The Best Log Bars for Your Home Gym

If you are looking for a strongman log bar, you are probably practicing for strongman competitions. Or maybe you are someone who has got bored of barbells and wants to try something different and challenging.  …

The Best Log Bars for Your Home Gym

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If you are looking for a strongman log bar, you are probably practicing for strongman competitions. Or maybe you are someone who has got bored of barbells and wants to try something different and challenging. 

Whatever may be your reason, this strongman log bar buying guide will help you understand how you can choose something that will suit your training needs. The products that I have recommended here are some of the top-rated, tried and tested ones, so I am pretty sure they will meet your expectations. 

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Let's get started with the list now. 

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Our Top Picks

Our List of the Best Strongman Log Bars

👑 The Premium Pick: Rogue Fitness Strongman Log Bars

Rogue strongman Log bar

Rogue Fitness sells both steel and wooden log bars. The wooden one is known as Slater's true log bar and it is significantly expensive. 

The steel ones are available in three different sizes, as you can see in the picture. The dimensions are pretty standard, as they are designed to meet the strongman event requirements. 

Rogue log bars are made of 11 gauge steel and each of them is tested for at least 500 lbs. As expected, they are significantly heavier than barbells. Just to give you a fair comparison, an Olympic barbell weighs 45lbs whereas the Rogue Fitness LB 3 log bar weighs 134lbs! 

Rogue Fitness claims that its powder coating not only provides protection against rust but also makes the log bar slicky enough so it moves smoothly from your body while doing cleans. It also claims that the extra-large hand holes and parallel handles provide a neutral grip for your safety and comfort. 

The only issue I could figure out with this product is its higher price tag. All four models are pretty expensive. They are about twice the price of other competitive log bars. But, if you need something that could last for a lifetime, you shouldn’t hesitate to spend more.  

We are giving this a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0.

⭐️ An Affordable Alternative: Titan Fitness Strongman Log Bar

Titan Strongman log bar

Titan Fitness strongman log bars are also available in three different sizes, 8”, 10”, and 12”. The bigger the barrel size, the longer and the heavier the bar will be. However, these log bars are not as heavy as the Rogue Fitness ones. The 12” one weighs just 84 lbs whereas the same product from Rogue weighs 134lbs. The difference in weight reflects the difference in build quality. But, it is still one of the best log bars for budding strongman athletes and those who want to train conventionally. 

Despite being quite inexpensive, the Titan Fitness strongman log bars are designed to hold up to 1000lbs weight. The manufacturer hasn’t mentioned anything about the steel gauge but I assume it would be 12 gauge because of its heavy weight capacity. The grips are neutral to the body and the handles have medium knurl marks. 

Wondering what is lacking with this affordable strongman log bar? 

Well, the welds are not that professionally done and the paint job isn’t perfect either. These issues affect the aesthetic appeal of the bar. However, they are common with all low-cost products and may not be considered deal breakers. 

We are giving this a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0.

🏆 A Beginner-Friendly Option: Valor Fitness OB-Log Strongman Log Bar

Valor Fitness Strongman log bar

This log bar is available in only two diameters; the 8” one and the 10” one. Valor Fitness doesn’t manufacture log bars with 12” barrels. 

Both the bars are suitable for beginners and intermediate-level trainers, as the max weight they can hold is 500lbs. They have wide hand openings whose edges are covered with rubber to protect your hand from cuts and scratches. Honestly, that's not needed because the edges should otherwise be smooth and polished, just the way the other competitive products have. 

The handles are thick and grippy, as they should be. The grip is in a neutral position, which makes it easier to do strongman exercises such as cleans. In case you are a beginner and not yet ready to add weights to it, you can simply remove the sleeves, which will make the log lighter and easier to use. The Valor Fitness strongman log bars are anyways pretty lightweight when compared to other competitive products, so it is the perfect beginner bar. 

Talking about the steel quality; I don’t know much but it looks like the Valor Fitness OB log bar is made of 14 gauge steel because ss I said above, it can hold max 500lbs of weight and the manufacturer strongly recommends that you must not drop it unless you are using a crash pad like the Yes4All drop pads

We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

🤑 A Commercial-Grade Option: Popsport Strongman Log Bar

Popsport strongman log bar

With 700lbs weight capacity, the Popsport strongman log bar is a heavy-duty equipment meant for people who are rather serious about their training and need a perfect Rogue alternative that can bear enough rough use. It is available in red and blue colors with 8” or 10” barrel diameters. The 12” is not sold currently. 

The popsport log bars weigh much more than the affordable options I have listed above. I couldn’t find any information on steel gauge but, from its weight-bearing capacity, I guess the manufacturer has used 12 gauge solid steel for this strongman log bar. The handles lack any texture or grip, so you may want to wrap them with some athletic tape. They are 1.3” in diameter, which is OK for most of us but if you have big hands, the handle diameter may be insufficient for you. Just for comparison, the Titan strongman log bar has 1.6” diameter. 

The blue and red colors look extremely bright and attractive. I personally don’t like so many colors in my home gym but, if you do, please note that the paint of this log bar is prone to chipping. That's probably the only major issue I could figure out with this product. 

We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Strongman Log Bar Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

What is a strongman log bar?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is a specialty barbell used for strongman training and competition. It is not as versatile as a standard barbell. You can’t squat or bench press with it due to its huge size. It has very limited use, mostly for doing strongman training such as cleans. 

Most of them can be placed on a squat rack for easy loading of plates but a few models are too small for that. Make sure you read the dimensions and, if needed, contact the manufacturer in case you specifically want a rackable log bar. 

Strongman log bars are heavier than barbells

A standard barbell weighs about 45lbs. But, log bars can weigh anywhere between 54lbs to 130lbs or more, depending on the brand and the size you choose. 

They are available in three different sizes; 8”, 10” and 12”. These are the diameter of the barrel i.e. the log. The thicker the log is, the longer and heavier it will be. 12” ones usually weigh 80-140 lbs. They are significantly big and may not be suitable for people who are just getting started. 10” is the most preferred size. They weigh around 70 to 80 lbs. The smaller 8” ones are suitable for beginners or those who have a small body. 

Strongman log bars are either made of wood or steel 

Traditionally they used to be made of oak or ash hardwood. They are still sold by a few renowned brands. But, most people prefer metal log bars because they are cheaper and more durable than wooden ones. 

Wooden log bars come with or without sleeves. Metal ones may have fixed sleeves or removable sleeves. 

Can you make strongman log bars at home? 

Many YouTube videos and DIY websites claim that you can make a log bar at home for just $50 or less. These videos are very convincing and it is possible to make a strongman bar at home but I am strongly against it. 

Such DIYing requires a high level of carpentry skills. Plus, you must have access to tools and must know how to do the work safely without risking any injury. Another problem with building a strongman bar is that you don’t actually know how strong it will be. If you are planning to load it with weights, the DIY bar could be unsafe for use.

So, instead of DIYing, you should buy a strongman log bar that suits your budget.  

Wrap up: 

I hope you like the strongman log bars that I have selected for this list. I evaluated almost all popular options and chose the ones that I believe provide the best value for money for a certain group of users. In case you couldn’t find what you are looking for or if you have a product to suggest, please email me or leave a comment. I will update the list if needed. 

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