How to Use the Davinci Tool

Summary Name: Davinci neck massage tool Features: Manual massager with three massage sides; each meant for different intensity of massages. Available in firm and extra firm varieties.  Pros: Effective, reasonably priced  Cons: Just like any …

Davinci Tool Review

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Name: Davinci neck massage tool

Features: Manual massager with three massage sides; each meant for different intensity of massages. Available in firm and extra firm varieties. 

Pros: Effective, reasonably priced 

Cons: Just like any other deep tissue massage tool, it hurts in the beginning. The manufacturer hasn’t mentioned this aspect, leaving people confused about its effectiveness. 

Our Rating: 4/5

If you frequently experience neck pain or tightness in the neck and shoulder, you would have figured out that there are hardly any massage tools meant to be used exclusively on the neck

Self-massage is almost impossible. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and peanut balls just roll away, making it difficult to keep them rested against the desired area. The other expensive tools meant for the neck and suboccipital region are meant for tension headaches, not for muscle relief.  And, we wouldn't really try or recommend Theragun or other deep tissue massage guns for the neck region because they are a bit aggressive.   

A few months ago we came across Davinci tool, which is more or less like the PSO-Rite deep tissue massager. It is a manual massager, a kind of dig-in tool, designed for the neck region. It is perhaps one of the few tools that can be used for the neck muscles just under the skull (known as the occipital area), which is an extremely sensitive part of your body. 

In this blog, we will brief you more about Davinci neck massage tool, its features, its uses, and why it is better than other massage tools. 

What is Davinci tool? 

The three unique edges of a Davinci Tool
The three unique edges of a Davinci Tool

Measuring just 4 inches on its longest side, Davinci neck massage tool is portable and can fit in your gym or laptop bag. Being lightweight, you can carry it during your vacations and work trips. You can use it on tiles, wood, carpet, or any even firm surface. It has a grippy surface, so it doesn’t slip. 

This headache relief tool is available in two types; red and blue. Red one is firm and the blue one is extra firm. We don’t know how different they will be in use. We have tried the red one and we are pretty happy with it. Blue one could be too firm and you might get sore after using it. Even the manufacturer recommends trying the red one first and later upgrading it to blue if needed. 

It has three sides: 

  • The round edge can be used to massage the neck muscles along the spine. It can also be used to restore the normal curve of the neck.   
  • The scalloped side can be used to massage the occipital area under the skull. It stimulates the therapist’s fingers. 
  • The pointed edge can be used to get deep tissue massage of the neck, spine, and other parts of the body such as glutes, calves, and even feet.  

How to use Davinci tool? 

This is how to use a Davinci tool
This is how to use a Davinci tool

It is a manual neck massage tool so you can control the amount of pressure and the intensity of massage that you need. Just like PSO-Rite and PSO-spine, you need to lie on it for about 30 seconds at a time. Take a few seconds break and then repeat or try a new spot. Initially, limit your massage duration for a specific spot to just a minute or maybe two.  

Do not overdo it. When we first used it, it felt so good that we ignored the manufacturer's directions and ended up being sore the next day. 

Please note that initially, it will be a bit uncomfortable to use. Don’t get disappointed; there is nothing wrong with your body or the tool. Plus, the pain is just superficial. It will go away in a few minutes and then, you will feel the real effect of this tool

Trigger point therapy is essentially painful; sometimes extremely painful. That’s because the edges of these tools dig in quite deep, something that you probably haven’t ever done. Those muscles have gotten used to being tense. It will take a few days for them to loosen up. So, don’t give up. If you can’t bear the pain for more than a few seconds, take a break. Try again later and within a few days, you will start feeling comfortable. 

Once you have got accustomed to this Davinci neck muscle release tool, you can intensify your massage by introducing tiny body movements. But, go slow. This is the type of massage where less is more. 

Is it effective?

Intensity level of a Davinci tool
Intensity level of a Davinci tool

Yes, it does. More than 80% of buyers have rated it 4-stars and above. A number of them have mentioned that the Davinci tool has helped them alleviate neck pain, tightness, tension headaches, and even migraine. One of the buyers had been undergoing therapy after he fractured his neck. His therapist recommended this tool. He has been using this tool for months now and the results are quite impressive. 

Many buyers have also rated it poorly, claiming that it hurts a lot. Yes, it does because it attempts to release the tissues that have got really stiff. This process will hurt. Initially, you won’t be able to place your whole weight on it. You will have to experiment a few times to find the exact spots that work for you. You may have to add a towel for padding. In the end, the results are worth the pain. 

What buyers don't like about it? 

Davinci tool doesn’t come with proper instructions. The manufacturer has left the buyers to rely on some images with vague instructions and guesswork. A few buyers mentioned that they ended up hurting themselves to an extent that they don’t feel like trying it again. 

Our Rating: 4/5

Our Verdict: 

Highly recommended but we suggest you buy the red one and not the blue colored Davinci tool. Many of the buyers, who have bought the blue colored tool, have stated that it is too hard to use even for a few seconds. You absolutely can’t apply such a hard thing on your neck. The blue one is rather good for the back, calf muscles, hamstrings, arms, shoulders, and other not-so-sensitive areas of your body.