deltoids in general are easy muscles to

8 Non-obvious Benefits of Having an Exercise Routine

For many of us, a fitness routine is for getting into better shape and perhaps losing a little weight. But did you know that these aren’t the only benefits to having an exercise routine? Continue on below to learn more about the non-obvious benefits of scheduling in some exercise every day! Better Stress Management Working

Why It’s Not Wise to Work Your Chest 3 Times a Week

When most of us think of a typical bodybuilder physique, the first thing that comes to mind is a set of well-developed chest muscles. The chest muscles are the first ones to be noticed due to their positioning on the body and their sheer size. Almost everyone who goes to the gym is focused on

What Is Dirty Cutting?

When people talk about cutting or gaining, they usually do it as if these were black and white concepts. Even I used to think so before I got deep into it. I used to start cutting and along with it came clean eating and healthy habit formation. But soon I realized that there was more

How to Prevent Pre Workout Panic Attacks?

Pre-workout supplements consist of ingredients like caffeine and bitter orange extract that can cause panic attacks during your workout sessions. Taking precautions and identifying the risk factors greatly help in curbing your anxiety.  How many of you have felt jitteriness, dizziness or an unusual heart rate during workouts? If you are one of them, it

Can You Get Results From Using Dumbbells Only?

This is a question that has been asked for years. Dumbbells are a type of weight training equipment that can be used by anyone for weight training. However, the results of using dumbbells alone will vary depending on the person’s level of fitness. Recent studies show that adjustable dumbbells are the top fitness product on

How to Reduce Stretch Marks Around Your Abs

Stretch marks occur whenever the skin cannot keep up with the growth of the tissues beneath it. We gain and lose weight rapidly, so we are often left with stretch marks across our belly which is the fastest growing tissue. You can treat belly stretch marks very easily, but if you start the treatment before

How to Survive a Panic Attack During a Workout?

It is absolutely crucial that you understand how to handle panic attacks during a workout. If you are experiencing a panic attack, it could be because your exercise plan is too intense for your current fitness level. It is important to know what triggers you so that you can find a different routine that will

What Is a 4×12 Workout?

There are different ways that people carry out their workouts across the world, based on their personal preferences, themuscles they target, and other essential factors. However, a common ground in all forms of workouts is that it is divided into sets and reps. One such division is the 4×12 routine workout.  The 4×12 Workout  The

What Does Pr Mean in the Gym?

In 2009, Usain Bolt ran the fastest time ever recorded for the 100m in Berlin, setting a WR – world record and a PR – personal record of 9.58 seconds. A gym PR means the same as it is simply your personal record on a particular activity in the gym. As a result, you can

Is a 60-degree Incline Bench Useful?

The 60-degree incline bench is a staple of many standard and home gyms because of its unique benefits and body exercises. Many weightlifters generally shy away from the bench because it is almost vertical and may work other muscles than intended. Nevertheless, the 60-degree bench is useful for hitting several muscles. What are Incline Bench

Are Cheerios Complex Carbs?

Complex carbs and simple carbs have been the buzzword in the fitness community for quite some time. Almost every newbie goes through a phase where they run from simple carbs like the plague itself. The problem with this approach, however, is that most people aren’t able to differentiate between simple and complex carbs.  Even those

How to Lose Man Boobs Quickly!

For most men, the most embarrassing thing to wear is usually a tight-fitting t-shirt. As soon as you make a man wear a t-shirt that hugs their body, they’ll start getting conscious. They’ll be continuously worried about their nipples showing through the thin fabric of the t-shirt. How do I know about it, you ask?

Which Is Better: Chin Up Vs Lat Pulldown?

If you want to build lats like that of a viper and a back that looks like a Christmas tree, you must’ve heard about two exercises- the chin-up and the lat pulldown. If you haven’t even heard of these exercises or are just starting out, you’ve got a long road ahead of you. Don’t close

Tricep Pushdown Elbow Pain – How to Fix It?

Performing particular tricep exercises puts stress on the joint, one of the most common causes of elbow pain. Even though pushdowns might be painful, heavy pressing should be avoided, such as close-grip bench presses and skull smashes. It’s a good idea to read this instruction if your triceps workout causes your elbow to click, crack,

Are Heavy or Lighter Lat Pull Downs Better?

It is considered a compound exercise since the lat pulldown traverses numerous joints and involves more than one muscle group. It is a terrific option if you’re looking to target muscle groups that the Big Four don’t cover.  Using compound workouts instead of isolation exercises will help you burn more calories in a shorter period.

Are There Benefits To The Double Underhand Deadlift?

Deadlifts are a popular exercise among weightlifters. It is effective in strengthening your glutes, hamstrings, hips, and upper and lower back. However, like any other exercise, the form and technique to do deadlifts is important.  You may think it is as simple as picking up barbells and performing deadlifts but there is more to it.

Why You Shouldn’t Deadlift With Hexagon Weight Plates

Commonly termed hex plates, hexagon weight plates are quite annoying to work with for most lifters. They make deadlifting harder than it already is and add nothing but worry to the workout. If your gym doesn’t have hex plates, you’re lucky to not have experienced working out with them. However, if you have recently just

People With Abs Sitting Down: How You Can Be One of Them

Having abs while sitting down is a dream for many people. Most people that have achieved a flat stomach, complain of having fat folds as they sit down. It is a common occurrence and there is a good reason for it. As you stand, the body is stretched and the abdominal fat stretches over a

The Best Planet Fitness Memes

Planet Fitness is one of the largest and most popular gym chains across states.  It is popular for its equipment and trainers. However, one thing that planet fitness prides itself on is the non-judgmental policy of the gym. No matter how non-judgmental they say they are, not everyone believes their philosophy towards workouts. Most of

Jeff Nippard’s Program Review: Is It Worth It?

If you have searched for Jeff Nippard’s program, you might be in jeopardy whether you should buy it or not.  You would be asking yourself the question and would be looking for an answer to whether it is worth it to buy his plan?  In this article, we’ll try to clear all your doubts about

What Is the Best Rack Pulls Alternative?

Alternate forms of well-known exercises are frequently employed in strength training to supplement other areas of training. A weighted barbell is placed on a power rack in the rack pull and lifted by grasping it and extending one’s hips to full lockout, as in the deadlift. It’s a great way to build pulling strength that

Is a 30 or 45 Degree Incline Bench Better?

Setting the angle of the incline bench is a prerequisite for performing the lift. Because you may adjust some benches, you’ll have to pick one that works best for you. So, which is better 30 or 45 degree incline bench? The angle is determined by the muscles being targeted. Some benches have a fixed 45-degree

Can You Get a Lump on Your Back From Squats?

The lump on your upper back that develops after doing high-bar squats isn’t usually a cause for concern. However, it is important to know why you might experience it and how to avoid it.  Weightlifters, your training sessions require explosiveness, focus and precision. For an onlooker it might not look like much, but weightlifting is

Don’t Skip Workouts But Do This Instead

Do you know what most people do on their busy days/weeks? Yes, you are right!  They miss their meals. Plus, they miss their 8-hour sleep.  But, before that, they skip their workouts. And, that’s not acceptable no matter how busy you are.  A study conducted by the World Health Organization states that 1 out of

Crossfit Is Bullshit? True or False?

Time and time again, we’ve seen the rise and fall of fads in the fitness industry. These fad diets and workouts usually start off with a bang and suddenly disappear without a whisper. One such fad that we witnessed a few years ago was Crossfit. With their AMRAP workouts and pretentious terminologies like WOD, Crossfit

Can Big Guys Have Abs?

Can Big Guys Have Abs?

Most people don’t believe that they can have abs at higher body fat levels. This is simply not true and the myth needs to be dispelled in this article. Whenever we think of abs, usually only one picture pops into our mind. That picture is of a highly shredded individual with very low body fat.

What Is an Arm Dominant Physique?

Growing huge arms or sculpting your back like a cobra are 2 very different but achievable goals. All you need is some knowledge and a suitable training plan. If you’ve ever walked into a gym where the people actually exercise and train, you’ll notice a variety of physiques. Unlike the extremely fat people who mostly

Is Planet Fitness a Scam?

For many fitness enthusiasts, their gym is as important as their diet and weightlifting habits. This is because your weightlifting environment plays a significant role in your fitness journey. It can provide you with ample motivation and support for your discipline. On the other hand, it can distract you or directly stunt your development with

Is It Good or Bad to Keep Your Abs Flexed All Day?

What are core muscles?  Core or abdominal muscles are the muscles that lie within the back and abdominals, attaching to the pelvis or spine. They are a set of strong bands of muscles that line the walls of your abdomen. The core muscles include five primary muscles: the rectus abdominus (your abs), pyramidalis, external and

Are Crooked Abs Something to Worry About?

Your abs or rectus abdominis is a primary muscle in your abdominal region. It travels from your pubic bones to your ribs and protects your internal organs. The rectus abdominis appears as a pair, and each pair divides into three segments of connective tissues, which many colloquially refer to as the six-pack.  A six-pack requires

Bench Press – Should You Touch Your Chest or Only Go to 90 Degrees?

There is a good chance you’ve done the barbell bench press at some point. Lean, strong chest males utilize the barbell bench press to benchmark their strength and magnificence.  They frequently push their pals, exaggerate their ability to bench 100 pounds more than they actually can, and always begin their first session of the week

Should You Keep Running While Bulking?

Cardio is the best form of exercise for fat loss and cardiovascular health. Many lifters, however, do not want to reduce their calorie excess. Therefore they exclude cardio from their bulking phase. After a workout, your body does require a little more fuel to help it develop muscle. Too much long-distance running can cause your

Go Heavy or Go Home – What Are 55 Lb Barbells for?

Are you an experienced weight lifter or a bodybuilder? Have you just recently taken the membership at your local gym?  No matter what your experience in the fitness industry is, there are a few exercises that you are surely going to perform.  Bench Press  Squats  Shoulder Press  Deadlifts These are compound workouts and are considered

Can You Be a Fat Guy With Abs?

Having abs is an ultimate fitness goal for many people but it is not an easy feat to achieve. A chiseled midsection is without doubt quite appealing but not everyone has the discipline or genes to get it.  Other factors like body fat percentage and exercise also play a key role in determining whether you

Dumbbells Storage Ideas For Small Home Gyms

The idea of building a home gym sounds tempting until you start figuring out how to accommodate most of your equipment in the least possible space.  Space is a scarcity in most homes these days and that’s why a lot of people these days are building outdoor home gyms and garden shed home gyms. Some

What Is It Like Working at a Gym?

So you are still iffy about submitting that application to the gym? Let’s face it, most of us at some point thought working at a gym was cool. I did too, and I did get my fair shot at it. In my junior college years, becoming a trainer at a gym was number one on

Are Planet Fitness Weights Really Lighter Than They Should Be!?

I remember when I first started lifting and exercising, I was really only motivated by the perfect physiques of actors and models I saw on the TV. Maybe this is something that’s common to the last few generations because that’s how we were conditioned. Before the penetration of the TV and the internet into our

What Happens if You Mix Alcohol With Your Protein Shake?

Whey protein and alcohol: Can they be mixed? It’s important to remember that drinking alcohol isn’t the best idea nutritionally. But with terms like ‘mojito cleanses’ and other unhealthy trends making their rounds, many body critics question the idea of whether there is a way to make it healthier, like mixing alcohol with whey protein.

Is Creatine Constipation a Thing?

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding creatine. When you search online, a common question that pops up is whether creatine causes constipation. Let’s try to understand what creatine is, its benefits and whether creatine constipation is really a thing? What is Creatine? Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the muscle cells that provides

How Men Can Get Rid of an Hour Glass Figure Quickly

The Hour Glass figure The hourglass body figure is a popular body shape characterized by a bust (Or chest) and hip that is nearly equal in measurement. The form also includes a petite waistline, with the natural waistline being the narrowest point of the body. The hourglass shape is commonly attributed to women, so it

What Is A Nordic Hamstring Curl Machine?

Recently, we have come up with quite a few in-depth articles on exercises that can help you get stronger, more defined leg muscles. We have written about how sissy squats can help you isolate, target, and build the quadricep muscles. We have also suggested 5 different leg press foot positions that can help you strengthen

Why Is My Cardio So Bad and How to Fix It

One of the most dreaded groups of exercises on this planet has to be cardio. It seems so simple and elegant to just tell someone that they should be doing more cardio. More cardio means more weight loss, endurance, stamina, and fitness, right? Well, yes and no. “Yes” for some people who are either blessed

Is It True That Asians Have Larger Calves?

Like the rest of our body, our calves are also made up of cells. Asian calves have different sizes and shapes. Some have big calves, while others have skinny calves. Let us explore the topic of whether or not Asians have larger calves than other races and how race affects the size of one’s calf

Is A Shipping Container Home Gym A Good Idea?

Yes, a shipping container gym is a great idea for people who can’t afford to spare any indoor space. You can use it to create an indoor-outdoor home gym or you can use it for storing your equipment when you are done exercising in your outdoor gym.  Shipping container gyms are much better than outdoor

Toxic gym culture

How To Save Yourself From Toxic Gym Culture

Believe it or not, if you have ever been to a gym, you would have become a victim of the toxic gym culture where others used to directly or indirectly shame you for the amount of weight that you used to lift or the number of reps you used to do. All those people who

Outdoor home gym

Can You Make An Outdoor Home Gym?

Let’s give you a straight answer first.  Yes, you can build an outdoor gym but you should go for it only when that’s the only option you have. That’s because there are very limited outdoor gym equipment available as of now. Plus, the weather doesn’t remain favorable all around the year. Building a shed gym

Can you Deadlift Twice a Week or Is It Too Much?

Deadlifts are a great exercise if you’re looking to build your back muscles and lower body, such as the legs and hips. Since it is so effective in working up the larger muscle groups, many people wonder if they should deadlift twice a week or more for maximum results.  Like with any other thing done

What Joker Sets in the 5/3/1 Program Are and Are They Effective?

The 5/3/1 Training System The 5/3/1 method for Weight training designed by the coach and author Jim Wendler uses a combination of variations, RPE monitoring, constant progress, and personal records to ramp up the intensity of your lifts and hit new Personal Records (PR). 5/3/1 is widely used by trainers of all levels of expertise.

How Much Does a Curl Bar Weigh?

Free weights are essential muscle-building equipment because of their flexibility and ease of use, making them very popular. As a result, curl bars are popular among weightlifting enthusiasts who use them to build their biceps and triceps. Curl bars are a variation of regular bars because they’re W-shaped instead of cylindrical.  Curl bars come in

Getting Used to Working Out Without Pre-workout

What are Pre Workouts and Why Do People Use Them? A pre-workout supplement is a dietary supplement that is used to increase energy and alertness, improve concentration and focus, and enhance muscle strength. It may also be used to improve aerobic capacity, endurance and speed. The most common types of pre-workout supplements are amino acids,

What Do Flexed Vs Unflexed Abs Look Like

What Do Flexed Vs Unflexed Abs Look Like

Baywatch, Hollywood, Kardashian, and now the influencers. The one thing that all of these have in common is their fit lifestyle and glamorous physiques. What’s the one standard that defines their fitness? The abs- one of the most coveted muscle groups that most people spend an entire lifetime in chasing.  It’s a very common misconception

Can You Get Results from a 3 Month Bulk?

Can You Get Results from a 3 Month Bulk?

What is bulking? Bulking involves progressively increasing your caloric intake beyond your body’s requirements, together with intensive weight training. It is a muscle-gaining phase where you intentionally take in more calories than your body needs for a predetermined duration. These surplus calories eventually provide your body with the necessary resources to improve muscle strength and

Is A Home Gym Worth It?

Is A Home Gym Worth It?

Working out is no longer an additional effort in anyone’s life, it’s a lifestyle and a necessary part of your wellbeing. Working out is your best way to achieve a longer healthy life. However, not everyone is privileged to reach the optimum level of fitness, and not everyone’s looking for ultimate physical shape which is

shed gym

Can You Build A Home Gym In A Shed?

The idea of having a home gym sounds quite tempting but the only reason why a lot of people still hesitate to create their own workout space at home is the non-availability of enough space. Further, many of them also worry that lifting weights at home can damage their flooring and even the foundation. Some

creatine headache

Can Creatine Cause Headaches?

If you are reading this article, you are probably already taking creatine supplements and experiencing side effects such as headaches, or maybe you are planning to add it to your daily supplement list but worried if you could end up having a headache that could affect your productivity.   Over the years, Creatine has become one

What happens if you take Pre Workout Without Working Out?

What Happens if You Take Pre Workout Without Working Out?

What are Pre-Workout Supplements? Pre-workout supplements, more commonly known as “pre-workout” are products that mostly contain multiple ingredients and they’re designed to improve your physical state by improving your energy levels.  It is taken before a workout. It can be used by anyone who wants to exercise or by people who are looking to lose

Is it Fine to Jump rope in your Apartment?

Is it Fine to Jump rope in your Apartment or is it Dangerous?

Jump-roping is a game-changer in burning fat and upping your cardio game. An activity that used to be thought of as being exclusively for kids, women and boxers is now almost becoming a trend, because it gives a full-body workout and can be easily fitted into your busy schedules. If you are also interested in

What Exactly is Farmer’s Strength?

What Exactly is Farmer’s Strength?

When talking about strength and working out, most people’s minds tend to wander off to a singular place- the gyms. While it’s true that gyms have become a really popular concept in the 21st century, it wasn’t always this way.  People used to train using a variety of methods when gyms weren’t as widely available

Does the Six Pack Shortcuts Program Work?

Does the Six Pack Shortcuts Program Work?

Ever since Hollywood started promoting the idea of lean, athletic physiques, the world has gone crazy about abs. Perhaps, the most popular fitness jargon used in today’s world is “six-pack abs”. From bodybuilders to footballers, everyone seems to be rocking a six-pack these days.  Many people who start out on their fitness journey do solely

Do Jawline Exercises Actually Work?

A defined jawline is considered attractive without a doubt. Some people are naturally blessed with a chiseled jaw and angular features while others aren’t. Like the rest of our body, our facial muscles can also be exercised but the question is do jawline exercises work? Do Jawline Exercises Work? The jawline is defined as the

DIY Squat Rack – Is It Worth The Effort?

Building a home gym requires a significant one-time investment. Even if you want to start with just a few basic things, you may still have to spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the type of home gym you want to build.  If you have a bare minimum budget, you can

Why is My Squat So Weak and How Can I Improve it?

Why is My Squat So Weak and How Can I Improve it?

Doing squats is the perfect example of exercises that involve many muscle groups at once. Many professionals advise doing squats for the sake of better shape and stronger hip and lower limb muscles.  However, being of such importance, doing it requires proper training and adjusting for the technique itself. This, in addition to other reasons,

The Ultimate Box Squat Workout Guide

The Ultimate Box Squat Workout Guide

Squats are unquestionably the best lower body workouts. But, doing the same basic squats every day can get very boring. Plus, if you do them regularly, you may soon reach a squat plateau. So, it is very important to switch it up from time to time. Thankfully, there are numerous squat variations that you can

leg press foot placements

The 5 Different Leg Press Foot Placements and Their Benefits

The Squat is unquestionably the best leg strengthening exercise. But, squatting comes with significant risk, especially for people who have spine-related issues. That’s where leg press comes in. It is the second-most important weight-training exercise for the legs and the whole lower body. Leg press is much safer than squats because it doesn’t require you

The Ultimate Guide to the Pec Deck Machine

The Ultimate Guide to the Pec Deck Machine

If you want to build a Greek-god type upper body, you will have to isolate and exercise two different types of chest muscles; the upper chest muscles known as pectoralis major and the lower chest muscles known as pectoralis minor.  Chest fly or pec fly is your best bet for targeting the pectoralis major muscles

How to Build a Home Gym in a Basement

How to Build a Home Gym in a Basement

If you are looking for small home gym ideas, you have come to the right place. We have written numerous ‘how-to’ guides such as how to build a home gym on the second floor of the house, what color you should paint your home gym, how to have the best home gym lighting, and how

How to do decline bench press

How To Do Decline Bench Press The Right Way

If you want to have a well-defined chest, you need to work on the upper chest muscles as well as the lower chest muscles i.e. the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor.  For pectoralis major, you need to do pec deck workouts. We have already created a detailed guide on pec deck workouts and how

Sissy Squat

Everything You Want To Know About Sissy Squats

First thing; do not misunderstand ‘sissy squat’ because of its name. There is nothing sissy about it.  Rather, it is probably one of the most challenging squats you could practice. Because it doesn’t just require you to squat but also to lean back while doing so. Can you imagine how challenging it could be, especially

How To Use Resistance Bands To Create a Full-Fledged Home Gym Setup

How To Use Resistance Bands To Create a Full-Fledged Home Gym Setup

Let’s admit; resistance band workouts are not as interesting and appealing as pumping iron in a gym. They won’t give you the same feel and satisfaction that you will get when you deadlift 250lbs or bench press 150lbs. They won’t make you feel stronger and stronger every week when you add more and more weights

What you should know about Insanity cardio, power, and resistance workouts?

What Should You Know About Insanity Cardio, Power, and Resistance Workouts?

With so many people working out from home these days during the pandemic, the demand for online workout videos and fitness programs has soared tremendously. A virtual fitness market forecast report states that the demand for virtual fitness programs is going to experience a 30% CAGR by 2026. (1) Numerous fitness trainers have already started

What Color Should You Paint a Home Gym?

What Color Should You Paint a Home Gym?

A lot of people these days want to have their own home gym so they can train a little more privately and a lot more comfortably.  The idea of having your own workout space sounds really tempting and, with thoughtfully planning and a wise selection of workout equipment, you can set up an incredibly functional

How To Have the Best Home Gym Lighting

How To Have the Best Home Gym Lighting

Home gym lighting is an underrated and often-ignored aspect. Many of us still have our home gym in gloomy, unappealing, uninviting basements and garages, which is why we literally have to push ourselves to visit ‘our own temple of steel’ that we had created so fondly using our savings.  Don’t you think it’s time for

8 Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill

8 Health Benefits of Using a Treadmill

Treadmills are one of the most famous pieces of fitness equipment because they offer an easy way to get in shape. Treadmills come with many health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk for obesity and other chronic diseases, increased bone density, and lower blood pressure levels. Let’s look at 8 ways that using a

How To Clean Horse Stall Mats for Your Home Gym

How To Clean Horse Stall Mats for Your Home Gym

Did you know commercial gyms and gym equipment are as dirty as a toilet seat (1)? That’s another reason why you should build your own home gym (if you haven’t already started it during the Covid-19 pandemic). Our ‘Ultimate guide to building a home gym’ will provide you with detailed instructions and buying guides, should

How To Build a Weightlifting Platform

How To Build a Weightlifting Platform

Before we begin, let us warn you that you will have to spend a generous amount of time and money to build a weightlifting platform.  Plus, DIYing is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you have never assembled anything in your life, not even IKEA stool, you may want to check out some  of

How To Prevent Your Home Gym From Smelling Like a Typical Gym

How To Prevent Your Home Gym From Smelling Like a Typical Gym

The biggest disadvantage of building your own home gym is that you will be responsible for keeping it clean and hygienic. And, that’s not an easy task! Instead of ‘Netflix and chill’, you will have to spend your rest day cleaning and disinfecting your workout space. If you fail to do that, your home gym

Should I Use A Fat Burner Supplement Along With Exercise for Losing Weight?

Should I Use A Fat Burner Supplement Along With Exercise for Losing Weight?

Are you tempted to use fat-burning pills because you just heard the magic they can do? Who doesn’t want a perfect shape and sturdy muscles without taking the grind? Shortcuts are not to be trusted, though, but fat burners do help, and there is no doubt about that.  Quality fat burners are made from some

Can You Put a Home Gym on the Second Floor?

Can You Put a Home Gym on the Second Floor?

You can and I am doing it now: Now, you will notice this home gym is still under construction and we actually do not have a significant amount of weight or equipment in it, yet. So yes, you can put a home gym on the second floor, provided you adhere to certain obvious limitations. To

How To Get the Smell Out of Horse Stall Mats

How To Get the Smell Out of Horse Stall Mats

Quick Video: No matter how expensive your rubber floor mats or yoga mats are, they will still have that peculiar rubbery smell. And sometimes, the smell is so overwhelming that it could give you a headache. Some people feel dizzy and some feel shortness of breath when they are exposed to the rubbery smell. Such

Are Horse Stall Mats Toxic?

Are Horse Stall Mats Toxic?

Horse stall mats are horribly stinky and the smell refuses to go away anytime soon. Plus, they aren’t as aesthetically appealing as the rubber tiles specifically created for gyms. Yet, a lot of homeowners still prefer to use them instead.  Horse stall mats are cheaper  They cost about half of what a good quality rubber

How much space for a home gym

How Much Space Do You Need for a Home Gym?

Until last year, a lot of people believed that the idea of having a home gym is fancy and luxurious. But, during the worldwide lockdown we realized that a home gym is probably one of the best things that we can build for ourselves and our family members.  Sure, the initial investments are going to

The ultimate guide to building a home gym

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Home Gym in 2022

Why Build a Home Gym? Well, these days there are more reasons to build your own home gym than ever. For one thing we have a pandemic sweeping the country and according to recent information it’s only going to get worse now with the Delta variant. A home gym is a fantastic way to still

What Temperature is Too Cold to Workout in Your Garage or Outside Gym?

What Temperature is Too Cold to Workout in Your Garage or Outside Gym?

Unless you are living in Arctic or Arctic-like conditions, you can safely exercise in your not-so-warm and cozy garage gym and even outdoors! That’s what American College of Sports Medicine claims.  It conducted an extensive study and concluded that you can safely exercise in most freezing conditions provided you exercise some precautions to prevent frostbite

How to Regain Your Deep Squat Mobility

How to Regain Your Deep Squat Mobility

Asian squat, Slav squat, and deep squat are the same thing. They require you to go deep in your squatting position until your buttocks touch your ankles or fall in their line.  Sounds easy. Isn’t it?  Well, the catch here is that you need to do this while keeping your feet properly grounded to the

Asian Squat vs the Slav Squat - Are They the Same Thing?

Asian Squat vs the Slav Squat – Are They the Same Thing?

Have you ever met an Asian, had an Asian friend, or have been to Asia? If so you might have realized that deep squatting, which most of us westerners dread to even attempt, is an absolutely normal thing for them! This is actually true of much of the non-western world. They can squat deeply while

How to Quickly and Easily Remove Rust Stains from a Barbell

How to Quickly and Easily Remove Rust Stains from a Barbell

Video Tutorial: Written Tutorial: Supplies/Tools: WD40 3 in 1 Oil Brass Wire Brush Attachments Drill (You can use any but here is the one I am using in the video) Blue Lint Free Shop Towels The quickest way I have found to clean rust off of a barbel is to use WD40, a cordless drill

Make your own Massage Gun for Less than $125

Percussive therapy, also known as vibration therapy, is highly recommended for people who are into competitive sports and even for fitness enthusiasts who love extensive and rigorous training. Numerous studies have proven that this therapy that provides an accelerated burst of pressure on the tissues, which: Helps the sore muscles heal faster, so you can

Strength Training and Fitness for Dogs

Strength Training and Fitness for Dogs

Note: This post was written by our great friends at Paw Portal! Paw Portal is working to make it easier for people to easily launch a responsible and ethical dog breeding business over the modern internet. We highly suggest you check them out! As always, we highly recommend you get your dog spayed or neutered