Is the Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 Worth the Hype?

Quick Review Video: Quick Review Summary for People in a Hurry Rating: 4/5       Name: Rogue Echo Bar 2.0  Recommendation: It is one of the least expensive barbells from Rogue Fitness. With an almost rust-proof …

Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 Review

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Rogue Echo Bar Review

This is going to be a very quick review of the Rogue Echo Bar 2.0. I’ve been using it for several months now while at the same time, also using the Titan Fitness Economy bar because what I want to do was get the two cheapest bars from both Titan Fitness and Rogue Fitness and kind of compare them. I believe this Rogue Fitness bar used to be called Pieter bar but you may want to double check that, I could be misremembering something.


So, overall, I think the Rogue Echo Bar is fantastic. It’s a very, very high quality bar. Now, it’s price is also significantly more than the Titan Fitness’ cheapest bar. You can get this Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 for about $250 right now and then you’re going to pay a little bit for the shipping. So altogether, it’s probably come about $270-$300, it really depends where you live. Now the Titan Fitness bar, you can get it for around $120, maybe $130, I can’t remember. I don’t think they charge shipping on it so double check that but obviously it’s about half the price depending on the deal you get on it. For most beginners, I would simply go with the cheapest bar you can get that's a decent amount of quality and can hold the amount of weight that you think you’re going to go to. With Titan Fitness bar, that’s 700 lbs capacity so that’s the best for most beginners. I don’t know if I would recommend spending $300 on the Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 if you’re a complete beginner. 

Weight Capacity

One interesting thing about these bars is that they do not list, the least that I can see, the weight capacity of them. They have the tensile strength and they have the steel and I don’t know about you but that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. I have heard, of course, that it can handle a lot but it would be nice to know the exact weight capacity that they tested these things with. 

That being said, I probably expect it to be a 1000 lbs or something but we will research that and get that on the full written article, if it’s available in some way. 


One thing I will say about the Rogue products, especially this bar, they do package them and everything very very well. So the Titan bar came in a cardboard tube but one problem is, it came out of the tube and slipped out a bit which caused some of the ends to get a little messed up. Now this is no big deal, of course, because this is a 7-foot piece of steel essentially and you know, you're using it in a gym so it’s going to be messed up. But it’s nice to know that it will, at least, arrive to you in mint condition like it is with the Rogue. But with the tube they use, it’s impossible for the bar to come out of that cardboard tube. I actually had a hell of a time just even getting it out the tube. So that shows you the kind of packaging quality that they use. 

And as I have said before, my philosophy with this bar is, you know, I’m not a bar junkie. I think as long as it operates decently and kind of gets the job done, it’s okay to go with the kind of an affordable bar. Where I’d rather spend money is other workout equipment more possibly on some of these specialty bars they have available that are very very cool. 

Wrap Up

That is it for this review. Overall, I’m giving it a 4 out of 5. I think it loses a point just because of the higher price than some it’s competition. But I think if you can afford it, it is a fantastic bar and you cannot go wrong with it. 

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Quick Review Summary for People in a Hurry

Rating: 4/5      

Name: Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 

Recommendation: It is one of the least expensive barbells from Rogue Fitness. With an almost rust-proof zinc coating, it is perfect for home gyms and garage gyms. Suitable for beginners and intermediates, although advanced trainers can use it for practice. It is a high-quality, mid-priced product. Cheaper alternatives available for budget-conscious people. Read the below review for more details. 

Pros: Mid-priced, high weight-bearing capacity, no welding or cosmetic issues, designed as per Olympic standards, Zinc finish 

Cons: No center knurl

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Full Written Review:

Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 is one of the least expensive barbell from Rogue Fitness suitable for beginners and intermediates, although advance trainers can use it for practice.

Did you know Rogue Fitness manufactures more than 25 different types of barbells

Some of the popular ones are: 

  • Rogue Echo bar 2.0 (we will be reviewing it here)
  • Rogue bar 2.0
  • Ohio Bar
  • Rogue Castro bar
  • Rogue Operator bar
  • Freedom bar
  • Cerakote Bella bar 2.0
  • 28mm Boneyard bars and many more 

Each of these is built differently and has a specific use. But, all of them have one common thing; they are well-built, durable, and adhere to Rogue Fitness’ quality commitment. 

The Echo bar 2.0, which is Rogue’s budget entry to its barbell collection is no exception. It is a mid-priced product meant for everyone except powerlifters. If you are a brand-conscious person who wouldn’t settle down for anything below Rogue, the Echo bar 2.0 is an absolute must-have for your home gym. 

However, if you are in no mood to spend extra cash just for better welding and finish or a brand name, Titan Fitness Economy Olympic Barbell is its perfect alternative. The Titan bar costs almost half the price of Echo 2.0 bar and yet it offers almost everything that you can expect from Rogue’s product. Of course, it has its own flaw, which is why we suggest you read our full review of Titan Fitness Economy Bar before purchasing. 

In this blog, we will provide you with a thorough review of Rogue Fitness Echo 2.0 barbell, so you can decide if it deserves to be a part of your home gym. Let's start our review by looking at some of its key features: 

Features and specifications of Rogue Echo bar 2.0 

  • Dimensions: bar length is 86.75″, loadable sleeves measure 16.40″ 
  • Bar diameter: 28.5MM
  • Bar weight: 20 kg (44 lbs)
  • Weight-bearing capacity: Not mentioned 
  • Tensile strength: 190,000 PSI 
  • No central knurling and no powerlifting marks
  • Knurl marks type: IWF standard Olympic knurl marks
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty 
Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 is a no-frills black zinc barbell with bright zinc sleeves and with a variety of coatings from clear coated to powder coated.

Overall built and quality 

Rogue Fitness Echa 2.0 bar is a no-frills black zinc barbell with bright zinc sleeves. You can further customize its look by adding colored bands on the grooves of the collars. The bands are sold separately but they are quite inexpensive, so you wouldn’t really mind buying them together with this barbell. Many buyers have stated that it is almost as good as its Ohio barbell, which costs $100 more

The bushings of the sleeves offer a decent spin for cleans, snatches, and other exercises. The spin is not that fast and free like what the expensive barbells (with bearings) offer but we mustn’t expect more because ultimately it is a mid-priced product. 


Barbells from Rogue Fitness come with a variety of coatings; some are clear coated, some are powder coated. The Echo bar 2.0 is zinc coated. Zinc coating is known to provide maximum protection against rusting and oxidation. So, you can keep this bar in any place where it may get exposed to extreme temperature and humidity. Numerous buyers have confirmed that it has been holding up well in their garage where the bar has been exposed to extreme Canadian and American climates throughout the year. 

The sleeves are coated with bright zinc and have fine grooves that help keep the plates in their position when you are not using a collar. Grooved sleeves, however, make a lot of noise while loading and unloading plates. 


The Echo bar 2.0 comes with a ‘Rogue Work Hardening’ stamp, which it uses to mark products that are designed to bear a lot of rough use, specifically repeated dropping. It has been rated ‘R’, which indicates that it is more resistant than those rated as F1 or F2. Well, this grading system is very vague. Moreover, it is Rogue’s own grading system, so we can’t be sure how honest it is. Nevertheless, Rogue Fitness is a genuine brand, so you can expect decent quality from it, no matter what. 

Echo bar 2.0 has a high tensile strength of 190K, so it can bear more than 1000 lbs of weight (as mentioned by many happy buyers), making it suitable for almost everyone, even advanced powerlifters. Castro, Ohio, Operator, ect. are all made of the same steel and they are expensive. So, we can assume that the durability of all these products is almost the same. 

We are not sure why Rogue is offering just a 1-year warranty on this product. Most of its barbells are covered under lifetime warranty. They should have offered the same for Echo 2.0 too because warranty matters a lot. Sometimes, we even don’t mind spending a few extra bucks for a better warranty period. 


Rogue Echo Bar 2.0 has no knurling at the center for better grip.

As mentioned above, there is no knurling at the center. The knurling is passive. It could have been improved. But, it isn’t bad. Plus, you can use chalk or wraps or gloves for better grip.  

Shipping and delivery 

Rogue Fitness has its manufacturing unit in California. So, shipping is fast compared to other brands that import products from China. Rogue Fitness is known for sending properly sealed and packed boxes unlike Titan Fitness, which is unpopular for sending beaten-up packages. Most buyers have expressed their satisfaction regarding shipping, delivery, and even its prompt customer service team. 

Please note that Rogue Fitness charges shipping and the cost could be anywhere between $30-$50 depending on your location. 

Rogue Echo Bar 2.0  has black endplates and zinc coating that will help prevent oxidation and rusting.


  • The endplates were missing from the original version of Echo bar, which is why it had received so much negative feedback. This one, however, has black endplates and zinc coating that will help prevent oxidation and rusting. Although it is not completely rust-proof, it is still better than many cheaper alternatives that won’t last long if you leave them in your garage, where it will be exposed to extreme weather and humidity.  
  • Designed as per Olympic standards, Rogue Fitness Echo 2.0 barbell is a must-have for beginners and intermediates who want to get into competitive sports. Further, it is easier to find accessories for an Olympic standard barbell. 
  • Its price is a major reason why Echo 2.0 barbell is so popular. 


  • The Echo 2.0 barbell has only weightlifting knurls (not powerlifting). So, if you are into powerlifting and need the knurlings to set your hands correctly, you could find this product annoying and confusing. Barbells should have both powerlifting and weightlifting knurls, so you don’t need to own a different piece for a different set of exercises.
  • The center knurl helps with clean catch, back squat, and front squat. But, it is missing the Echo 2.0 barbell. Make sure you keep this in mind while buying.  

Our Rating: 4/5 (only because of its high price)

Our Verdict: 

For decades, Rogue Fitness has been synonymous with quality but it has also been known for selling expensive home gym equipment. If you are unwilling to compromise on any quality aspect, go ahead and buy Echo 2.0 barbell; you will never be disappointed. However, if you are looking for competitive (in terms of quality) but economical alternatives, check out Titan Fitness Economy bar or the other affordable barbells listed here