I Bought a Cheap Chinese Barbell – The Yalasga Olympic Barbell Review

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The home gym equipment industry has seen a boom during the pandemic. We Americans are equipping ourselves with almost everything that we can to stay fit and active. Due to high demand, the prices of even average-quality home gym/home exercise equipment have soared up to an extent that many of us are no longer able to afford them. But, we do want to join the bandwagon and create/upgrade our own home gym, which is why many of us are looking for inexpensive alternatives. 

Inexpensive home gym equipment do come with some flaws but usually, they aren’t really major ones and can be ignored considering their low price. For example; the major issues that people have with the Titan T3 Series Half rack are that the holes aren’t numbered and there is no option to anchor it or weigh it down. These issues are ignorable. They do not compromise with your safety. But, the Weider Platinum Squat Rack often comes with non-aligning parts, has an extremely poor customer service team, and doesn’t really bear the weight the manufacturer claims. Such products are a complete waste of time and money. 

We strive hard to help you select genuinely worthy products that you can use safely at home without anyone’s supervision. We spend hours thoroughly researching a product on every front to ensure that we provide you with correct information and tips so you can make a smart buying decision. This blog too aims to do so. 

Here we have reviewed Yalasga Olympic Barbell, a cheap Chinese product that sounds so appealing that many of us have already purchased it (and regretted it). If you are looking for inexpensive barbells, you may come across this one and may feel like giving it a try. But, resist this urge because this one is not even worth trying. The shipping takes forever and by the time it will arrive, you probably would have bought another one out of frustration. 

Before we provide you with more details on why Yalasga Olympic Barbell is not worth being a part of your home gym, let's look at some of its key features that appeal to people so much. 

Features and specifications of Yalasga Olympic Barbell 

  • Material: Q235 steel
  • Weight: 34.17lbs
  • Diameter: 1.96in
  • Sleeve length: 13.6in
  • Grip length: 17.5inch
  • Grip type: knurled
  • Has tensile strength of 330 pounds i.e. it can hold 330lbs weight. This is doubtful. Many buyers have asked the same question and the seller has given different responses. To some, it has replied it can hold 198 lbs and to some, it has stated 330 lbs. 

A detailed review of Yalasga Olympic Barbell

Built quality 

As per the manufacturer, Yalasga Olympic Barbell is made of Q235 steel, which is a moderate to high-grade steel and should be able to bear a decent amount of weight for beginners and intermediate level fitness enthusiasts. The manufacturer also claims that the bar is coated with a rust-proof silver coating to enhance its durability and usability. There are medium depth knurls to provide you with a good grip. As mentioned above, the manufacturer has given varied statements about its weight-bearing capacity. 

The above-mentioned details are just the manufacturer’s claims. After reviewing other buyers’ feedback and using it personally, we conclude that this bar is nowhere close to its description. We agree that the steel is of good quality but we doubt it would bear 330 lbs of weight. 

We didn’t even dare to try it because the sleeves slide on the rack, as you can see in the above video. Sliding makes the whole structure unstable. We may recommend it if you are a beginner and do not intend to lift much weight but if you are even slightly serious, this barbell can make you nervous while reracking the weight. Imagine you have 300lbs on your shoulder and the barbell slides on the rack’s j-hooks. You wouldn’t know if it is properly held. 

Another major issue that most buyers experienced with this Yalasga olympic barbell is that the coating is rough and can cause blisters. It isn’t worth buying a product that hurts you. 


The barbell weighs 34.17lbs. The manufacturer has clearly mentioned it but, if you are new to weightlifting, please note that the Olympic competition standards recommend 44lbs barbell for men, 33lbs barbell for women, and 22lbs for youngsters. This barbell is meant for women weightlifting trainers but if you are not into competitive sports, it shouldn’t be a problem. 


The build of the sleeves determines how much spin the bar will have. Although being a low-priced barbell Yalasga barbell has four brass bushings 360-degree rotation. The better and smoother the rotation, the lesser strain your wrist and shoulder will have to bear. The manufacturer hasn’t compromised on this part. The length of the sleeves is, however, shorter than we had expected. A 7’ barbell should have about 16” of sleeve length but the sleeves of Yalasga barbell measure 13.6in. The shorter the sleeves the less number of weight plates you can attach. Well, it doesn’t really bother us because we wouldn’t trust it with more plates and more weights. 

Shipping and delivery 

This is where most people had troubles. We ordered on August 16, 2020 and received it on November 3 2020. We repeatedly tried to contact the seller but didn’t get any response. Upon checking the status, we got a message that it got delivered long ago but we hadn’t received it. We tried to cancel the order but couldn’t. Finally, it showed up after two months. Other buyers too experienced the same issue. No buyer has ever received it in less than a month. Most buyers have stated that this product is a scam and must not be bought. 


  • The price is ridiculously cheap. This is the major reason why most people choose to buy it (and regret it later). 
  • The overall quality of the product is average but beginners can still use it (if they ever get it). However, you need to be careful of the uneven surface of the bar. 
  • The knurling is good. It has Rhombic knurling pattern, which is a typical pattern used in most Chinese products. It is almost similar to the crosshatch pattern used in expensive Olympic grade barbells and offers a good grip. 
  • The sleeves are decent too. The bushing does really offer 360-degree rotation without much friction. 


  • It is a good product but poorly built. If you use it rarely, it may work but, if you are even a bit serious about using it, just avoid it. 
  • The weight-bearing capacity is much lower than what the manufacturer claims, so we don’t really know how much weight it can safely hold. 
  • The surface of the bar is rough and can cause blisters.
  • The shipping takes forever.
  • The customer service team is pathetic. They do not respond. Even if they sometimes reply, they do not provide you with the correct information. 

Our Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 

Our Verdict: 

The quality of the product is below average. We might still ask you to buy it (if you are on a very low budget and want something for short-term use) but we wouldn’t because we and almost every buyer of this product had a pathetic buying experience. No one wants to wait for months for a basic product like this to arrive. No one is willing to track the shipment of this product every other day. Moreover, no one wants to buy a product whose seller is not interested in communicating with the buyers and providing the necessary details. It is better to spend a few more dollars and buy something from a reliable manufacturer.