Bells Of Steel Squat Stands 3.0 Review

We have recently reviewed some top-rated, heavy-duty, professional-grade squat stands such as the Titan T3 series squat stand, the Rogue S4 squat stand, and the FringeSports Indy squat stands. These products are meant for advanced trainers, athletes, and bodybuilders, which is why they are expensive. If you are looking for affordable weightlifting equipment for your compact home gym, they may not fit in your budget. But, don’t worry; the Bells of Steels squat stands 3.0 and the Valor BD-9 independence squat stands should serve your purpose. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the Bells of Steels squat stands 3.0 but do not forget to check out our detailed guide on the best squad stands for home gyms to find out about more such options and a thorough comparison of all of them.

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Quick Review Summary

Bells of Steel squat stand 3.0 is a budget-friendly product meant for intermediate to advanced trainers but not for athletes and powerlifters. The stands are made of 2.3” X 2.3” 12 gauge steel and are rated for 600lbs. They come with a pair of j-hooks. You may buy additional accessories, as Bells of Steel sells a bunch of add-ons specifically designed for these stands. 

Now, the main issue here is that the frame has a non-standard tube size. So, accessories and replacements from other brands may not fit well on them. If you don’t mind sticking with Bells of Steel products, these squat stands are a great option to consider.


  • Affordable
  • Has a wide base for extra stability
  • Comes with caster wheels for portability
  • Excellent option for home gym owners who love to train hard


  • Has non-standard frame size so it is difficult to find compatible accessories and replacements


We are giving this a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0.

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

Key Features

  • Dimension-29L x 24W x 72.5H
  • Weight- 73 lbs for the pair i.e. 36.5lbs each
  • Weight capacity- 600lbs
  • The frame is made of 2.3” X 2.3” 12 gauge steel
  • Have a standard ⅝” hole diameter
  • Have westside hole spacing in bench and pull zone and 2” elsewhere
  • Holes are not numbered
  • Come with a pair of j-hooks
  • Each stand has a pair of caster wheels for easy transportation
  • Covered by limited lifetime warranty

Bells of Steel squat stands are solid enough for almost every home gym owner except athletes 

Dimensions of Bells of Steel squat stands

As mentioned above, the frame is made of 12 gauge steel, which is a pretty standard quality used for making almost all good quality home gym products. 12 gauge steel is solid enough to last for years of use, unlike 13 gauge/14 gauge steel which is so flimsy that it may get dented even if you slightly over-tighten the nuts and bolts. 

We agree that the 12 gauge Bells of Steel squat stand is not as heavy-duty as the 11 gauge Rogue S 4 squat stand but, unless you are lifting more than 400lbs, it is more than enough. 

Talking about the frame dimensions; it measures 2.3″ X 2.3″. Affordable squat stands and squat racks usually have 2″ X 2″ frames. The Bells of Steel squat stand 3.0 is wider, which is why it is stronger and more durable than other competitively priced products. 

The 600 LBS weight-bearing capacity may not sound as amazing as the 1000 lbs of the Titan or Rogue products, but don't worry; it can easily be trusted for training with 400-450lbs of weight.  

You may not find suitable accessories due to the non-standard frame dimension of the Bells of Steel squat stands 3.0 

j-hooks that you get with Bells of Steel squat stand

As we stated above, the frame is made of 2.3″ X 2.3″ steel tubing. 

Squat racks/ squats stands/ half racks are either made of 2″ X 2″ frame, 2.5″ X 2.5″ frame, or 3″ X 3″ frame. Some may have 2.5″ X 3″ frames. We don't think any other brand uses a 2.3″ frame except Bells of Steel.    

Now, if you want to replace the J-hooks or if you want to add spotter arms, landmine attachments, barbell holders, etc., you will have to buy them from Bells of Steel because the accessories and addons from other brands won't fit well on these. 

We don't understand why the manufacturer chose a non-standard design.  You anyways cannot add any accessory or add-on to a squat stand except j-hooks and spotter arms. So, if this squat stand suits your budget and your fitness needs, maybe you can ignore this issue. 

Bells of Steel squat stand 3.0 provides the best value for your money 

At the time of writing this article, it was sold at $280. Plus, the company provides free shipping on its squad stands and squad racks. 

The Valor BD-9 Independent squat stands cost about $30 less but it is made of 13 gauge steel, which, as we mentioned above, is not quite strong. Plus, it has a 2″ X 2″ frame. The Bells of Steel squat stands are unquestionably a better option if you are quite serious about your fitness journey. 

It comes with a pair of triple-layered j-hooks. This thick layer helps protect the knurling of your barbell. There is Westside hole spacing in the benching area, so you don't have to compromise your form or comfort while training hard. 

You may find them less stable than the expensive squat stands 

The Bells of Steel squat stands 3.0 weigh less when compared to the more expensive products. Each of them weighs 36.5 lbs whereas the Titan T3 series squat stands weigh 59.5 lbs each and the Fringesport squat stand weighs 48.5lbs. 

The lighter the stands are, the more will be chances of wobble but you anyway won't be lifting heavy with these. 

Numerous buyers, in their reviews, have stated that the base of the Bells of Steels 3.0 square is quite wide and there are chances that you may accidentally step on it while trying to move in or out of the stand for squatting. Well, all you need to do is to set the stands a bit wider. We actually like the wider base because it helps enhance the overall stability of the stands. 

We love the caster wheels

Caster wheels of Bells of steel squat stands

The Fringesport squat stands too have these transportation wheels. They are very useful for moving the squat stands around your home gym. 

The only reason why people buy squat stands instead of a half rack or a squat cage is the lack of space. So, you would obviously want to store them against the wall or in a corner of the room when they are not in use. Now, lifting 70-120lbs of weight every time you want to train with weights could get annoying at some point. Caster wheels can save you in such situations. You can quickly roll them off to wherever you want.


We are giving this a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

Bells of Steel squat stands 3.0 exceeds our expectations. Yet, we couldn’t give it a 5 out of 5 star rating because of the non-standard frame size, which restricts the buyer from choosing accessories from other brands. 

Nevertheless, Bells of Steel manufactures almost all possible accessories and add-ons that you may need to set up your home gym. And, the quality of those products is exceptionally good too. So, maybe this isn’t a big deal. 

That’s it for this article. 

As we said above, you should go with squat stands only when you have space issues because they are less versatile. If you think you have enough space to accommodate something bigger, do check out our list of best half racks for your home gym. If you have a really small home and do not have space for squat stands, maybe you can just use dumbbells. Read this article to find out if you can get results from using dumbbells only