Reverse BMI Calculator

Our reverse BMI calculator is a helpful tool for people who want to lose those extra pounds and achieve the ideal BMI as per their height. When you enter your details such as height and …

reverse BMI calculator

Our reverse BMI calculator is a helpful tool for people who want to lose those extra pounds and achieve the ideal BMI as per their height. When you enter your details such as height and ideal BMI or the BMI that you intend to achieve, it will tell you how much you should weigh to fall in a ‘healthy weight’ category. Reverse BMI calculators help you find out how much extra weight you need to lose so you can come up with the most effective exercise and diet plans according to your age, fitness level, and medical conditions.

Our Reverse BMI Calculator

In order to have that BMI,
you will need to get to the weight of:

Although reverse BMI calculators are very promising, you must understand that BMI itself is a not-so-reliable way of judging a person’s overall fitness level. That's because BMI considers a person’s weight as the most important criterion without evaluating if the weight is due to muscles or fat (both good or bad). So, a person with an ideal BMI is considered healthy even if he/she has poor cardio health or bad fat stored in the body. And, a bodybuilder may fall under the unhealthy category because he weighs more due to his muscles! 

Nevertheless, our reverse BMI calculator is intended to help genuinely overweight people figure out how much fat they need to lose to achieve their optimum BMI range. And, remember that your journey isn’t going to end there. You need to keep continuing your efforts to stay within that range or may grow beyond it but in a healthy way! 

Let’s first understand how reverse BMI is calculated.

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Are reverse BMI calculators helpful?

BMI calculators use your weight and height to tell you what your current BMI is. A few of them may ask for your gender. Then you can refer to some credible sources such as the CDC website to find out what your ideal BMI or BMI range should be. Standard BMI calculators tell you what your current BMI is. But they do not provide you with any information on how you can achieve your ideal BMI/BMI range. That's where our reverse BMI calculators come in. 

Our reverse BMI calculator leaves no scope for guesswork. When you enter the below-mentioned details, it will use them to find out how much you should actually weigh to be counted as a healthy individual as per CDC and other sources that use BMI as an index. It helps you set your weight loss goals more accurately. It helps you decide exactly how many calories you should cut down from your diet so you don’t feel exhausted or suffer from the side effects of low-calorie diet plans. 

Let us understand the factors that we used to create this calculator to provide you with the most accurate results.

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Factors that reverse BMI calculators use to calculate your ideal weight 

Ideal BMI or BMI range 

If you don’t know your ideal BMI or BMI range, you can use any of the numerous BMI calculators available online. Add your exact height and weight to find your current BMI. If it is less than 18.5, you are underweight. If it is between 18.5 and 24.9, congratulations! You already have an ideal weight and all you need to do now is to keep maintaining it by living a healthy lifestyle. Space and user-friendly products such as Rogue Fitness Assault Airbike and Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper should help you with this. If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9, you are overweight and if it is above 30, you are obese. 

Your ideal BMI or BMI range is the first factor that our reverse BMI calculator will need to work out your ideal weight. While you can put an entire range i.e. 18.5 to 24.9, you will get more accurate results if you simply put the exact BMI that you want to achieve. Say, if your existing BMI is 27, you should aim for 24 in the beginning. Our reverse calculator will tell you how much weight you need to lose for that. 

Now, you may wonder why you should aim for 24 instead of 20. That's because a big number like 60lbs may simply demotivate you! Aim for smaller goals and it will sound more doable. 

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Your height is inversely associated with your BMI. Taller people usually weigh more because they have longer tissues and bones. So, height is the second most important factor that our reverse BMI calculator uses to help you calculate your weight loss goals. If you are taller, you may have to lose fewer pounds than someone with a shorter height (but the same weight).  

Unfortunately, our reverse BMI calculator doesn’t consider your age and gender while calculating results. That's because CDC and other credible agencies believe age and gender do not affect a person’s ideal BMI. Since there is no way for us to use these metrics accurately without any scientific backing, we have left the out because we don’t want to misguide you.

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Are reverse BMI calculators reliable? 

Well, it depends on your purpose. 

If you want to lose weight and need to set practical weight loss goals, our reverse BMI calculator can help. But, if you are already an active, well-built person, it may not be of much help. Because, as mentioned above, BMI itself is misleading because it doesn’t consider a person’s age, muscle mass, overall stamina, and other crucial factors. 

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Wrap up 

Our reverse BMI calculator is a simple, science-backed tool that can help you set accurate weight loss goals. But, don’t go crazy about it. BMI has a lot of flaws and it shouldn’t be used as a sole criterion to judge a person’s overall health. So, don’t fret if you fail to lose as much weight as our reverse BMI calculator may have calculated for you. Maybe, you have lost fat and gained muscles. Both of them weigh the same but fat makes you obese whereas lean muscles improve your stamina, mobility, balance, and bone density.  

That's it for this article. Before you go, would you be interested in checking our protein calculator