Is Cap Barbell’s “The Beast” the Best Affordable Barbell for Sale on Amazon?

Quick Video: Full Review: CAP Barbell has been in the business of manufacturing weightlifting equipment for more than 30 years and has done fairly well. Most of its products are of more than average quality …

Cap Barbell’s “The Beast” 7ft Olympic Barbell Review - After 4 Years

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CAP Barbell has been in the business of manufacturing weightlifting equipment for more than 30 years and has done fairly well. Most of its products are of more than average quality and suitable for any level of fitness enthusiast. Although being well-built, CAP’s products aren’t really good for professional weight trainers, as they are not designed to meet their specific needs but, for most of us, CAP Barbell equipment are an affordable and excellent choice

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CAP’s 7-foot Olympic barbells adhere to the company’s quality standards. They are available in 5 different varieties

  • The Beast: it has a tensile strength of 110,000 and has a weight-bearing capacity of 1000lb.
  • The Boss: has a tensile strength of 132,000 and can bear 1500lbs weight
  • The Rebel: has a tensile strength of 190,000 and can bear 2000lbs weight
  • The Master: has a tensile strength of 190,000 and can hold 2000lbs weight
  • The Warrior: has a tensile strength of 230,000 and can hold 1800 lbs weight

In this blog, we will be reviewing ‘The Beast’, CAP Barbell’s fairly-popular product that claims to offer high-end features at an affordable price. Currently, due to high demand for home gym equipment, it is sold at a price that we never had imagined 4 years ago when we bought it (see the video above). And yet, we agree that it is a viable option for many of us who have budgetary limitations and need something to keep us going until we are ready to upgrade. 

Let’s start our CAP 7-foot Olympic Bar ‘The Beast’ review by looking at some of its key features: 

Features and specifications of CAP Barbell ‘The Beast’ weightlifting bar review 

  • Material: Steel with black oxide finish and polished steel sleeves
  • Weight: 44.00 LBS which is at par with the olympic weightlifting standards. 
  • Weight capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Tensile strength: 110, 000 Psi 
  • Yield strength: 120,000 Psi
  • Shaft length: 51.5”
  • Handgrip diameter: 28.5mm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 15”
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm 
  • Knurling length: 7.75”
  • Total bar length: 2185mm or about 86 inches
  • Can accommodate any 2” Olympic plates
  • Central knurling: NO

A detailed review of CAP Barbell ‘The Beast’ 7-foot Olympic bar 

Bar strength 

The tensile strength and yield strength of this bar are decent. They aren’t suitable for powerlifters but they can work for beginners and intermediates. This meant, ‘The Beast’ is a good product for most of us who aren’t planning to lift 1000 lbs. 

Wondering why? 

That’s because even though the manufacturer claims that it can hold 1000 lbs of weight, the buyers have stated otherwise. Numerous buyers have stated that it starts to bend under heavy weight. Those who have tried around 300-350lbs didn’t have any issue but those who lifted above 350 lbs had a disappointing experience. So, if you are planning to lift more than 350lbs of weight, CAP Barbell’s The Beast isn’t for you. Also, if you tend to drop the bar off when you are done, this barbell could bend. 


This is the knurling of a Cap Barbell’s “The Beast” 7ft Olympic Barbell
This is the knurling of a Cap Barbell’s “The Beast” 7ft Olympic Barbell

The knurling isn’t too deep nor too shallow. Well, it was meant to lift 1000lbs, so the knurling should have been better. Instead, you will use it to lift less than 400lbs, so the knurl will work. It is slightly abrasive but not uncomfortable. Some buyers have stated that the knurl is harsh and rough on hands. Well, if you want a better grip, the knurl has to have an adequate depth so it can give you a firm grip. If you need a firm grip, ignore the roughness (unless it hurts you to an extent that you can no longer hold it). 

Please note that CAP Barbell The Beast olympic weightlifting bar doesn’t have knurling at the center, which could be a problem if you want to use it for squats. Central knurling prevents the barbell from sliding down the neck while squatting. Most Olympics men’s barbells come with central knurls. Barbells meant for women, however, do not have that. 

In short, CAP Barbell 7 foot Olympic barbell ‘The Beast’ is good for bench press and deadlifts but not for squatting (specifically with heavy weights). 


This is the sleeve of a Cap Barbell’s “The Beast” 7ft Olympic Barbell
This is the sleeve of a Cap Barbell’s “The Beast” 7ft Olympic Barbell

The sleeves of CAP Olympic weightlifting bar have a nice spin. If you don’t know, sleeves need to spin freely to reduce the tension on your wrists and shoulders. Spinning helps the weight move easily, so you can lift smoothly. The spinning process needs to be frictionless, which is what this product offers. The spin isn’t as smooth as you would get if you use a high-end barbell with bearings (which are ridiculously expensive) but it is sufficient to protect you against strains and injuries. 

CAP Barbell Olympic powerlifting bar has grooved (also known as threaded or rigged) sleeves. The grooves prevent the plates from sliding out easily. But, this also means that the grooves will produce an irritating sound when you pull off the plates. It isn’t really an issue but you must know this if you have kids at home who can easily wake up even with the slightest noise. 


This is where CAP Barbell Olympic ‘The Beast’ bar needs improvement. If you quickly go through some of its top reviews, you will realize that it is a fantastic product but the finish needs to be better. Majority of the buyers left poor ratings only because the sleeves shed metal splinters. This may not sound like a major issue to you but, being metal, the splinters could cause health issues. They just stick to your hands and you need to be careful not to touch your face. If you have kids, you need to be careful not to let them come close to it. 

CAP is well-aware of this issue because people who bought it years ago complained about it. And yet, the manufacturer hasn’t done anything. Maybe, they just don’t want to. 

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping is fast. Buyers have stated that they received their order sooner than expected even during the pandemic. The packaging, however, needs to be improved. It comes packed in a cardboard tube which is much smaller in length. So, the ends of the bar remain exposed. They are just covered in plastic, which often gets damaged during shipping. 


  • Its low price is its biggest upside. Due to excessive demand, the prices of almost all home gym equipment have soared up. This one is no exception. However, it is still a value-for-money buy. Even crappy products like Yalasga Olympic Barbell cost much more than they deserve to be. So, it is better to spend on a reliable manufacturer than a cheap Chinese company. 
  • The grooved sleeves (although many don’t like them) help secure the clips and the weight plates tightly, you don’t need to re-adjust them every now and then. 
  • The knurling is exactly right for a beginner or intermediate level weight trainer. It may feel a bit abrasive but that’s what is going to give you a good grip. 


  • The packaging definitely needs to be improved. You wouldn’t like to have a cosmetically-damaged product when you are paying good money for it. 
  • The manufacturer should take the metal shaving issue seriously. We agree that the shaving stops after a few uses (because there is nothing left to shave). Yet, the finish could be improved. 
  • The weight-bearing capacity is misleading. It is definitely not meant for people who lift heavyweights. 

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict: 

We like CAP Barbell 7-foot Olympic bar ‘The Beast’ and do recommend it for beginners and those who do not intend to lift heavy weights. But, we do not like the price at which it is available. If you are willing to spend $200+ for this, then the Rogue 2.0 barbell or TITAN Fitness Olympic Barbell are better options. Some more affordable options are listed here. But, if you can get it for around $150, then go for it. Despite its deficiencies, it offers great value.