My name is Brian Beast (not my real last name obviously). I started this website in order to help people like you build their own affordable home gyms. I move a lot for work and because of that I have set up a LOT of home gyms!

I even set one up in my current city in a Storage Unit because I am now living in a high-rise but wanted my own gym to work out in.

Hopefully this site can give you some great ideas and help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made.

Why My reviews are better

I take a data driven approach to my reviews and combine that with my own experience in using the products.

Attribute Data

For each review I spend weeks gathering all the required attributes for it. I take the time to communicate with the manufacturers and the websites that sell the products to make sure my data is accurate. I have a small team of online assistants who help me do all this.

Subjective Data

Once I have accurate data I then combine that data with my own subjective opinions. Why have I tried so many different Home Gym related fitness products?

I move for work a lot! And each time I move I usually just sell my rack/weights and then buy them again at my next location. It’s honestly cheaper that way in the long run. For that reason I have become an expert on putting together your own Home Gym quickly and affordably.

Product Ranking Algorithim

I take all that objective and subjective data and then come up with a ranking algorithim for each product type. I then feed the data through the algorithim and that is how the rankings are generated!

That ranking algo though…