Best Squat Stands For Your Home Gym

There has been a lot of confusion regarding squat rack, squat stand, power rack, and power cages. Some people even use the words interchangeably. If you too have been struggling to figure out which one you need, our blog describing the difference between them will help you understand each one’s use so you can buy accordingly. 

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Here, we would sum up their difference in one sentence: power cages or racks usually have two or four connected legs meant to provide you ultimate stability and safety. Squat stands, on the other hand, are meant to help you rack and unrack them

Here is their detailed comparison:  

CriteriaSquat stand Squat rack/power rack/power cage
DescriptionIndividual, free-standing structures that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.It is a four (and sometimes two) legged cage. The legs are joined. You can adjust the safety points vertically. Horizontal adjustment not possible.
UsesMeant for squats but can be used for benching tooCan be accessorized to create a proper home gym setup including lat pulls, benching, weight lifting, and much more
Target audience Causal weight trainers who wouldn’t be lifting heavy weights any time soonBodybuilders, serious weight trainers who are into competitive sports and often lift heavy weights
PriceMuch inexpensive as compared to squat cagesThey are heavy-duty home gym equipment, so obviously they are priced appropriately. 
Portability and storageThe individual units can be stored and carried to any room or outdoors as and when required. You can store it at any corner of your room when not in use.A decent power cage can weigh at least 150lbs. So, it is not portable. It requires a dedicated space.
Safety and stabilityThey are individual units. There are no bottom or top stability bars. Squat stands are just meant for holding the weight. Power cages are much more stable. They have a wide base and some even have multiple stability bars. They are designed to absorb the shock and take the weight when you miss it. 

As obvious from the above comparison table, squat stands are not as stable as the racks and the cages. This doesn’t mean they are not worth buying. Remember that squat stands are only meant to rack and unrack your loaded barbell. Chances are they could trip over unless you keep the weights correctly, but such cases are very rare. They do their job fairly well. 

If you are practicing for competitive sports, buy squat cages instead. This is because you will be working with heavy weights and you cannot take a chance with your safety. Here are some of the top-selling squat racks/ power cages for your home gym

If you are not too much into heavy weights, have space constraints, and need an equipment that has a small footprint, below are some of the top squat stands that you can buy for your home gym. 

Top-rated Squat Stands To Make Your Weight Training Safer

NameDimensions Weight Capacity Our RatingPrice 
Valor Fitness BD-9 Independent Power Squat Stands70” X 28”350lbs 4.6Check price 
T-3 Series Independent Squat StandHeight: 72″ – Base Dimensions: (W)24″ x (L)26″1000 lbs4.8Check Price 
Ollieroo Multi-Functional Squat StandHeight: 65”Width: 31″ to 49″480lbs4.7Check Price 
ROGUE S-4 SQUAT STAND 2.026″ (depth) x 22″ width, 72″ Height1000lbs4.7Check Price 
FRINGESPORT commercial squat stand28” deep, 22” wide, and 72” tall1000lbs4.7Check Price
Yaheetech Pair of Adjustable Squat Rack21.5” x 20” x 70.5″ 441lbs4.5Check price 
Squat stand 3.0 by Bells Of Steel 29” x 24” x 72.5”600lbs4.7Check price
ZENSTYLE Pair of Adjustable Independent Squat stand 17.71″ x 20.1″ x 66.14″550lbs4.5Check price 

Valor Fitness BD-9 Independent Power Squat Stands

Valor Fitness BD-9 Independent Power Squat Stands is a space-efficient squat rack suitable for beginners and intermediate level weight trainers

This space-efficient squat rack by Valor Fitness is suitable for beginners and intermediate level weight trainers (although the manufacturer claims that even serious bodybuilders can use it). The expandable foot base and a nesting design for easy and compact storage are its USPs. 


  • Has a heavy-duty 13 gauge steel construction. 
  • The frame is made of 2” X 2” tubing. 
  • It can be adjusted vertically to 10 different heights ranging from 48.5” to 70”. 
  • There are 11 different spots for safety catches. The lowest one is at 24.75” and the highest one is at 38.5”.  
  • The foot base is expanded between 20” to 28”. There are rubber caps at the end to protect your flooring. 
  • Can bear up to 350lbs weight whether it is in use or in its nesting position.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty on the frame.  

What we like about it:

  • The storage pegs at the base help keep the weights arranged as well as weight the stand down for better stability. 
  • The lowest position of safety catches is about 24”, which is low enough to let you use a bench. 
  • It is lightweight, portable, and compact. So, you can easily move it around your house to exercise at different spots.
  • There is nothing much to assemble. You can easily set it up in less than 30 minutes. 
  • Many buyers have had a pretty good experience with the customer service team of Valor Fitness. 

A happy buyer in his review has stated that the product was shipped to him faster than he expected during the pandemic. Every component was individually wrapped and well protected. The assembly was easy too. He did a lot of comparisons and found that the expandable base is a unique feature to find in other competitive squat stands in this price range. 

Things that could be improved:

  • The black paint could scrape off sooner than you expect.
  • Many buyers have stated that the catch bars are pretty small. So, they are not really meant for safety. They are just for holding the weights. 
  • Although the assembly is easy, the instructions are insufficient and some even found them misguiding. 

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Our Verdict: 

We agree with some buyers in terms of it being expensive. But, it offers a good amount of stability and adjustability. So, many people wouldn’t mind paying a few extra dollars. If you want to get the best deal, make sure you check Valor Fitness website where it is currently available at a cheaper price

T-3 Series Independent Squat Stand

T-3 Series Independent Squat Stand is a high-end squat stand that can bear years of rigorous use

If you are looking for a high-end squat stand that can bear years of rigorous use, the Titan Fitness T-3 series squat stand deserves your attention. With 1000 lbs weight capacity and safety j-hooks, it is suitable for almost everyone, even serious weight trainers. 


  • It is made of 11 gauge steel, which is much more durable than the 13 gauge steel used in Valor Fitness squat stand. 
  • The frame is made of 2″ x 3″ steel tubing. 
  • As mentioned above, it has a weight-bearing capacity of 1000 lbs
  • When assembled, it weighs 144lbs. This heavy weight helps make it more stable and durable. 
  • Westside hole spacing is its USP. 
  • Comes with safety j-hooks, which are better than safety catchers.

What we like about it:

  • Although it is meant for squats, the manufacturer states that it is stable, safe, and durable enough to perform military press, bench press, curls, and other similar exercises. 
  • With 6” side hole spacing, this T-3 squat stand by Titan Fitness lets you accessorize it with plate holders, spotter arms, etc
  • Not many home gym equipment follow westside hole spacing guidelines, which is 1” gap between holes. But, the Titan Fitness T3 series squat stand adheres to it. So, if you are lifting heavy weights, it could go a long way in keeping you safe and comfortable. If you don’t know what is westside hole spacing and why smaller gaps are better, read this blog
  • The weight-bearing capacity is insanely high. 

Things that can be improved:

  • Storage pegs are missing. You can buy plate holders separately though but that will add up to your expenditure. 
  • Some buyers on their website have stated that Titan Fitness needs to improve their packaging, as the parts get beaten up and scratched during delivery. Due to flimsy packing, they received scratched pieces. Very often shipping companies do not handle the packages well. So, the sellers must make an extra effort in wrapping and packaging. 

Our rating: 4.8/5

Our Verdict: 

This premium-priced squat stand is highly stable and versatile. You can use it for various lower body and upper body exercises. Moreover, it is manufactured by Titan Fitness, a company well-known for manufacturing light-commercial and commercial grade equipment. So, you can’t go wrong with it. 

Ollieroo Multi-Functional Squat Stand

Ollieroo Multi-Functional Squat Stand can be used as a dip stand and for bench press so you can get a full-body workout

As obvious from its name, this squat stand by Ollieroo can be used as a dip stand and for bench press, so you can get a full-body workout. The manufacturer claims that it is suitable for everyone who can lift up to 480lbs but after thoroughly reviewing all the customer reviews, we wouldn’t suggest it to go beyond 350-400lbs


  • Unlike other independent pairs of squat stands listed above, this one has a connecting bottom bar, which also acts as a stability bar. 
  • You can adjust the height from 40.6” to 64.2”.
  • The width can be adjusted between 31″ to 49″. 
  • The manufacturer states that it can bear 480lbs of weight
  • There are dip bars at the backside of the frame
  • The front side has storage pegs and two brackets; one for squats and one for bench pressing. 

What we love about it:

  • Both Amazon product listing and the manufacturer’s website claim that it comes fully assembled. However, it does require some basic assembly, which is pretty easy and quick. 
  • The rack has an amazing stability. The connecting bars, the wide foot base, and the storage pegs make it even more stable, even though it is lightweight. 
  • The manufacturer claims that you can do 14 different workouts to target various major muscle groups of your body such as triceps, biceps, chest, calves, glutes, etc.  

A happy buyer has stated that she liked the red and black color combination. The paint job was imperfect but that’s OK. She also stated that the stand doesn’t sway. However, she wouldn’t trust it for more than 200lbs weight

Things that could be improved:

  • The position of the bracket meant for bench pressing is not adjustable. So, chances are that the weights would sit too low to your chest. 
  •  Even when the vertical posts are at their closest position, the dip bars would still be wide enough to do dips comfortably, especially if you have a short height. 

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict:

As mentioned, it is suitable for casual lifters. The height is short, which is why it is suitable for areas with low ceilings, garages, and basement. 

Rogue S-4 Squat Stand 2.0

Rogue S-4 Squat Stand 2.0 is for those who want to spend generously on a squat stand that is not just stable but also designed to help you lift safely and comfortably

If you are willing to spend generously for a squat stand that is not just stable but also designed to help you lift safely and comfortably, the 2.0 version of Rogue S-4 squat stand is meant for you. It adheres to Westside hole spacing standards. So, you can precisely choose the placement of your bar and avoid any discomfort or injury. This is especially important if you are a novice or if you are lifting quite heavy weights. 


  • The frame is made of 11 gauge steel and the H-base is made of 7 gauge steel. 
  • The base has rubber caps for floor protection. The caps also help improve the overall stability of the stands. The earlier version of S4 squat stand by Rogue didn’t have that
  • Has a weight capacity of 500lbs
  • You can adjust its height up to 72”.
  • The vertical posts are connected to the base using triangular plates. These plates help distribute the weight and the jerks evenly throughout the frame and enhance its stability. 
  • The hole spacing is as per Westside standards i.e. there is 1-inch gap between each hole. 

What we like about it:

  • The lower the steel gauge, the more will be the product’s durability. Since the base is made of 7 gauge steel, you can safely trust it for holding 1000lbs weight. Inexpensive squat stands are usually made of 11 or 13 gauge steel.
  • The j-cups have plastic liners that will protect the bars from scratches. 
  •  It is not a cheap product. From perfect welds to powder-coated finish, this Rogue Fitness S-4 squat stand reflects quality. 
  • As mentioned, Westside hole patterns are hard to find in inexpensive home gym equipment. Usually, such equipment cost more than $800 and are meant for light-commercial and commercial use. 
  • Easy assembly. 

Things that can be improved:

  • No storage pegs for keeping your plates organized or weighing down the stand. But, weighing down the stand is not really necessary. Most buyers have stated that they haven’t ever experienced any wobbling issue.  
  • The price is definitely on a higher side

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict: 

It is a solid piece of equipment, which is why it is expensive. The paint doesn’t chip and the frame doesn’t wobble. Moreover, you don’t need to buy J-hooks separately. You won’t regret spending some more dollars for it.

FRINGESPORT Commercial Squat Stand 

FRINGESPORT Commercial Squat Stand is not just a heavy-duty commercial grade squat stand but has caster wheels to be easily moved around that is meant for bodybuilders, athletes, and powerlifters

As obvious from its name, it is a heavy-duty commercial grade squat stand meant for bodybuilders, athletes, and powerlifters. The build and quality is such that it can hold up to 1000lbs weight. The base is not just wide and stable but also has caster wheels so you can easily move it around and exercise at new places. 


  • Each of the two upright posts measures 28″ deep, 22″ wide, and 72″ tall
  • They are made of heavy gauge steel and, when assembled, this stand can handle 1000lbs weight
  • The posts have 1” hole spacing for benching and 2” hole spacing for squatting
  • The stand comes with a pair of j-cups. 
  • The stand is powder-coated and has a black matte finish. 

What we like about it:

  • Aligning the J-cups at the same positions in both the upright posts is one of the most irritating problems that any squad stand user will face. Most stands do not have numbered holes, so you will have to do quite a lot of guesswork. Thankfully, the FringeSport indy squat stand has numbers written on the sides of the holes. So, making adjustments will be easy. 
  • We especially love the caster wheel option. You can easily and quickly set it up wherever you like, even outdoors. Even the heavier ones such as the Titan T3 squat stand weighing 144lbs do not have wheels. 
  • Many buyers have stated that this company has a prompt and helpful customer service team. You can easily reach out to them for replacements, etc.  

Things that can be improved: 

  • The rack has a solid built and none of the buyers have mentioned anything about the stability issues. However, the overall weight of this FringeSport commercial squat stand is just 97lbs, which is much less than the stands listed above. If you are a heavy lifter, you will have to be careful enough to not throw the weights roughly. 
  • The storage pegs are missing. They could have helped add more stability to the frame or at least they could serve as an assurance that the frame can be weighed down. 

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict: 

It is a pricey squat stand but it delivers exactly what its manufacturer promises. A buyer has even stated that if he would have had to change something in it, he wouldn’t, because it is a perfect piece of home gym equipment to train solo and stay safe. 

If you are seriously space-crunched, do check out FringeSport’s retractable power rack. It is not an independent squat stand but can serve the purpose. 

Yaheetech Pair of Adjustable Squat Rack

Yaheetech Pair of Adjustable Squat Rack is an inexpensive squat stand for recreational lifters as well as for beginners

It is an inexpensive squat stand for recreational lifters as well as for beginners. Its price is its biggest advantage. Under $100, it is impossible to find any squat rack that can hold 440lbs of weight and yet remain stable. Currently, it is available at a much higher price on Amazon but you can buy it from Walmart at a much cheaper price. 


  • Made of 2 x 2″ square tubing. 
  • The base measures 21.5” x 20”. 
  • The height of the uprights can be adjusted from 45-70.5”. 
  • It has a weight-bearing capacity of 441lbs. 
  • There are 14 adjustable positions. The holes have 5cm of gaps between them. 
  • The base has anti-skid, floor-protecting rubber pads

What we like about it 

  • As mentioned, we really like that it is inexpensive. Many of us are casual lifters and we would obviously want something inexpensive to just keep ourselves healthy and strong. This works best. 
  • Assembly is easy and quick. 
  • Many buyers have stated that the customer service team is prompt and helpful. The company stands by their quality commitments and is happy to send you replacement parts if you are not satisfied. 

Things that could be improved: 

  • The foot base of this stand is 21.5” x 20”, which is quite less than the other competitive products listed here. Most of them have wider bases ranging between 26”-28”. But, remember that you will get what you will pay for. 
  • Assembly is easy but the stands do not come with detailed instructions. You will only receive a pictograph. Thankfully, the product video on Amazon also explains the assembly process. 
  • Some buyers have mentioned wobbling issues. However, the stand doesn’t really wobble unless you throw the weights roughly on it, which can happen with any inexpensive squat stand. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

We wouldn’t trust a $100 squat stand to hold 440lbs weight. It will wobble and make you nervous, no matter what the manufacturer claims. So, we recommend that you must not use it if you lift more than 300lbs. Otherwise, it works fine; just weigh the base with some sandbags or whatever you like. 

Squat Stand 3.0 by Bells Of Steel 

Squat Stand 3.0 by Bells Of Steel is a mid-priced squat rack that can be used by beginners and intermediate level lifters

This mid-priced squat rack has a weight capacity of 600lbs and can be used by beginners and intermediate level lifters. It is lightweight and yet there are castor wheels at the base that you can use to move it around. Some buyers have stated that they even use it outdoors and it takes little effort to move it. 


  • Dimensions are 29 L x 24 W x 72.5 H
  • The frame is made of 2.3 x 2.3 ” 12 gauge steel.  
  • For benching, it follows Westside specified 1” hole spacing and for squats, it has 2” holes
  • As mentioned, the weight capacity of 600 lbs. 
  • The frame and the welds come with a lifetime warranty. What more can you expect from such a mid-priced indy squat stand!
  • The stand comes with a pair of j-cups. 

What we like about it

  • The padded j-cups will protect your barbell from scratches. 
  • 12 gauge is a decent thickness. You can trust its durability. Some mid-priced squat stands are even made of 13 gauge steel. 
  • Even though it is compact and lightweight, stability issues are rare with this squat stand by Bells of Steel. We have thoroughly studied the feedback from the buyers and can conclude that it is pretty solid and doesn’t wobble unless you throw your weights carelessly on it. 
  • Assembly is easy and straightforward. 
  • The customer service team is very helpful. Buyers have stated that even during the pandemic when many other manufacturers are busy making and selling more and more items and the customer service team is overburdened with requests, Bells of Steel have responded promptly to their requests. 

Things that can be improved: 

  • The weight of this Bells of Steel squat stand 3.0 is just about 70lbs, which is pretty less than what other frames in this price range weigh. Lighter weight makes it portable but it also makes the stand light enough to tip over. Moreover, there are no storage pegs for weighing the stand down. 
  • Some buyers have stated that the base is too wide and may bother you when you do wide squats. 

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict:  

This heavy-duty, mid-priced squat rack is tailored for intermediates and recreational lifters who are willing to spend generously for a well-built, well-welded, properly finished squat stand. We wouldn’t trust it for heavy lifters unless you weigh it down. 

ZENSTYLE Pair of Adjustable Independent Squat Stand 

ZENSTYLE Pair of Adjustable Independent Squat Stand is another popular option for those looking for squat stand below $150

If you are looking for squat stands below $150, this is another popular option. It is not a very well-built product but it does its job well. Although the manufacturer labels it safe for about 550lbs weight, we wouldn’t recommend you to trust it. This is because the base is much shorter and the weight is much less than other squat stands listed here. However, being inexpensive, it is still a good choice for novice and recreational weight trainers. 


  • The dimensions are 17.71″(L) x 20.1″(W) x 40.55″-66.14″ (H)
  • Weight limit is 550lbs. Many buyers in their review have, however, stated that it starts to wobble after 300lbs. Some even suggested that this rack is not suitable for bodybuilders. When you have so much weight on your body that your legs have started to tremble, you would obviously need an extremely stable base and not this one. 
  • There are 13 adjustable positions for your safety hooks. 
  • The feet come with rubber caps to protect the floor as well as prevent it from slipping. 
  • It weighs 40lbs. 

What we like about it:

  • It has a really small footprint, making it suitable for small spaces, garages, basement, etc. 
  • It is not a rock-solid piece of home gym, but this squat stand by Zenstyle delivers what it promises. 
  • Assembly is easy and it comes with all necessary hardware. The instructions could have been better but you will be able to figure out how to put it together

Things that can be improved:

  • The max height of this squat stand is 5.5 feet. Taller people may not be very comfortable while using it. 
  • The width of the foot base is just 17” X 20”. The Yaheetech squat stand listed above also has almost the same dimensions. While it is much lesser than the other independent squat stands listed here, we still chose it because you cannot expect much from a $100 product. 

Our Rating: 4.5

Our Verdict: 

We have chosen this squat stand because of its affordability. Many of us are not willing to spend so much at this time when we have been financially hit due to pandemic. No matter what, this stand does its job well for people who lift light to medium weight. 

Wrap up: 

There are not many independent squat stands available. This is because they are not too versatile. But, squat stands are good for compact spaces, which is why people still prefer them over power cages that require dedicated spaces. 

Out of all the available options, we selected these ones because they are stable and safe for home use. However, please note that they are not as safe as the squat cages or power racks. 

Here are some safety tips that you need to follow to prevent injuries and tripping hazards:

  • Unlike squat racks, it takes time to get used to independent stands. Initially, you may not be able to align them in a line or adjust the holes correctly. So, do not rush. Practice with an empty barbell for some time. Use weights only when you are confident that the alignment is correct and spotters are in a comfortable position. 
  • Never throw weights roughly on the stand, as it could trip over. Place the loaded bar back gently, even though your legs have started to tremble. This is why we have mentioned above that heavy weight lifters must invest in a half rack or full cage instead of squat stands. 
  • Never indulge in ‘ego lifting’. Go slow and start lifting only half of the weight. Increase your weight slowly and give yourself ample time to get used to the independent stand. 
  • Buy a pair of weightlifting shoes, even though you are using light or medium weight. Weight lifting shoes are meant to improve your contact with the floor and your overall stability. They will help you handle the weights properly, so don’t have to slam them on the stand. Here are some of the best weightlifting shoes that we have found for you.   

To avoid common squatting mistakes that could cause injuries, do read our blog on how to squat correctly