Why You Might Want to Avoid the F2c Adjustable Squat Stands

Quick Review Video Written Review While people have started building their own home gym in whatever available space they have, many buyers have expressed their dissatisfaction over the quality of products they have received. Price …

F2C Adjustable Squat Stands Review

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Written Review

While people have started building their own home gym in whatever available space they have, many buyers have expressed their dissatisfaction over the quality of products they have received.

Price surges, false claims by manufacturers, and assembly difficulties are some common issues. You could also end up buying a product that you would outgrow it sooner than you expected.

Some products are cheaply made and unsafe for use without supervision. Nevertheless, investing in home gym equipment is still better than paying hefty gym membership fees. 

Here is our article on the ‘best squat stands for your home gym’. You can refer to it for some more options. 

In this blog, we will be briefing you about the F2C adjustable squat stands. It is one of the few options you have below $100. Before the pandemic, it was priced around $70 but there is a price surge these days due to high demand for home gym equipment. This squat rack is exactly what you can expect from a $70 product.

It is neither well-built nor quite stable; so you cannot and must not trust it with heavyweights (irrespective of the manufacturer’s claims). But, if you are a newbie or if you do not intend to lift heavy, you may consider it. 

Let’s begin our review by looking at its key features: 

Features and specifications of F2C adjustable squat stand 

  • Dimensions: 17.7″(L) x 20.1″(W) x 40″-66″ (H). 
  • Weight-bearing capacity: as per the manufacturer it can bear 550 lbs of weight (we disagree). 
  • Accessories included: one pair of j-hooks and one pair of safety spotters.
  • Frame is made of 50*50*1.5mm steel tubing.
  • For height adjustment, there are 14 holes. There is a 2” gap between the holes. 
  • You can adjust the height between 40″ and 66″.

A detailed review of F2C adjustable squat stand 

Build quality 

The manufacturer claims that it is made of solid steel and can hold 550 lbs of weight. Most buyers have stated otherwise. The frame is not heavy-duty and won’t bear more than 150-200 lbs of weight. 

There is no information available on the steel gauge but we bet it would be 12 or 14 gauge. Please note: the more the steel gauge, the flimsy the steel will be. So, 7 gauge steel is more durable than 12 gauge. Since the steel is flimsy, there are chances of deformation even when you try to slightly tighten the screws. 

There are 14 height adjustment holes. As expected, the holes are not numbered. So, if you are new to squatting with stands, this blog on how to mark the holes of your squat stand will help you quickly get to your position. 

The height is sufficient for most people unless you are taller than 6.2’. The j-hooks are welded but the welding is not trustworthy. One buyer even said that they started to bend even when he had put just 200lbs on them. 

Some buyers have stated that the spotter arms are shorter and you can’t trust them to hold the weight if you fail. They are good for benching though. 


F2C squat stand has an H-shaped base. Typically, H-shaped bases are more stable and adjustable than others. The uprights have gusseted corners, which helps provide more stability and durability. Further, the base has rubber end caps that prevent slippages and wobbling. 

Despite this, many buyers have stated that this squat rack is not as stable as it should be, considering that it is rated safe for up to 550 lb weight. It wobbles a lot, even though you are lifting just 100lbs. As expected, wobbling is more when you set it to its max heights. Can be used for bench and overhead press but not recommended for squatting with heavy weights. Too many buyers have stated that the stand trips back while reracking. You need to be very careful if you are working with heavy weights. 

Weighing it down can help but there are no weight pegs for that. One buyer complained regarding this and the manufacturer suggested using sandbags. Well, we would rather want a frame with weight pegs rather than buying additional sandbags. 


Buyers have shared mixed responses regarding the assembly process. It does come with basic instructions, which aren’t very clear. Even if you follow them thoroughly, you may not be able to make it stand flat on the floor. One buyer has suggested that you should leave the bolts loose until everything is in its place. Make it stand on the floor and then tighten the parts. 

Assembly is lengthy and can take up to 1 hour or more if you have some knowledge of how to put these things together. Further, it doesn’t come with any tools. So, make sure you have the basic toolset ready with you. Mostly, you would require adjustable wrenches. 

Packaging and shipping 

Shipping is quick and reliable. The parts are packed well, so you need not worry about dents and scratches. Some parts may be missing but don’t worry; the customer support team is prompt and friendly enough to send you the missing parts as soon as possible. 


  • The number one reason why people have bought this F2C squat stand is its cheap price. Before the pandemic, it was available for around $70. It is almost impossible to find any squat rack at this price. Now, due to excessive demand, the price has soared up, and yet, it is on a cheaper side. 
  • Good product for beginners, teenagers, average lifters, and those who prefer benching over squats. 
  • It is a compact footprint. Some buyers have stated that you can even store it under your bed (if you have a high bed frame)!


  • Highly unstable. 
  • No weight pegs to weight it down. 
  • The weight-limit mentioned by the manufacturer is not correct. This squat stand by F2C cannot bear more than 200lbs of weight. You can use more weights if you wish to but in that case, you will be taking a big risk. 
  • It is cheaply built. But, we don’t blame the manufacturer. You get what you pay for. 

Our Rating: 3/5

Our Verdict: 

When it comes to home gym equipment, anything that is unstable is not only useless but also unsafe. More than 80% buyers of this F2C adjustable squat rack have stated that it wobbles even when you are not using much weight. And yet, many of them have stated that they are happy because it fits in their budget and suits their needs. If you are a beginner with a low budget, you may buy this. But if you have a decent level of fitness goals that you are serious about, please spend a few more dollars and buy a rack that is at least safe to use. Everything else can be compromised except for safety.