The Best Squat Racks Besides Rogue’s

If you are even a bit serious about getting strong, we don’t need to explain why you need to invest in a good quality squat rack for your home gym. But, with a plethora of options available in almost any budget, it can be very difficult to choose something that truly serves its purpose and meets your expectations. 

If budget is not an issue, you can simply go ahead and buy something from the Rogue Fitness SML (Monster Light) Series Half Racks or its RML-490C Power Rack 3.0. But, if you aren’t an athlete or someone who trains hard and lifts heavy, you may not be willing to spend $1000 for it. 
Most of us fall under this category. We need something basic but reliable enough to let us gradually improve our strength and stamina. We aren’t bodybuilders or athletes who lift 500-700lbs. Most of us would hardly go beyond 350lbs. So, it makes sense to buy something affordable and spend the rest of the budget on a treadmill or a spin bike.

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In this article, we will provide you with a list of 5 best squat racks that are affordable alternatives to Rogue’s products. These products are manufactured by brands that are renowned in the home gym product segment. They are durable, stable, and designed to work as expected. 

Before we get to our list, we suggest that you should read our article on ‘Best Budget Squat Racks for 2021’. This article has a detailed squat rack/stand buying guide that will help you understand what matters the most while choosing something for your home gym. 

Top 5 squat racks that are perfect alternatives to Rogue 

NameDimensionsWeight limitHole spacing Our RatingCurrent price
REP PR-1100 HOME GYM POWER RACK84″ x 48″ x 47.5″700lbs3”4.5Check price
Myrack Modular Power Rack by Force USA87” height X 47” width X 55” depth2000lbs1”4.6Check Price
Fringe Sport Squat Rack With Pull-Up Bar84.5″ tall x 49.5″ wide x 46.5″ deep450lbs1”4.4Check Price
Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack 47” x 63.5” x 82”500lbs1”4.3Check price
Titan Fitness T-2 Series Power RackTall: 48″ L x 44″ W x 83″ H Short: 45″ L x 44″ W x 71.5″ H850lbs2”4.4Check Price


REP PR 1100 Squat rack

This is an entry-level squat rack featuring a multi grip pull up bar, number uprights, and extended safety bars that do an excellent job in catching the barbel in case you miss a rep. Although the manufacturer has rated it for 700lbs, we recommend it only for beginners who do not have any intention of lifting more than 300lbs anytime soon. 

Rep Fitness also sells a bunch of other accessories that you can buy to create an even more versatile home gym setup. All of them are affordably priced and can help you save a lot of money and effort.


  • Dimension-84″ x 48″ x 47.5″
  • Weight-135lbs
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 700lbs
  • The frame is made of 12 gauge steel. 
  • Hole spacing- 3 inches 
  • Comes with an integrated pullup bar, a pair of j cups, and a pair of full length safety bars
  • Cannot be anchored to floor
  • The uprights are numbered to help you align the j-cups instantly
  • Color options available
  • Warranty- 2 years

What we like about it 

Multigrip pullup bar 

It is divided into two sections. The front one is a standard bar and a thicker one on the backside of the squat rack. You can mount it upside down in case you do not have enough ceiling clearance or if you need the thicker bar in the front. 

The pullup bar has multiple grip positions to let you add more versatility to your workouts. Numerous buyers have confirmed that the bar has a good grip. It is rated for 400lbs, so you can add a pulley system to it. Here are some of the best home pulley systems that we recommend. 

One of the most budget-friendly power racks in the market 

Before the pandemic, it was sold for about $250. Currently, the prices of all home gym equipment have soared up and this is no exception. Still, it is cheaper than other competitive products and it doesn’t fail to meet our expectations. 

It can hold a decent amount of weight; enough for beginners and casual trainers. The J-cups you get with it aren’t some cheaper accessories. Rather, they are durable and plastic-lined to protect your barbell from getting scratched. The safety bars are of full size and they extend to a decent extent to catch the barbell in case you lose your balance or control. 

REP Fitness also sells a lot of additional attachments that you can buy as and when needed so you don’t get bored. Since you will be buying things from the same manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. 

Overall a good product for people who are just getting started with strength training. 

What we don’t like about REP PR-1100 home gym power rack

3-inch hole spacing 

Honestly, we have no complaints about it but we thought of mentioning this here so you know what to expect from it. 

The hole spacing i.e. the gap between the two holes in the uprights is 3”. The standard hole spacing, also known as Westside hole spacing is 1”. It is found in expensive squat racks and stands. Most economy squat stands have 2” gap between the holes, which is enough since the users won’t be lifting heavy.  

The REP PR- 1100 squat stand has a 3” gap between the holes, which could be too much if you are new to weight training and suddenly started using more weight than usual. 

Want to know why hole spacing is so important? This article on What is the Hole Spacing of a Squat Rack and What is Westside Hole Spacing Should help you. 

Gets wobbly when used with heavy weights 

Numerous buyers have stated that the rack is a bit wobbly. The wobble is obviously more when you use it with heavy weight but buyers have also confirmed that the wobble isn’t enough to make you feel unsafe. 

This is a common issue with most affordable squats racks, so there is nothing much that you can do about it other than weighing it down with weight plates or sandbags. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Myrack Modular Power Rack by Force USA

ForceUSA My rack squat rack

Featuring a westside hole pattern on its uprights, this squat rack by ForceUSA is suitable for people who lift light to medium weights and are making gradual progress. It is fully customizable. The manufacturer lets you choose the type of j-cups you want, the safety spotter arms and the chin up bar that you would like to buy, etc. 

But, please note that you have to pay a decent amount of money for that. The base rack is pretty basic. Even the j-hooks are not included with it. You have to buy everything extra, which means the final price could be much more than what you might have anticipated. 


  • Dimensions- 87” height X 47” width X 55” depth
  • Weight- 176lbs
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 2000lbs
  • Made of 12 gauge steel 
  • Features westside hole pattern
  • The holes are numbered but the numbering do fade off in some time
  • Can be bolted to floor
  • There are bar storage pegs at the backside. Help keep your barbell organized along with weighing the rack down. 
  • Comes with lifetime structural warranty 

What we like about it 

Highly stable structure 

All the four uprights are connected with the base with the help of thick triangular gusset plates. Plus, there is a built-in bar storage area that you can use to weigh it down. It has long flat feet and a rear stabilizing bar to further enhance its stability. None of the buyers have reported any wobble issues. 

If you want you can even bolt it to the floor but that won’t be necessary unless you are lifting heavy. 

Lifetime warranty 

Rogue offers lifetime warranty on almost all its products, which is why many of us do not mind spending extra money on something that is meant to last a lifetime. 

This is where ForceUSA is competing with Rogue. It is also offering lifetime warranty on its MyRack squat rack but it costs much less. 

Westside hole pattern

The whole rack has 1” gap between the holes. If you are making gradual progress, the lesser gap will give you more confidence to push your body beyond its limits. 

What we don’t like about My Rack Modular Power Rack

Non-standard uprights 

The uprights of this squat rack for home gyms are made of 2.4”X2.4” tubing whereas the standard uprights used in most other products are of 2”X2” tubing. Due to this non-standard size, this rack is only compatible with products manufactured by ForceUSA. You cannot add any other product even if you like it or if you get a better deal. Not fair ForceUSA. 

Made of 12 gauge steel 

If you don’t know, the higher the steel gauge the more brittle it will be. So, 7 gauge steel is stronger than 12 gauge steel. 

Since you will have to separately pay for the j-hooks, safety bars, and a pullup bar, you can expect it to cost around $600-$700. Now, other competitive products in this price range are made of 11 gauge steel. Some are even made of 7 gauge steel. 

Honestly, 11 gauge steel doesn’t make a lot of difference unless you are an athlete who lifts more than 500lbs. So, this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. 

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Fringe Sport Squat Rack With Pull-Up Bar

Fringe Sport half rack

Please note this is a half rack i.e. it has two uprights instead of four. Read this article on ‘What is the difference between Squat Racks, Power Racks, Half Racks, and Squat Stands?’ to understand more about them and figure out which one suits you the most. 

With a weight-bearing capacity of 450lbs, this is another cheapest entry-level squat rack meant for people who need something basic to safeguard themselves from injuries during training. Its shorter footprint is its USP, making it suitable for small homes and garages with low ceilings. 

Although the manufacturer states that it can handle 450lbs weight, we do not recommend it for anyone who lifts more than 250lbs weight. The product is fine but half racks are only meant for light training. If you want to lift more than 300lbs, go with a full power cage instead. 


  • Dimensions- 84.5″ tall x 49.5″ wide x 46.5″ deep
  • Weight- 80lbs
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 450lbs
  • Material- 12 gauge steel 
  • Features westside hole pattern
  • Comes with a pair of j-hooks, and a pull bar up. You can buy additional accessories such as spotter arms, dip attachments, etc. 
  • Can be bolted to the floor to create a more stable structure
  • Comes with weight storage pegs that help keep your weights organized as well as enhance the overall stability of this squat rack
  • Comes with 1-year warranty 

What we like about it:

Cheapest half rack

Well, you can buy even cheaper squat racks but they are just cheap Chinese products that you will regret buying. They are neither stable nor rust-proof and durable. So, there is no point buying something that won’t last beyond a year or something that wobbles every time you place your barbell on it. 

We understand that most of us have budget limitations but at Home Gym Strength, we only recommend those products that truly serve their purpose. This Fringe Sport half squat rack is one such product. 

It is made of 12 gauge steel and features westside hole spacing. There are inbuilt weight pegs plus the pull up bar is solid and comfortable to use. The manufacturer hasn’t made any significant compromises to keep the prices low. 

Its closest competitor is T-3 Series Tall Squat Stand but you need to pay about $70-$80 more. The next best option is Rogue Fitness SML (Monster Light) Series Half Rack, which costs almost double plus you have to pay extra for shipping.   

Designed for compact spaces

It has a compact footprint of 4’X4’. Plus, the height is 85”, which is enough for people who are 6ft tall but taller people may have to bend their legs while doing pull ups. 

The manufacturer has intentionally designed it to be shorter and more compact than the other competitive products. This is because it is designed for garages and compact spaces. 

What we don’t like about 

Weighs only 80lbs 

Its competitive product, the Titan T-3 Series Tall Squat Stand weighs 144lbs, and Rogue’s products weigh almost the same or a bit more.  

The more the squat racks weigh, the more stable they will be. 80lbs is not something that you should trust, especially if you are lifting 150lbs. But, the manufacturer understands this well and therefore, it has included weight pegs and floor anchoring options. You must stabilize the base if you want to use it for pull-ups, etc. 

Our Rating: 4.4/5

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack 

Valor Fitness all-in-one squat rack

If you need an all-in-one squat rack setup, we highly recommend Valor Fitness BD 7 power rack. It comes with a LAT pull down station at the back and a straight but knurled pull up bar so you perform a wide range of exercises. 

It has a highly stable and sturdy structure, so we would recommend it for beginners and intermediate-level fitness enthusiasts. Here is our detailed review of the Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack. If you don’t have time, here is a brief summary of what you can expect from it. 


  • Dimensions- 47” x 63.5” x 82”
  • Weight-180lbs 
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 500lbs
  • Material: 12 gauge steel 
  • Comes with a pullup bar and LAT pulley station, a pair of full length safety arms, and a pair of safety hooks. PLEASE NOTE THE SAFETY HOOKS ARE NOT J-HOOKS. 
  • Has 4 weight-storage pegs
  • Features westside hole spacing
  • Floor anchoring option not available 
  • Warranty- 3 years on frame and 2 years on cable pulley system 

What we like about it 

Can actually handle the amount of weight claimed by the manufacturer 

Even the cheapest squat racks claim to be suitable for 1000lbs weight. But, actually those squat racks could hardly bear even half of what is being claimed by their manufacturers. They start wobbling as soon as you exceed 120-150lbs. Plus, most of them have compatibility problems so you can’t add a LAT machine to them. 

The Valor Fitness BD-7 squat rack, on the other hand, is solid and stable. It has a pair of full length safety spotters that also help add up to its overall stability.  Plus, four weight pegs are enough to weigh it down to an extent that you won’t have to anchor it even if you are lifting more than 300lbs

This is one of the cheapest squat racks meant for people who lift a decent amount of weight already and are making progress at it. 93% of the buyers have rated it 4-stars and above, so you can buy it with confidence. 

What we don’t like about it 

J-hooks are missing 

We agree that Valor Fitness has provided two pairs of safety spotters and a pair of full length safety catch bars. But, we would love to have j-hooks instead. 

J-hooks or J-cups are cupped arms that help catch the barbel safely and prevent it from slipping away. They are lined with high-quality plastic that protects your barbell from scratches. Plus, the plastic lining also absorbs the shock and vibration that is generated while racking the loaded barbel. The safety spotters included with this kit are made of chrome without any lining. They are not as good as j-hooks. 

Pull up bar could have been better 

It is straight and there are no multi grip options. It could have been better considering that this squat rack costs around $500. Plus, there is no way you can replace it with something better.  

Our Rating: 4.3/5  (only because of the non-availability of j-hooks)

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Power Rack

Titan Fitness T2 squat rack

The T2 series products from Titan Fitness are meant for beginners to intermediate-level trainers. All of them adhere to the manufacturer’s high quality standards. They work as expected and provide best value for money. 

If you are already lifting 300lbs or more weight, then you should look for the T3 series squat rack but if you are just getting started and want something basic at the moment until you are ready to upgrade, this T2 power rack should be a good option to have on your list. 

Titan Fitness T2 power racks are available in two sizes; 71” and 83”. The shorter one is good for the basement, garages, and other areas that have low ceiling height. Other than the height, everything else remains the same. 

You can read the full review here but if you don’t have time here is what you need to know:


  • Dimensions: Tall: 48″ L x 44″ W x 83″ H Short: 45″ L x 44″ W x 71.5″ H
  • Weight- short one weighs 133lbs and tall one weighs 140lbs
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 850lbs
  • Material- 12 gauge steel
  • Have 2” hole spacing
  • Comes with a pair of j-hooks, and a pair of full length safety arms
  • Has weight pegs at the backside of the power rack
  • Can be bolted to floor
  • Additional accessories sold separately 
  • Warranty- 1 year

What we like about it

Suitable for compact spaces 

Power racks or squat cages require quite some space. Plus, most of them are not meant for rooms that have low ceiling height. This one is an exception. The shorter version measures just 71” tall, making it suitable for basements and garages. It is also suitable for teenagers and shorter people or those who do not do pull-ups, etc. 

Can handle more weight than other competitive products 

The other products in this price range start to wobble even with just 200lbs weight. The Titan Fitness T2 power cage can, however, handle more than 350lbs. Plus you can weigh it down by putting your weight plates in the pegs or by anchoring it to the floor. 

What we don’t like about the Titan Fitness T2 series power rack

Buyers have complained of missing parts

This is a common issue with Titan Fitness. A lot of people do not receive small parts such as washers, etc. You start assembling and suddenly you realize that a few pieces are missing. 

Titan Fitness is a good brand and has a prompt customer service team. You can reach them out for missing parts and other complaints. But, that’s annoying and also wastes a lot of time. 

The j-hooks do not have plastic lining

As we mentioned above, plastic lining helps absorb the shock and vibration that is created when racking a loaded barbell. It also helps protect the barbell’s coating. Even the cheaper squat racks come with plastic-lined j-hooks, so Titan Fitness should fix this issue. 

Our Rating: 4.4/5

Accessories that you can add to your squat rack

Weight benches

Your home gym setup would be incomplete without a weight bench that lets you safely exercise your arms, shoulders, and other upper body muscles. You can buy a flat bench or an adjustable bench that lets you incline it to any angle of your choice. Adjustable benches like Fitness Reality 1000 Weight Bench will help add a lot of versatility to your workouts. Here are some of the best affordable adjustable weight benches that we recommend. 

If you would rather want a flat bench, here are some of the best flat benches that we recommend. 


Most good quality squat racks that are considered as Rogue alternatives, very often come with j-hooks. Yet, you may have to purchase an extra pair because some of them such as the Titan Fitness T2 power rack that we have listed above, often come with poor quality j-cups. Moreover, since j-hooks bear a lot of abuse, they will wear out within a year or two. Here are some of the best replacement J-hooks that we have selected for you. 

Fractional weight plates 

If you are getting started with weight training, you have to be very careful while increasing your weight. You will have to do it gradually or else your body might not be able to handle the stress. This is why we recommend fractional weight plates. They help you increase your weight by very precise numbers, so your body won’t even feel the strain from the change. Here are some of the best fractional weight plates that we recommend. 

Weight/plate rack

You obviously can’t leave your weight plates lying around your home gym floor. You can tip over them. To organize them neatly, you will need a weight rack such as CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Plate Rack

We assume you already have a barbell but if you are just getting started, do check out our list of best affordable olympic barbells (Under $200). For if you have been training for some time and want to upgrade to a better product, here are some of the Best Mid Range $200-500 Olympic Barbells that we believe will be a good choice for you.

We are currently evaluating some of the high-end barbells meant for serious fitness trainers. We will soon be coming up with our recommendations. Until then, keep reading our other articles.