How Much Does a Curl Bar Weigh?

Free weights are essential muscle-building equipment because of their flexibility and ease of use, making them very popular. As a result, curl bars are popular among weightlifting enthusiasts who use them to build their biceps …

Free weights are essential muscle-building equipment because of their flexibility and ease of use, making them very popular. As a result, curl bars are popular among weightlifting enthusiasts who use them to build their biceps and triceps. Curl bars are a variation of regular bars because they’re W-shaped instead of cylindrical. 

Curl bars come in different shapes, sizes and weights, depending on the particular manufacturer, but these weights and sizes are generally categorizable. For example, examples of curl bars include the preacher curl bar, ez curl bar, and the Olympic curl bar. This article discusses how much these curl bars weigh and why it’s vital to know how much your curl bar weighs. 

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How much do different curl bars types weigh?

Curl Bar
Curl Bar

A curl bar’s weight typically varies slightly between various models because of the size, materials, and features. Additionally, the type of curl bar also impacts the amount of weight it can carry, so it's essential to know the primary differences before selecting yours.

A standard curl bar

Standard curl bars are the most basic bars, having small threaded edges to help fasten the weights after loading them. A standard curl bar weighs about 12 pounds, is about 47 inches long, and has 6.5-inch threaded edges on both sides. In addition to their bare weights, standard curl bars can also accommodate about 200 pounds of weights, making them sufficient for most weightlifters. 

The weight plates for standard bars usually have 1-inch diameter holes. Because of their easy-to-use and straightforward shape, standard curl bars are the most commonly used curl bars in various homes and gyms.   

Olympic curl bars

Olympic curl bars share similarities with standard bars as they look very similar; nevertheless, Olympic curl bars are regarded as the more elite option. The distinction between both curl bars is that Olympic curl bars come with rotating sleeves which enable the weights’ movement to align with your natural motion. This feature reduces the stress on your forearms and wrists, allowing you to focus your strengths on your muscles. 

Olympic bars have different classes and weigh from 18 – 25 pounds. They’re commonly about 47-52 inches in length, with the threaded ends being about 6.5 inches on either side. The weight difference between the Olympic and standard bar is because the former is twice as thick as the one-inch wide standard bar. 

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EZ Curl Bar (Preacher) 

EZ curl bars feature gentle curves in their centers, making them easier to use. Weightlifters also refer to them as preacher bars as they’re excellent for the preacher curl exercise. EZ curl bars spot simple designs as they’re just bars that come with threaded edges for the weights.

EZ curls typically weigh between 11 and 13 pounds and come in 47-50 inches lengths. They’re also about 1-inch wide, so you require loading the bar up with standard weights. 

Super curl bar

Super curl bars spot a different shape and design that makes it easier to relieve tension on your wrists. This modification helps prevent wrist strain, enabling better biceps and triceps isolation when training. Because of how comfortable they are to use, weightlifters opt for them when they have long-set programs.  

Super curl bars can weigh between 18-24 pounds and are typically between 38-45 inches in length. Additionally, super curl bars are similar to Olympic bars in that they’re 2-inch wide, requiring that you use them with Olympic weights.

Another similarity is that they are both elite weightlifting options, as the super curl bar is advisable for weightlifters with experience seeking new challenges. However, a distinction between both curl bars is the deeper curves on super curl bars, which enables you to use them with more kinds of grips. 

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Benefits of employing curl bars over straight bars

Different bars

Wrist pressure

Traditional straight bars can place considerable pressure on your wrists, resulting in strain and injury. This is more common with weightlifting beginners who can not manage the bar’s shape yet. On the other hand, the curl bar’s design and shape make it easier to focus on your arms, consequently protecting your wrists, leading to a good workout.  

Reduced pain and injury 

Regular lifting injuries commonly happen in the wrists, elbows, and forearms because exercising can force them into the wrong positions. Inversely, curl bars have ergonomic designs that move your body parts to the proper locations, offering your body better protection. Because of this, persons who are convalescing opt for curl bars to reduce the risks of long-term injuries.

Better grip

The curl bar’s ergonomic design and natural positioning make it easier for you to hold. This increases your grip on it, reducing the chances of injuries that result from dropping them. This feature is particularly useful for dangerous exercises like the skull crusher as the design increases your grip and reduces the chances of a terrible injury. 

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Better isolation

The straight bar’s greater distance between its weights compels you to spend more energy to keep your balance. If you prefer a full-body workout, this may be sufficient for you. However, the curl bar offers more in terms of isolation exercises because you spend less energy on your balance and more on your arms. 

Brachioradialis activation

Your Brachioradialis is a primary muscle on your arm necessary for moving your elbow upwards. The curl bar’s shape enables you to activate the muscle more effectively, helping you gain more from a workout session.

Why is it essential to know your curl bar’s weight?

man in training
Man in training

It's essential to know the overall weight of the complete piece of equipment. This ensures that you don’t overload yourself, risking straining your muscles. ON the other hand, it also guarantees that you don't use too little weight and get minimal results. Essentially, it will be harder to track your consistent progress without knowing the bar’s accurate weight 

In addition, the curl bars’ will typically have very similar weights with slight variation depending on the model, make, and style. As a result, it’s essential you determine the differences between the bars to make relevant modifications to the weights you use.

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