What’s the Deal With the Homech Massage Gun?

I’ve been trying out this Homech Massage Gun that you can get on Amazon for a few weeks now and one thing I will say about it is when you compare the amount of power …

Homech Massage Gun

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I’ve been trying out this Homech Massage Gun that you can get on Amazon for a few weeks now and one thing I will say about it is when you compare the amount of power that it outputs to something like a much more expensive massage gun, like the Theragun, it doesn’t really compare. 

So let me go ahead and turn it on. And as you can see, that sound is not bad. And when I turn it all the way up, it’s pretty loud but not as crazy loud as using the jigsaw and a massage gun attachment. It’s got 20 different settings but I’m not super impressed with the amount of motion back and forth on the pointer tip. It’s barely moving back and forth and it feels like it can’t really do a lot of pressure.

Let’s compare it to the Theragun which I should say is also a lot more expensive. Homech Massage Gun retails from $80-$120 on Amazon while the Theragun is $400-$600 depending on where you can get it from. To compare, the Theragun has a lot of back and forth motion at the end and when you use it, it feels like you’re getting a lot more pressure in there. Although I will say they are almost about the same loudness. If anything, the Theragun is slightly louder. It’s hard to say.

The Homech massager comes with different attachment tools. The only one I really played with is the smaller one for kind of trigger point therapy. It also has another one which is almost kind of like a massage ball but a bit smaller. I’m not sure what the others are for but it has various different attachments like a lot of these guns kind of have. Also, it came with a power cord which works fine. You do have to kind of turn it off or on with the switch at the bottom of the handle. But yeah, as far as holding the Homech massage goes, unlike the kind of triangular grip of the Theragun which provides you a little bit more leverage by working it in some interesting ways besides helpful, but the style does work. Although like I said, overall I think there are some better options in this cheaper price range that you can get that will have more movement back and forth of the pointer and just in general, they will provide more pressure.

Now if you want to know what exactly that massage gun is that I do recommend, then check out a link in the description of this video. You can take a look at that and see which one I recommend but I highly recommend it. I think for the price you pay, the Homech massager here does not provide a lot of value but this other one I’m talking about, I think it does. So yeah, that’s it.


Written Review:

Did you know the global massage guns market is anticipated to reach USD561.37 million by 2027? From dedicated sportspersons and recreational gym-goers to arthritis patients, almost all of us are willing to spend money on something that will help improve our muscular strength and keep us relaxed at the end of the day. These massage tools also help improve our blood circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a lot of neurological and psychological benefits.   

If you have been thinking of buying a massage tool, you would have come across a lot of options in a wide price range. Almost all of them claim to be the best and have been approved by thousands of buyers. But, just like every other product, each of them is meant for a specific use. 

For example; the popular and expensive Theragun Elite is meant for fitness enthusiasts who often get knots in their muscles. The Theragun Pro (even more expensive) is for athletes who need powerful massages that will help them recover faster and make their muscles stronger. The inexpensive ones such as this Homech percussion massage gun is meant for minor muscle pain and strain. It is good for people who sit for long hours and those suffering from musculoskeletal problems and need light massage. It is not suitable for people who require deeper stronger massage to relax their aching muscles after a good workout or at the end of a physically tiring day. 

If you believe Homech massage gun is suitable for your needs and fits in your budget, scroll below to find out if it is truly worth your money. We have strived our best to provide you with detailed information on its built, performance, and quality. We have also compared it with other products so you can decide if you should really buy it or look for alternatives. 

Before we begin, let's look at some of its key features and specifications: 

Features and specifications of Homech Percussion Massage Gun 

  • Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.21 x 13.31 x 3.07 inches
  • Battery running time: Up to 5 hours at its lowest speed and up to 10 hours on standby mode
  • Auto shutoff in 15 minutes
  • Speeds: has 20 speed levels ranging from 800 to 3200 RPM
  • Has 2600mAh 3C rated batteries
  • Has 17V brushless high-torque motor 
  • LCD touch screen
  • Stroke depth: 12mm
  • Maximum force: 33lbs
  • Comes with 12 months warranty 
  • Comes in its storage case 
  • Comes with 6 different massage heads: 
    • Spherical or Ball attachment: Made of foam. Meant for large muscle groups and overall relaxation massage
    • Bullet head massage attachment: Made of hard plastic. Meant for deep tissue and trigger point massage
    • Air cushioning soft head attachment: Made of rubber. Suitable for sensitive/soft areas such as neck
    • Flat head attachment: Made of hard plastic. Recommended for back muscles 
    • U-shaped head attachment: Made of hard plastic. Great for neck and spine
    • D-shaped head: Made of hard plastic. Suitable for abdominal muscles 

Detailed Review of Homech Percussion Massage Gun 

Homech Massage Gun comes with 6 attachment heads to pinpoint a specific are on your body and customize your massage experience

Design and built

As you can judge from the product image, the gun has a nice finish and doesn’t look like a cheap product. The LED screen is bright and has touch controls, which make it easier to switch to the speed you want to. 

Weighing just 1.5lbs, this lightweight massage gun can be used with just one-hand even when you don’t have enough muscle power (if you are a senior citizen). You can comfortably hold and use it for quite some time without feeling tiredness in your arms. The handle is ergonomically designed and has a rubber grip. So, even when you are using it at its max speed or if your hands are sweaty, it won’t fly off. The handle has battery indicator bars that display the current battery level, so you know when you need to charge it. 

Numerous buyers have confirmed that the six massage heads are well built and each of them serves a specific purpose. Many massage guns in this price range come with just two or three attachments. Homech massage gun comes with an information brochure that lists the uses of various heads, so you don’t need to do a lot of guesswork. Changing the massage heads is an easy and quick process. 

The auto-shut feature (after 15 minutes) is a lifesaver. It prevents overheating, which could permanently damage this device. 

The carrying case is well built and sturdy. A few buyers have stated that it is as good as a real gun case. It can last a good number of drops and should be able to protect the gun too.


94% of buyers have rated it 5 stars. Do we need to say more about its effectiveness? 

Numerous buyers have agreed that Homech massage gun is extremely helpful for relaxing strained muscles. Chiropractors and massage therapists have mentioned that they too use it on their clients, all of whom have benefited from it. If you sit or stand for long hours, it is a great tool to relax your tight, aching, or sore muscles at the end of the day. 

Unquestionably, Homech deep tissue massage guns are one of the top-selling products in their segment. But, we have found a better option available in its price range. The Chiro massage gun costs as much as the Homech one but it comes with 15 different massage heads. It has 30 different speed settings, although it too has a max speed of 3200 rpm. But, Chiro Percussion massage gun has a shorter battery life and a few other flaws that are listed here

As mentioned above, it offers max 33lbs force and has a stroke length of 12mm. Now, 12mm is good enough for people who are looking for light massage but if you are a fitness freak, this massage tool doesn’t have enough power to loose up the knots and prepare you for your next practice session. You need a more powerful massage tool like Theragun Elite or maybe Theragun Pro. They are obviously pricey but they go deeper into your muscles and help improve blood circulation and promote muscle recovery. 

Noise level 

The manufacturer claims that its 17V brushless motor provides you an almost drop-dead silent massage. The lowest sound level is 35dB. But it hasn’t mentioned the decibel of noise the massage makes when used at its highest settings. Nevertheless, numerous buyers have confirmed that its noise level isn’t severely high to cause inconvenience or disturbance. 

We tested Homech deep tissue massage gun personally (as you can watch in the above video) to see if it is truly silent. Based on our experience, we conclude that you must not expect a ‘drop-dead’ silent massage from it but the volume is bearable. It isn’t excessively loud like other inexpensive deep tissue massage tools. In fact, it is as silent as expensive massage guns like the Theragun ones. 

Battery life 

The battery is amazing and it seems to last as long as the manufacturer claims. Many buyers have stated that they keep using the gun for days without having to charge it. It can easily run for 3-5 hours in a single charge depending on the speed at which you are using it. Even expensive massage tools do not last that long, which means this is a good option for people who travel a lot and for senior citizens. 


  • The price versus quality of this massage tool is impressive. It is hard to find a genuinely effective tool in such a low price range. 
  • It is much more silent than other affordable massage guns.
  • Buyers have hardly reported anything about its durability issues.
  • The carrying case is heavy-duty and not some cheap plastic case meant only for storing. 
  • The customer care of Homech is very active on Amazon. It reads almost all comments and promptly contacts any buyer who seems to be unhappy with its products. No need to chase them. They happily offer refunds and returns. 


  • A few buyers have stated that the battery starts to malfunction after a few weeks. Thankfully, it comes with a 12 months warranty. Plus, the customer care is approachable and cooperative. So, it's worth giving a try. 

Our Rating: 4/5

Our Verdict: 

97% of buyers have rated it 4-stars and above and 94% of buyers have rated it 5 stars. We can’t (rather we mustn’t) debate about the quality or effectiveness of Homech deep tissue massage tool. But, as we said above, it is not meant for fitness freaks and people who are into competitive sports. However, this massage tool is powerful enough to provide you with a relaxing massage after a long and tiring day.