Vulken Wooden Gymnastic Rings Review

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Vulken Wooden Gymnastic Rings Review

So I bought these Vulken Wooden Gymnastic Rings with the straps on Amazon and I love them, honestly. I am selling the other lifting straps with the gymnastic rings that I had. And that’s simply because these have one key feature that makes them a lot easier to adjust into the different positions you need. Let me show you actually what that is.

So you’re probably used to lifting straps with these types of adjuster here. I don’t know the technical name for it but basically you press this down and then you’re able to adjust the length of the straps. And that works pretty well, right? What a lot of manufacturers have done that kind of made that easier to do is they add these numbers and then you just have to adjust it to the certain line and that gets you to the length that you’re looking for. Now that works pretty good but it's still a little bit of a pain, honestly, to get to that exact point in the line every time that you’re looking for. It’s a small thing but it does become a pain. What these lifting straps are actually using is a bit of a different system here. As you can see, they have this carabiner and what you do is you simply attach the carabiner to the proper loop. I’ve got it right now on 22 and once you do that, you’re done. And that’s it so every time it’s easy to get the straps to the exact length that you need. Same thing for this one, obviously. Now there’s actually 2 places where you can adjust them. So here, which right now is in the middle of the strap or the top where I have these attached to the ceiling with these attachments up here. You can also adjust it there.  

Now, as far as the rest of the functions of these gymnastic rings and straps, I mean they’re great. This is a heavy-duty kind of fabric here. There’s no chance of this breaking for the weight I am using it for which is my own body weight. If I had one kind of complaint here, I would say the carabiner needs to be a little bit bigger. Usually they can get stuck like this every now and then as you can see. You kind of have to move it around to get that to close and it’s a little hard to do with just one hand while I’m holding the camera. 

As far as the rings here, these are wooden and they feel great, no issues with them. I don’t know anything about the construction of the wood, they say it’s durable and it seems it is. It seems perfect, they were smooth. They also have this rubberized material you can wrap around them. I haven’t done that yet because it didn’t seem necessary.

So yeah, overall, I think these things are fantastic. I’m going to give them a 4.5 out of 5. Keep in mind that it also did come with some other handles you could use that you could attach to these. Those seem handy and they seem like they function fine. Also a door stopper that you can use if you’re weighing somewhere, I haven’t really used those. I’m just using it for it’s primary purpose here which are the rings and the lifting straps. But yeah, like I said, 4.5 out of 5. I highly recommend it. I think that little feature of making it easy to adjust these things really kind of make it easier to use long term.

This post contatins affliliate links. If you click on one of these links and then make a purchase from the linked advertiser, I'll make a commission at no extra cost to you. Click Here to read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

Quick Review Summary

Name: Vulken Wooden Gymnastic rings

Features: Made of birch wood. Have smooth but grippy surfaces. Comes with foot straps, handles, and door anchor 

Pros: The straps have loops so you can easily adjust the height. Straps are durable and thick. Accessories help diversify your workouts 

Cons: No major flaws found. Minor flaws discussed below.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Verdict: Highly recommended. 

Full Written Review:

The most annoying problem with using gymnastic rings is to make sure that both the rings are at the same height. Macro-adjustments are pretty easy to make but micro-adjustments require quite a few trials and errors. And, you have to make sure these micro-adjustments are done right because even a bit of mismatch in the height of the rings can put uneven pressure on your joints causing soreness, sprain, and even imbalance, and injuries. 

Vulken Fitness (and a few others) have found a solution to it. They have created a double strap with closely located slots/loops. All you need to do is to put the carabiner into the desired slot. This eliminates the need for micro-adjustments and yet, helps you align both the rings at precisely the same height creating a perfect symmetry for your workouts. 

Vulken wooden gymnastic rings are obviously more expensive than other competitive products. But they are totally worth their price. We have been using them for a few weeks now and we confidently recommend them to anyone who loves to do calisthenic exercises. 

In this blog, we will provide you with a detailed review of Vulken Fitness wooden gymnastic rings. We will brief you about its built, grip, accessories, etc. so you can make an informed buying decision. 

Let’s start our Vulken wooden gymnastic rings review by looking at its key features: 

Please note: If you are not too much into calisthenic exercises, you may go through this list of best gymnastic rings to find some cheaper options. 

You may also go through our list of ‘best door pull-up bars that do not require screws’. If you don’t have a high ceiling, you may want to use a pull up bar instead of gymnastic rings. 

Key features of Vulken wooden gymnastic rings 

This is a Vulken wooden gymnastic rings 
This is a Vulken wooden gymnastic rings 
  • Contents of the kit: Two straps, two rings, two foot straps, two workout handles, four carabiners, one door anchor, and a setup guide
  • Ring thickness: 1.1”
  • Straps are 1.5” wide
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 1600lbs
  • Weight: 4.2lbs
  • Workout length: 8.5 ft or 260 cm
  • Material: Birchwood (note the cheaper gymnastic rings are made of plywood)
  • Straps are double-layered webbings with numbered loops where you need to insert the carabiners
  • Two hand tapes included for enhancing the grip

Build quality 

As we mentioned above, cheaper gymnastic rings are made by cutting a ring out of plywood. Since plywood is cheap, these rings are cheaper too. They are good for beginners and casual users but not for people who are looking for something solid and durable. Vulken gym rings are made of birch wood, which is much harder, stronger, and durable than plywood. Plus, birchwood offers better grip than plywood. It is designed to cater to the demands of elite gymnastics, so you can expect a lot from it and it won’t disappoint you.  


Numerous buyers have mentioned that they are highly impressed with the straps. They are highly durable and won’t fray even when used roughly. The numbered slots/loops make height adjustments pretty easy and precise. You don’t need to guess the length. This saves a lot of time and effort


This is an uncompromisable aspect of gymnastic rings. Even though you will have to use athletic tapes and chalks, you must prefer buying a product that is sweat-resistant and anti-slip. Vulken gymnastic rings are exactly what you need for an intense workout. They have a grippy texture. Plus, they come with extra tape. The tape isn’t great though. 


Vulken wooden gymnastic rings come with foot straps, pull up handles, and door anchors
Vulken wooden gymnastic rings come with foot straps, pull up handles, and door anchors

As mentioned above, Vulken wooden gymnastic rings come with foot straps, pull up handles, and door anchors. Surprisingly, almost all buyers have agreed that these accessories are equally well built and durable as the rings themselves. They aren’t just cheap complementary stuff that some manufacturers include to lure buyers and drive more sales. 

These accessories help you diversify your workouts. If you don’t have any anchoring point in your house, you can use your doors instead. You can use the foot straps for a number of lower body workouts. Well, we haven’t used any of them but some buyers have mentioned that the straps and handles meet the quality of a commercial-grade suspension training system such as the TRX one. So, basically, you will be getting a 2-in-1 deal. Because of them, the value of the product far exceeds its price. 

2 Steps set up of the Vulken wooden gymnastic rings 
2 Steps set up of the Vulken wooden gymnastic rings 


  • Vulken wooden rings have loops to attach the carabiners, thereby saving your time and effort for making precise height adjustments. This is a major reason why buyers like it so much. 
  • Comes with two extra carabiners for future use.
  • The carabiners are attached to the loops, so they won’t slip at all, minimizing chances of inconvenience and injury. 
  • The high weight-bearing capacity speaks volumes about its built quality and durability. 
  • With many useful extra attachments, Vulken wooden gymnastic rings are totally worth their price. 


  • There is nothing great about the grip tape that comes with it. The tape doesn’t stick well. It will start peeling off after a few weeks of us. Well, most buyers have confirmed that you don’t really need a tape to improve the grip. The rings are grippy enough. Plus, you can buy grips separately or use chalk. 
  • The quality of the carabiner can be improved. It isn’t bad but could have been better considering its high price. 
  • It has so many accessories and yet, it doesn’t come with a carrying or storage bag. It's a minor complaint but worth noting. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

If you love calisthenics, it is worth trying Vulken Wooden gymnastic rings. They deliver what they promise. You can set them up anywhere, even when you don’t have an anchoring point. Vulken Fitness is renowned for its quality commitments. Do note that their ring diameter is 1.1”, so if you have broad hands, you will have to use additional grip to increase its thickness.