Does a Pull-Up Bar Damage Door Frame and How to Avoid it

Pull-ups are one of the best bodyweight upper body builders, so it is no wonder you want to outfit your apartment with a pull-up bar to crunch some reps now and then. However, you have …

Pull-ups are one of the best bodyweight upper body builders, so it is no wonder you want to outfit your apartment with a pull-up bar to crunch some reps now and then. However, you have heard that pull-up bars damage door frames, so you are unsure whether to go ahead with the purchase. This article will clear the air and examine whether pull-up bars damage door frames and how to avoid them. 

Pull-ups are popular because of their ease and flexibility; you can do it anywhere you can find or attach a bar. It is like chin-ups, and its overhead pulling motion develops your upper back muscles, triceps, and lats. You can also opt for pull-up variations that target specific parts of your back to develop them. Pull-ups are also excellent at developing your core muscles because pull-ups recruit them to keep you stable. You also get to enjoy extra benefits if you are a bigger person, as you are pulling more weight. You can also add extra weights by using weight vests like the 5.11 Tactec Plate Carrier.

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So, to answer the question of whether pull-up bars damage door frames, yes, they do. Doorway pull-up bars can result in paint chipping and scuffing and can also dent the door frame, especially if you do not install them correctly. A primary reason for this is that there are no general or standard dimensions, as door frames commonly vary in length, depth, width, quality, etc. These variations make it difficult for manufacturers to develop doorway pullup bars that can perfectly fit all door frames. To minimize the damage,  you should always use proper padding or choose a product that matches the door frame dimensions.

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How to avoid pull-up door frame damage

Here are some tips to keep your door frame from damage after installing a pull-up bar:

Buy according to your door’s dimensions

Getting a pull-up bar that fits perfectly to your door frame is one of the best things you can do to protect your door frames from subsequent damage. As a result, you should emphasize whether a door frame fits well with your door rather than its good reviews. You have to consider your door width. You can measure your door to see if the pullup bar you want to purchase fits that width. Furthermore, measuring your door’s backside as a doorway pullup bar requires support. In addition, you should inspect the door frame’s depth and thickness.

Get a pull-up bar with protective pads

Because of the constant door-damage criticisms that doorway pull-up bars face,  some manufacturers have begun developing pull-up bars with padding to protect the door frame and give it a better grip. Foam padding is the lowest quality material that offers padded protection to your door frame. If you want optimal protection for your door, consider getting a pull-up bar with rubber padding. Protective pads are vital because they protect your door from damage and make it safer for you to use. 

How much weight can a door frame pull-up bar hold?

The weight a doorway frame can carry largely depends on its quality, how it fits with the door frame, the padding material for the pull-up bar, and its quality. Nevertheless, several pull-up bars have a weight-bearing capacity of 200 to 300 pounds. However, door frame pull-up bars may not be for you if you are heavier than 220 pounds. You could go to the gym or get a squat rack, a multistation cable machine, or a pull-up station. 

Several of these options require you to set up some form of a home gym, leaving you with the decision of stationing the facilities inside or outside. That being said, here are some features you can expect if you go with either: 

Elements of an outdoor gym

It is airy

You may find working out indoors to be stuffy despite trying to ventilate your indoor gym. However, your gym needs to be well-ventilated as you need to be as comfortable as possible while working out. An outdoor gym ensures that you enjoy decent ventilation. You can incorporate dumbbells into aerobic and non-aerobic exercises, so I recommend the Hex Dumbbells.

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However, setting up an outdoor gym makes it impossible or difficult to use electrical gym equipment. Several home gym machines like ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, and spin bikes have electrical components, and the slightest contact or exposure to water or humidity can damage them. If you go for the indoor gym and you want a rowing machine, I recommend the Black Concept 2 Rowerg Rower – Pm5.

Features of an indoor gym


A benefit of an indoor home gym is that getting compatible gym equipment is cheaper than their outdoor-compatible variants. Most affordable racks are sturdy and durable enough for most indoor circumstances, but they are not water-resistant. As a result, they could rust within a year if you leave them outdoors at the mercy of the elements.

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