Yes4All Silencer Drop Pads Review

Yes4All is a manufacturer of low-cost home gym equipment. Its products are certainly not the best ones, but they are a great bargain for home trainers and fitness enthusiasts who do not want to spend their months of savings on Rogue’s products. 

We have tried and reviewed a couple of its products such as Yes4All Safety Bars/Spotter Arms, Yes4All Replacement/Add-On J-Hooks, Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells, and Yes4All Doorway Pull Up Bar. We never had any major issues with these products and the company as such. 

As we said above, the products are of above-average quality. They are suitable for beginners and intermediate-level trainers. People who train hard or those who are into sports should, however, invest in something better. 

We recently got a chance to try the Yes4All Silencer drop pads. Here, we will provide you with our detailed review, so you can decide if you should go ahead with them or choose the Titan silencer pads or Rogue crash pads instead.

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Quick Review Video

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Okay, so these are the yes for all silencer drop pads that you can buy on Amazon. And sorry, we’ve got the dog here making an appearance. But rogue fitness calls these crash pads, there’s probably a few other names that I’m not aware of. But they all do the same thing. And that is to provide some cushion. When on the impact of a deadlift, when you’re setting it down or anything else you’re doing off of the floor. I wanted to get them for this workout room. Because it’s on the second floor and dead lifting off of the weightlifting platform, even though that does provide some deadening of the sound, it was not enough. So I’ve been pretty impressed with these from some of the reviews that I saw on Amazon, I was expecting them to be a lot worse. Now, I have not tried out yet, the rogue fitness crash pads. So before I sell these, I’m going to be trying out those crash pads and comparing them to these. So be sure to check out that review to get a final kind of verdict. But so far, I will say I’ve been impressed with these and they seem to be getting the job done. If I wasn’t reviewing these, I would probably just stick with this to be honest because it works. So let me get these crash pads out of the way. And then I’m going to show you how it is without using them. Okay, so now I have gotten the drop pads out of the way. And I can show you what it sounds like without the drop pads. Another thing to keep in mind for this test that may make it less accurate for you or affected is that I don’t have a lot of weight right now. So I can’t I’m not lifting heavy for the past three or four months since moving. And I sold some of the 40 fives before moving. So this is what I have. But it still should give you a good idea of the before and after. But keep in mind if you’re using a lot more weight, obviously that’s going to affect things. Okay, so now let me get into position do a deadlift, and let’s see how loud it is

okay, now, as you can see, I lifted it or set it down pretty quietly. But it’s still loud a significant amount of noise, enough to shake this side of the house. Let’s see what happens now if we use the drop pads. Okay, so now I’ve got the drop pads in place, the weight is sitting on them. Now let’s see what kind of noise we have when I do the deadlift. And I don’t know if you noticed, but I actually dropped it a lot harder that time. But still, as you can see a significantly less amount of noise and no vibration spreading throughout the house. So these things are working well and getting the job done. One thing I do like about them, which I’m sure they all had this I’ll find out whenever I get the road crash pads, but they do have these handles you can use to easily kind of carry them and move them around. Now if you’re wondering what these things are made out of, it’s some type of heavy duty foam. Let me see if I can show you here. I looked inside here and it looks like some type of heavy duty recycled foam along with maybe some flecks of rubber in there to give it more structure and stability. But overall, I’m going to give these drop pads a four out of five. I certainly do recommend them. One of the great things is like I said that I bought them on Amazon. So if you have any issues with them, you can always return them and of course they shipped them within two to three days. Now that being said, I do like these, but their price is not significantly better than the rogue fitness crash pads. I believe they’re both around 200 to $250. So stay tuned for the next video. We’re going to get the road crash pads. And then we’re going to actually compare them and see which drop pads crash pads silencer pads, whatever you want to call them. We’re going to see which one He actually recommend but overall after testing these for a few weeks now I’ve been using them I love them these are a great option they do silence or deaden and soften the impact and the noise of a heavy deadlift

Quick Review Summary

Yes4All drop pads are good for minimizing noise and vibration created when weights are dropped or placed on the floor. These are available in 6” and 10” thickness. The quality is pretty decent for beginners and intermediate-level trainers.


  • Affordable
  • The dimensions, thickness, and quality of Yes4All silencer drop pads are as good as its more expensive competitors
  • Can bear 400lbs weight


  • No major issues found that could be a potential dealbreaker


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Features and specs of Yes4All silencer drop pads


Dimensions of Yes4All drop pads
  • Dimensions: 30” length x 24” width
  • Available in 6” or 10” height and in three different colors
  • Have a weight capacity of up to 400lbs
  • Have handles for easy carrying and storage
  • Made of high-density foam with PVC nylon cover
  • Covered by one-year standard warranty

Just like any crash cushion or silencer drop pads, these home gym products are meant to absorb the noise and vibration from the dropping of the weights. They also protect your floor and subfloor as well as your barbell and plates from damage. 

The drop pads came well packages when we bought them

Warning: Do not use blankets instead of crash cushions 

We have come across some discussions where some people suggest using a heap of blankets or a chunk of foam instead of spending $120-$150 for drop pads.  

Don’t listen to them, not even if you are barely lifting anything. Blankets and ordinary foam do not provide enough cushioning to protect your floor and the barbell. Plus, imagine what could happen if the blankets slip and roll off into your feet or shins. 

Drop pads are an indispensable home gym accessory for people who are into weight training. 

Yes4All silencer pads provide great value for money 

Each pad weighs about 20lbs, so you can guess that they are very solid. Titan Fitness crash pads also weigh the same. The Rogue Fitness crash cushions weigh just a few lbs more. 

When the loaded barbell is dropped on it, the foam does get compressed but it quickly takes its shape back. 

The dimensions are pretty standard and the vinyl cover is heavy-duty to take up a lot of beating. The weights do bounce up an inch or two but they settle right after the first bounce, which helps keep your equipment safe. 

They can handle 400lbs but we are not sure how long they will last when you use excessive weights on them. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, these Yes4All silencer drop pads are suitable for light to moderate weight training. 

Might not be suitable for home gyms upstairs and for apartments 

This image is not exactly true. Numerous buyers have mentioned that these drop pads are good for absorbing vibration and shock but not noise. If you are training with more than 100lbs, you can expect your house to shake. Plus, if you have your home gym on the second floor or any other floor, your family members or neighbors below will feel terrified. 

Yes4All ‘Silencer’ drop pads are not truly ‘silencer’. They are good for garages but not for a home gym in a spare room of your house or upstairs. Even the 10” ones may not be enough. 

They may, however, work if you use them on a deadlift platform with horse stall mats layered beneath it.

Here is how you can build a deadlift platform. Or maybe you can buy a readymade deadlift platform. 

The zippers might not last long 

Many buyers have stated that the quality of the zippers isn’t that good. They might not last beyond a few weeks. You should keep the zippers down to prevent them from being smashed by the weight plates. Even then, we are not sure how long they will last. Not a major issue unless they start to unzip frequently. 


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

Yes4All silencer drop pads or any other drop pads are not enough alone to protect your floor from weights. You should always use proper home gym flooring products first and then have a weight training platform on it. You can then place the crash pads on the training platform. 

We hope this review helps you. We will soon be reviewing other crash pads. Keep reading our blog for more such detailed reviews and product recommendations.