Is the Theragun Massage Gun Worth the Hype?

Quick Video: Written Review: The popularity of percussion massagers has soared tremendously over the last few years. These devices provide a host of benefits that the conventional electric massagers do not even remotely cater to, …

Theragun Massage Gun Review

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Theragun Massage Gun Review

This is my review of the Theragun Massage Gun that I have been trying out for the past month or so. And I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed with this thing. This definitely feels like a premium massage gun product. There've been a few other massage guns I’ve tried that I think that are very close to the type of experience that this provides for a lot less money which make them a great deal, I think, but they all do not feel as good or high quality as this one. Interestingly though, they are quieter and you can see a link to those articles in the description of this video. 


But yeah, so one of the great things about this is just the amount of power it can deliver for the sound that you get. Let me turn this on and basically show you how loud this is. So here it is at the lowest setting 1750 and I’m going to turn it up all the way to the max 2400 and as you can see it’s fairly loud but it’s not so loud that it’s going to wake your neighbors or anything like that.

I’ve used and I have an article actually about creating a massage gun cheaply from a jigsaw combined with a massage ball attachment you can get on Amazon and that thing is it’s crazy loud. It’s insanely loud, it feels pretty powerful but very very loud, so loud that you don’t really want to use it unless you’re out in a garage or something like that. And I would say this is a much, much better experience. There’s also a lot of horizontal movement with this one than a lot of other massage guns that you can get for cheaper. So if I turn this back on and you can see the movement back and forth there of the machine. Also when you press down on this one, you can feel quite a bit of pressure depending on how much you pressed in yourself. And the triangular shape of this does make it a lot easier to put it in strange positions like against your body or just hold it in a kind of non-traditional ways, 


Now let’s talk about the effectiveness of this massage gun for relieving things like pain, trigger points, things like that. I’m not doing therapy on others but this is just from my perspective. I think these things work well. One thing they’re very very good at is increasing blood flow in the area that you are massaging. So when you pull this off of your body, you’re going to feel warmth in that area that is blood rushing back into those tissues. It’s very very good at that. 

Release Trigger Points

How good is it at releasing trigger points? In my experience, it may not be as good as, it’s hard to say as it depends on the area. So as I said in my other video, I think it is very good in certain areas where it’s hard to use trigger point tools on yourself so it’s very good on the neck, the top of the shoulders, your chest and stuff like that. Now your legs and your hands are also very good actually because it’s hard to reach. Let me show you. I have this massage tool on Amazon that’s actually a lot cheaper. It’s hard if you’re wanting to massage your forearm because of a lot of type in or whatever, you have to press in very hard to kind of get some release there. It does work, it definitely works but that does a lot of work especially if you have pain in both hands, right? Because you’re having to use this tool with your own hand that may be causing pain to massage the area. Maybe it’s not ideal. This does get the job done as far as releasing trigger points. This thing, I’m not honestly 100% convinced. I’ve used this quite a bit and I don’t feel like it is as effective for certain trigger points as something like this. I’ll keep using it and let you guys know but that’s my first impression. 

But like I kind of eluded to it a few minutes ago, I do love it for the areas like the neck which is very hard to use a trigger point like a tool like this. You don’t want to start pressing in there very hard with a massage ball or this. This makes it possible to get in there, you can just turn it on, press it on your neck, sit there and relax as it massages out some of those trigger points and kinks so I do like it a lot for that. 


In summary, would I recommend the Theragun? I think that what I would say is with a lot of products, if you have the extra money to go for something as expensive as the Theragun, I think it can be a good option to try out and add to your trigger point therapy or self-massage therapy arsenal. Now if you’re concerned about price and you don’t know if this thing is going to work out for you, then you may want to consider something like the other massage guns I reviewed because they can get you almost the entire way there for a less expensive price. 

So yeah, I’m very very impressed with this product. I don’t know for the average person if it’s going to provide much value than something that’s much cheaper that gets you 70-75% of the way there. That’s something to keep in mind.

As far as massage guns overall go, I”m not sure how effective they are for certain parts of your body as using as the trigger point there or something like a ball. In that case, you may want to just go with one of those tools and see how it works out for you first. 

Finally, if you have issues in some areas like your neck, your chest, your hands somewhere that’s hard for you to get to that you think may be a massage gun may help you get that area and massage that out then hey, that’s something to consider, right? And you honestly cannot get it any better, in my opinion, than this Theragun. It is a premium, premium tool, probably the best massage gun out there I’ve tried. 

There are other options as well. One thing we’re going to take a look at another video is a massage tool that I’ve seen people recommend on Reddit that’s more like a rotating device. You can get it from $30-$40 on Amazon but a lot of people swear by it. So instead of being like a jigsaw type device, cause these devices are essentially jigsaw and they have special custom massage attachments at the ends of them and they’ve also been adjusted to where they are much quieter, these devices are more like a rotary sanding type tools and I’ve seen a lot of people recommend that on Reddit to help kind of get out some of these kinks in your arms, your body and stuff like thats. So later on, in the next few videos, we’re going to be reviewing that and seeing how that compares. A couple of things I mentioned in them is how effective is that tool, and then also how loud is it cause that’s a big thing. You don’t want something that’s going to wake up your neighbors and bother other people or yourself. So yeah, stay tuned!

Written Review:

The popularity of percussion massagers has soared tremendously over the last few years. These devices provide a host of benefits that the conventional electric massagers do not even remotely cater to, which include deep tissue massage, faster recovery, increased relief from pain and muscle soreness, and prevention of workout injury. No wonder why a lot of companies have started manufacturing them. 

Percussion massagers are available in a wide price range. For example; Homech Massage Gun costs less than $120 whereas Theragun Elite costs around $350. No matter which one you buy, they have a standard operating procedure. They have a motor that pushes an attachment back and forth just like a jigsaw. 

Wondering why would someone spend $349 instead of $120?

Well, the procedure is the same but the intensity and the quality of the massage that each gun provides depend on its build, which further depends on its price. 

If you are willing to spend $350 for a percussion massager but wondering if Theragun Elite will be worth your money, don’t worry. In this blog, we will provide you with detailed information so you can make an informed buying decision. 

Please note: Therabody, the manufacturer for Theragun Elite, also manufactures four varieties of percussion massage guns

  • Theragun Pro: It offers 60lbs force, comes with two swappable batteries, and comes with six massage head attachments. Obviously, it is a lot more expensive than the Elite one we are reviewing here. 
  • Theragun Prime: It is a very basic percussion massager. It offers 30lbs force and comes with 4 attachment heads. 
  • Theragun Mini: It is a portable massager. Offers 20lbs force, has three-speed levels, and comes with a single attachment head. 
  • Theragun Elite: This is the one we are discussing here. It offers 40lbs force and comes with five attachment heads. 

Let's begin our review by looking at its key features and specifications: 

Shows Theragun has different varieties of percussion massage guns

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Features and specifications of Theragun Elite Percussion Therapy Massager 

  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 9.5 in x 6.7 in x 2.9 in
  • Battery running time: 120 minutes
  • Speeds: 5 speeds between 1750 and 2400 PPMs
  • Stroke depth: 16mm
  • Maximum force: 40lbs 
  • Has bluetooth compatibility and comes with its own app 
  • The motor is equipped with QUIETFORCE technology to provide you quieter massage
  • Comes in its own protective carrying case
  • Comes with 1-year warranty 
  • Comes with 5 different massage heads: 
    • Dampener: This squishy one is meant for soft and bony areas. It offers a 3/10 impact level.
    • Standard ball: This is neither too firm nor too soft. Offers 5/10 impact and suitable for almost all large and small massage groups. 
    • Thumb attachment: It is quite firm. Offers 7/10 impact. Suitable for trigger points specifically in the lower back. 
    • Cone attachment: Offers 10/10 impact. It is super firm and meant for pinpoint muscle treatment in feet and palms. 
    • Wedge attachment: offers 5/10 impact. Suitable for wider muscle groups in the shoulders, calves, etc. 
Theragun massage gyn comes with five different massage heads

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A detailed review of Theragun Elite deep tissue massage gun 

Design and built 

Using a massage gun on yourself can be a challenge especially when you want to target the hard-to-reach areas such as the back. Therabody has come up with its unique patented triangular handle that it claims to help reach almost all parts of your body. The handle is ergonomically designed, so you can hold it on all its three sides. Each side is, in fact, a handle on its own. So, the Theragun Elite, Pro, and Prime have three handles. You can hold the gun with any of them as per your comfort and virtually massage any part of your body on your own. 


Shows Theragun massage gun's design and built

The most common complaint that people have against percussion massagers is that they are not effective enough to break up the tightness in muscles that you experience after a rigorous workout session. We agree with them. Most inexpensive deep tissue massage guns do not have enough power to go deep and work on your sore muscles. This doesn’t mean they are useless. Rather, they are perfect for people who want to get rid of muscle stiffness that you may experience due to excessive sitting or standing, or due to aging. But, someone who does a good number of squats or deadlifts or runs/walks for quite some kilometers, they may not be powerful enough, which is why you must spend $350 or maybe $650 (for the Theragun pro). 

Theragun Elite massage gun offers up to 40lbs of force and goes up to 60% deeper into the muscles. Standard electric massage guns go up to 10mm whereas Theragun goes up to 16mm deep (no matter which model you buy). Now, 40lbs of force that goes 16mm deep into the muscles will definitely be strong enough to release your knots and cramps. Numerous buyers have confirmed that this massage tool has proven to be a great alternative to in-person massage, which is not possible during this pandemic. A buyer has even stated that it helped her get rid of years of stiffness in the lower back. 

If you need more intensity and force, you can go for Theragun Pro but that is going to cost you significantly more. Unless you are into competitive sports, Theragun Elite will work for you. 

Bluetooth compatibility 

You can pair the Theragun Elite to Therabody’s companion app, which the manufacturer has created to guide you through proper massage techniques based on your workout routine or the intended massage area. With other massage guns, you just massage your muscles randomly. But, Theragun Elite app lets you select the correct massage speed or routine for specific body parts such as neck, arms, shoulders, quads, etc. If you are involved in specific forms of exercises such as running or tennis, you can also select a massage routine on the app. The app also helps you use the right attachment. It guides you on how to hold the gun and how to move it so you can reach the target spot easily. So, it's not just a willy nilly massage; it’s a properly planned relaxation therapy for your sore muscles. The app allows you to control the speed right from the phone instead of switching the force control button. It displays the amount of pressure you are applying and if it is enough. 

In short, the app and the bluetooth connectivity is something worthy and not just a useless complementary feature.  


Honestly, Theragun Elite is not the quietest massage gun you would have ever used. In fact, the earlier models were quite loud. Thankfully, the Elite model comes with a noise reduction technology, which makes it quieter than the Prime model. Yet, it is not absolutely quiet to not bother you and others around you if you want to use it for long sessions. 

The more powerful a motor is, the more noise it will make. So, there is nothing much to complain about. Even standard massagers are ridiculously loud. This is comparatively better. At its lowest setting, it makes as much noise as an electric toothbrush, so your neighbors won’t get disturbed even when you use it on its highest settings but someone in the same room would.   


It has a built-in battery, just like other Theragun models. An adapter is included for charging. Do note that you cannot use the gun while charging it. It just won’t work. Theragun says it is designed to be that way to prevent injuries, which we agree with. Make sure you charge it in advance. The manufacturer claims that the battery can last up to 120 minutes on a single charge. Most buyers have found the claim to be true. 

A few buyers have complained that the product they received came completely discharged and it wouldn’t charge for hours. They had to return it. Thankfully, Therabody has a cooperative customer support team and such issues are well dealt with. 


  • Amazing battery life 
  • Ergonomic handles make it easier to hold and use it for long massage sessions
  • Offers deeper massages than what you can expect from conventional massagers and other percussion massagers 
  • Bluetooth connectivity and app-controlled massages 


  • It’s too pricey. Not many of us are willing to spend $350 for a massage gun no matter how effective it is. 
  • The noise is still high when used on higher speed settings. 
  • Even though it comes in its own carrying case, it is still not portable. You can’t just throw it in your gym bag while heading out. 

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict: 

Theragun Elite percussion massage tool can beat its competitors in all aspects except price. As mentioned above, not many of us would be willing to spend so much only for the pleasure of loosening up muscles. However, if you compare its price to the cost of a licensed massage therapist, it is definitely a good deal, especially during the pandemic when we should avoid being out. So, if you are willing to and if you can spend this amount, go ahead; you won’t be disappointed. If not, then make your own percussion massage gun at home for less than $125! Here is the step-by-step tutorial. The process is easy and the final product will be as good as the Theragun ones.