Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad Review

I was browsing Amazon last week and came across the Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad. I got curious. What would it be like to squat with a squat pad? So I purchased it and read on to find out what happened…

To sum up this entire review in one sentence: I was impressed with how comfortable the squat pad made squatting but I also had a few gripes with the pad.

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Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad
Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad in the packaging.

Bro, aren't squat pads for girls!?

Call me crazy but I am one of those guys who is not afraid to try something that typically only women use/do.

Besides, squat pads are routinely used to also perform hip thrusts and by all genders.

So, no Bro, squat pads are NOT just for girls!

What did it feel like?

Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad
Ready to squat with and try out the Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad in the Temple of Steel.

Felt great actually. Made the bar much more comfortable. I will say though that it changed the mechanics of my squat up quite a bit and made it feel much more like a high-bar squat.

squat pad on the back
squat pad on the back

I adjusted for this and actually don't mind high-bar squats but its definitely something people need to keep in mind.

Weight is too light. But that squat pad though…

In general though I liked using the pad and felt that it really took a lot of tension off my shoulders and allowed me to stay in a better position overall. I also think that it made the bar feel less like it was going to roll off. A bit more grip coming from the rubber/foam material possibly.

I do think overall but it is important to remember that when you use a squat pad you're changing the mechanics of the squat and essentially doing a slightly different exercise.

How did it fit around the bar?

Iron Bull Strength Advanced Squat Pad bar fit

I would say it fit well around the bar. Did not slip off or anything as long as I made sure the padded side was facing down and the seam side was facing up.

How about them hip thrusts though!?

Not a lot of space between the pad and the floor

Unfortunately with the way I do hip thrusts from the floor this pad was a fail for me.

It was simply too thick and did not leave enough space under the bar for me to get under it. If you are doing hip thrusts off of a bench or something though it might work perfectly for you.

Will I be using it in the future?

The pad in all its glory

I will continue to use it but will be keeping in mind that it does turn the exercise into more of a high bar squat.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Recommendation: Buy, if you have shoulder mobility issues.
Pros: Works well, more grip on shoulders, makes squats more comfortable.
Cons: I wouldn't trust it for super heavy weight, not optimal for hip thrusts off the floor.
Summary: Great for certain use cases.

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