The Best Ready-Made Outdoor Pull-Up Bars

The pull-up is one of the fundamental upper body tests. Despite remaining challenging, the exercise’s ease and simplicity make it one of the most influential upper-body exercises. This influence drives the pull-up bar industry, with …

The pull-up is one of the fundamental upper body tests. Despite remaining challenging, the exercise’s ease and simplicity make it one of the most influential upper-body exercises. This influence drives the pull-up bar industry, with many people outfitting their homes and garages with pull-up bars. If you are interested in copping an outdoor pull-up bar but are spoiled for choices, this article will put you through. The article will examine some of the best ready-made outdoor pull-up bars.

The pull-up significantly works your upper body. Depending on the variation, the pull-ups can work your chest, triceps, biceps, lats, traps, and delts. The exercise is also ubiquitous, as you only need a little in the way of equipment to work your upper body with it. There are several outdoor pull-up bars you can examine to help you decide what you can get, and here are some of them:

Stamina outdoor power tower

This ready-made outdoor pull-up bar sports a design that makes it exclusively for outdoor use. As a result, It sports a finish of a green fluorescent oil-based paint that can take the brunt of the elements outdoors. In addition to this, the power tower is chip and corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and features excellent UV protection. In terms of build, the tower’s structure comes from heavy gauge steel. It also comes with stainless security hardware, like the dip handles, that can handle an outdoor environment's brunt.

The ready-made outdoor pull-up bar is also a power tower. This means you also get several workout stations on equipment to enjoy a full-body workout on the single training equipment. Some exercises you can perform include pull-ups, chin-ups, tricep dips, foot-anchored sit-ups, and hanging leg raises. You should note that the handles do not have paddings, so they may be uncomfortable. Wearing gloves can limit your discomfort, so you should check out the Mechanix Fingerless Covert Gloves.

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CAP barbell power rack

This ready-made outdoor pull-up bar comes from a household name in the fitness industry. This power rack comprises a pair of uprights, a strong base, and a top pull-up crossbar. The pair of uprights also feature safety holes across its length, and a pair of safety catches accompanies each power rack unit. 

The power rack's raw iron material is 12 and 14-gauge steel, providing the structure with considerable strength and rigidity. Furthermore, the manufacturers use mounting plates and secure welds to keep the parts of the structure together. You also get double-gusseted uprights for extra stability, preventing lateral movements from the rack when it support’s your body weight. The power rack also sports weight pegs at its base, where you can keep your weights. As a bonus, it increases the rack’s stability as it weighs down its base. 

However, the CAP power rack does not feature multiple stations. But this may be unnecessary as the unit can also be attached to other pieces of equipment to develop a full home gym setup. The structure’s rigidity enables it to bear up to 300 pounds with regard to its safety catch capacity and 500 pounds for pull-ups.

💡 Quick Tip: If your pull-up bar comes with weight pegs and you intend to get some weights to put there, try the Rubber Coated Dumbbells

Rubber Coated Dumbbells

Khan Trinh Foldable Pull-Up Bar 

This ready-made pull-up bar sports a unique A-frame design, resulting in excellent user stability and portability as you can simply fold it after use. You get to enjoy significant user-width space with an entire 39.37 inches to allow for lateral movement. The pull-up bar comes with spacer holes in the uprights and a distance-setting bar, allowing you to modify the height between 76.7 and 100.4 inches. As a result, the pull-up bar can support many users, including a family, with its diverse height feature.
The bar is made from robust alloy steel and has a protective powder coating to protect it from rain, corrosion, and UV rays. As a result, you can employ the rack for indoor and outdoor uses. The unit is also versatile, as you can hook other pieces of fitness equipment to it. For example, you can attach a punching bag, a swing, or a hammock to it. You can also attach your resistance bands to it for resistance training. You can get the Rogue's Echo “Shorty” Resistance Bands to aid in your training.

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Rogue Deep DIsh Plates

Gobeast pull-up bar

This device combines a pull-up and tricep dip function to become an excellent upper-body developer. You can extend the top of the bar to use them for pull-ups and reduce it when it is time for dips. However, there have been complaints that this transition is not seamless enough to pull off mid-workout. The bar is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, sporting an oil-coat finish that enables it to withstand the environment's harshness. While it has a relatively low maximum weight limit of 240 pounds, you can adjust the structure into peculiar forms for different exercises. The structure also has a large carry bag, aiding its portability and easy assembly.

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Pull-Up and Dip Bar

This is perhaps the most peculiar and portable pull-up bar on this list. It is designed such that you have to attach it to a solid tree trunk to be able to use it outdoors. If you are indoors, you can attach it to a wall. The limiting factor is evident, as you would require a nearby tree trunk to use it. Furthermore, having a tree trunk is not enough, as it still limits where you can perform your pull-ups. 

However, if you have a solid tree trunk or similar upright, you get to enjoy the bar’s high-quality stainless steel and powder-coat finish. The device is rust and weather-resistant, so you do not have to attach it whenever you use it. However, because it does not have a support system, it can only handle as high as 290 pounds of weight. You can also tweak the bar for other upper and lower body exercises.