Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Review

There are very few options available to you if you are looking for capable and affordable dumbbells that you can use from home. Adjustable dumbbells are the best thing to go for as they don’t take much space and are simply effective.

That is why in this category, you would be better off if you go for the Powerblock Elite Dumbbells. Read on to see for yourself why this is the best Dumbbell option for you:

Quick Review Summary for People in a Hurry

Rating: 4 out of 5
Recommendation: If you want an affordable adjustable dumbbell option that won't break on you, then these are the best option I have found.
Pros: Can go up to 90 lbs. Easily Adjustable. Durable.
Cons: Not super quick to adjust. Can be bulky. Do not allow for as many exercise options as traditional dumbbells.

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The Powerblock elite weights are, in one word, Awesome. I have got a buddy who’s a veritable gym nut. He was a whiz at football during his high school and college days. Suffice to say, he spent a lot of time in the gym. The guy is in his early thirties now and has got a decent gym at home. 

He was looking into buying an entire selection of traditional dumbbells off of craigslist but when he calculated the price he would have to pay and the space it would take up he quickly rethought things!  

Instead he decided to buy and try out these Powerblock Elite Dumbbells!

According to him, these dumbbells are more convenient, easier to handle and profoundly more effective than any other of their counterparts.

Well, I am not much of a believer and am seldom convinced simply by word of mouth or opinions of others. But I gave it a shot, substituted my dumbbells for Powerblock elite dumbbells for a while and I have to say: I am impressed.

My buddy was right but what I found most appealing about these dumbbells is that they are close to pro-grade. I liked that these dumbbells are very much durable and able to take a beating. The grip that you get on these dumbbells is simply fantastic and makes the task of performing all exercises more convenient and efficient. The grip, as well as the width, feels familiar immediately. These amazing dumbbells proved to be a workable amalgamation of speed, value, and reliability. I truly feel that this will be the best choice that you can make in the dumbbells category for yourself.

Buying Experience

As always the purchasing experience on Amazon was quick and smooth. I like purchasing from them because I know you can always easily return something for free if you run into any problems.


I personally was pleased with the swift and speedy delivery that Amazon provided. The Dumbbells were delivered in 4 days and came in a secure and appealing packaging. That is why I highly recommend using Amazon whenever its a good and lower priced option. I should also say that I am a prime member so not sure how that affected the shipping speed.


As I said before, the packaging in which the dumbbells came was appealing and really great. It was secure and durable which in turn maintain the integrity and safety of the goods in it. These dumbbells arrive in two different boxes and each of the boxes weighed about 50 pounds.

Adjustability / Weight Range

Adjustability / Weight Range
  • Weight range of 5-50 lbs (per dumbbell)
  • Allow for 16 different weight settings: 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10,15, 17.5, 20, 25, 27.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 40, 45, 47.5, and 50 lbs

You go on most forums and you will read comments like “Hey my adjustable dumbbells can do everything your fixed ones can do!!” Well, they aren’t wrong when it comes to the Powerblock elite. These dumbbells are fully adjustable and offer quite a lot of values in regards to weights. I found that these dumbbells were excellent for any kind of activity or exercise that you could do with fixed ones. These dumbbells employ a selector pin which you can use to increase the overall weight in values of 5lb. The adjustability factor further enhanced by the fact that you can even add a silver cylinder which is equal to 2.5lb by opening the handle. The changing pace is a bit slow but you get used to it eventually. So, I have to say that these dumbbells are very much adjustable indeed.


  • Expandable to 70 lbs or 90 lbs

Click below to view and purchase the expansions:

I haven't tried these yet so I can speak to how well the dumbbells perform with this amount of additional weight on them.

Stands to hold them

There is actually a stand you can buy to hold them and we wrote an article here over it.

You can also check out this simple video below showing the stand in action:

How do you change the weight?

I made a simple video that shows you:

Any Thick Grips Products I can use with them?

Long time readers of this site might remember one of our first articles written: Best Thick Grips Products (Including Fat Gripz).

Unfortunately Fat Gripz do not fit these (without modification).

However, I did find another product that fits them perfectly! The E2shop Dumbbell Grips

How do they feel

  • Good but not like regular dumbbells

While my overall experience with these dumbbells was contenting, I do have some qualms. The first thing is that these dumbbells don’t actually scream or look like their namesake. They are far too bulky and queer shaped for conventional ones. They still get the job done effectively but while the grip is firm and strong, some awkwardness does creep in at times. For instance, these dumbbells felt awkward trying to perform goblet squats sometimes. That is because their hexagon shape isn’t compatible with this type of exercise and you might develop a tennis elbow if you persist in performing this exercise with these dumbbells. But still, I was overall very much glad that I chose Powerblock Elite for the other exercises as these dumbbells perform beyond expectations and are simply terrific.


  • More durable than other similar priced options

The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells are built to last and are extremely durable. You can use them in the mud, on concrete, or wherever you want and they won’t wear out easily. You can use them in dirt-laden surroundings or even in the rain and they won’t tarnish or become damaged. These dumbbells are made to last, it is that simple. My buddy has had these for quite a while now and he isn’t the most careful of owners. But his Powerblock dumbbells are still going strong and are in tip-top shape.


  • 10 years

The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells are a winner in this category as well. They come with a warranty of 10 years which is a testament to their quality and durability.

Wrap Up

So, I can say with complete confidence…. the Powerblock Elite Dumbbells are simply incredible. Yes the shape is a little unorthodox, yes it is a bit slow when it comes to changing or increasing weights and yes it is difficult to perform some exercises due to the shape but hey, nothing’s perfect. If you exclude these minor setbacks from the equation then you have got a spectacular product on your hands. It won’t let you down and it won’t wear out easily.

It will allow you to exercise like a beast and hit milestones that you never thought possible. I think that these are one of, if not the, best dumbbells available on the market at present. Make the Powerblock Elite Dumbbells your ultimate choice when you are perusing the market. It won’t disappoint you.


Rating: 4 out of 5
Recommendation: If you want an affordable adjustable dumbbell option that won't break on you, then these are the best option I have found.
Pros: Can go up to 90 lbs. Easily Adjustable. Durable.
Cons: Not super quick to adjust. Can be bulky. Do not allow for as many exercise options as traditional dumbbells.

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