How Much Does an Ez Curl Bar Weigh?

The EZ curl bar is a nifty piece of equipment that brings a lot of ease to upper body exercises, especially bicep curls. Because of its natural grip, the bar has become a staple among …

The EZ curl bar is a nifty piece of equipment that brings a lot of ease to upper body exercises, especially bicep curls. Because of its natural grip, the bar has become a staple among weightlifters, resulting in its popularity. You may want to cop an EZ curl bar but want to know how much it weighs beforehand. Regardless of why you want to know its weight, this article is for you. This article will go over the question how much does an EZ curl bar weigh.  

The EZ bar is a popular gym that replaces regular barbells for arm curls and other barbell-based exercises. For example, many people use the EZ curl bar to work on their lower body with exercises like Zercher squats, front squats, overhead squats, etc. EZ curl bars are similar to traditional barbells, but rather than being straight—like barbells, they curl in a W-shape along their length. This W-shape curl offers two grip handles where you hold the bar as you use it. This grip is the bar’s main feature and benefit, as it allows for a more neutral grip. If you are interested in getting one, check out the Rogue curl bar.

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The EZ curl bar does not have a standard weight. Manufacturers do not need to make their bars meet competitive standards as the bar is not popular at competitions. Nevertheless, most EZ curl bars weigh around 14-30 pounds or 6-14 kg.

Exercises you can do with an EZ curl bar

Here are some of the exercises you can perform with an EZ bar:

Bicep curls

It goes without saying that you can use the EZ curl bar for your bicep curls. In fact, the EZ curl bar was born when weightlifters wanted a bar they could use to curl that would keep their elbows stationary to the torsos’ sides. The bar is consequently very easy to curl with. The grip is natural, and you simply perform your bicep curl as you would with a regular barbell, with more comfort. The bar does not come with weight plates, so you can get the LB Elite Color Bumper Plates.

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The front squat

It may come as a surprise to you that you can use EZ bars for your squats. However, you can use your EZ bar for the front squat. The exercise is a squat variation for which the EZ bar is unironically ideal. The bar is suitable for this exercise because the W-curve lets you properly grab the bar in front of you as you squat. Like the traditional squat, the front squat recruits lower body muscles, such as the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. However, a primary difference between the front squat and the traditional barbell squat is that it emphasizes the quadriceps more. Furthermore, front squats also require your core muscles to keep you stable with the weight in front of you while beefing up your lower back.

The Zercher squat

The Zercher squat is somewhat similar to the front squat and is one you can leverage the benefits of the EZ curl with. Unlike holding the bar in front of you with your palms, the Zercher squat has you place it in your elbows as you hold your palms together to keep it stable. A primary difference between the front and the Zercher squat is that you can carry heavier weights with the latter, so you can squat heavy with it. This is because putting the bar in your elbow brings it closer to your center of mass. Expectedly, the Zercher squat is great for developing your lower body, including your glutes, quads, and hip flexors. However, the exercise's unique benefit is that it also considerably works your hands. 

💡 Quick Tip: Zercher squats may be painful for the inside of your elbows. However, if you are determined to do the exercise, try the Strong elbow sleeves to give your arms more comfort and stability.

Benefits of using an EZ curl bar

Better ergonomics

As we have established, the EZ bar’s angled grip affords a more neutral grip and is consequently easier on your wrists. This is especially so with specific exercises like the bicep curl. While most people have nuanced variations in joints and bone structure, several people still find the EZ bar more comfortable, especially as there is less external shoulder rotation relative to when you grip a traditional barbell. If you want to increase the grip, try out the Mechanix Fingerless Covert Gloves.

Greater muscle activation

There had always been claims to the EZ curl bar’s ability to create more gains for biceps curls. However, research has shown that the bar really does lead to more gains than a regular barbell. For example, a study examined muscle activation of the biceps brachioradialis and brachii during curls with dumbbells, barbells, and EZ curl bars. The study measured the full motion range via EMG and discovered that the EZ curl bar was most effective at activating the muscles.

Centered weight

Because EZ curl bars are specifically for bicep curls, their design and engineering make them suitable for the exercise across different aspects. For example, the bar is easier to use because it is shorter than most barbells. The bars are often about four feet long, meaning the weights you carry are closer to your center of mass. The weights staying closer to your center of mass makes it easier to retain proper form and control while curling.

💡 Quick Tip: If you can not use the EZ curl bar or a traditional barbell for your bicep curls, you should try dumbbells like the Ergo Hex Dumbbell

Good for beginners

As you would expect with gym equipment that has better ergonomic designs, the EZ curl bar is fantastic for beginner weightlifters. The bar is easy to use and allows for the body’s natural grip and movement, so it is easy for a beginner to begin their curling journey with them.