Best Budget Squat Racks for 2021

If you are reading this blog, you are probably looking for a cheap squat rack that still has an awesome value. 

We understand that unless you are into competitive sports or a highly dedicated fitness trainer, you won’t be willing to invest $1000+ on high-end squat racks. Why would you? You just need something basic that gets the job done right. But, finding something basic has become even more challenging during the pandemic when a lot of cheap products have cropped up all over the online space to cater to the ever-increasing demand for home gym equipment. 

Just so you don’t end up buying a crappy product like F2C Adjustable Squat Stand, we have come up with this list of best budget squat racks that will help you keep safe and comfortable during your weight training workouts. 

Quick Picks

No time to read the whole post? Here are our top 3 picks that we have selected after evaluating at least 25 cheap squat racks meant for beginners and casual trainers.

#1 Rep Fitness PR-1100
#2 Titan T2 Squat Rack
#3 HulkFit Power Cage

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Buying Guide

Before we move to our list, let’s quickly understand if you really need a squat rack because you wouldn’t want to clutter your home gym with something that you don’t really need. We will also explain more about the difference between a squat rack and a squat stand. This article also intends to help you understand the features that you must look for in a squat rack. 

Let’s begin! 

Are squat racks an absolute necessity? 

Massive squat failure

Yes, they are. 

The primary purpose of squat stands/racks is to help you re-rack the loaded barbell safely when you are done with your reps. If you are barely squatting with any weight, you might not realize how difficult it is to get the loaded barbell off your body. You need a rack so you can put it back safely and easily. 

Moreover, most squat stands have safety spotters that can catch the barbell in case it slips out of your hands during your workout. Imagine what could happen if a barbell with 200lbs weight falls on your ribcage or your feet. Squat racks also help you lift a loaded barbell from a comfortable height instead of lifting it from the floor, which could be a lot of work for your muscles. 

So, unless you are in a mood to play with your safety, make sure you invest in a good quality squat rack or stand that suits your exercising needs. 

Use independent squat stands for small spaces 

example of independent squat rack

If space is a concern, you can opt for independent squat stands. As obvious from their name, these types of squat stands are not connected. So, they do not require any dedicated space like the standard squat racks do. You can push them against the wall or store them inside a cabinet when not in use. We have recently reviewed the Rogue S-4 Squat Stand 2.0 and Titan T-3 Series Independent Squat Stand. They are the two best-selling independent squat stands for beginners and intermediates. 

If you like the idea of having a portable squat stand instead of the standard one, do check out this article on Rogue S-4 Squat Stand vs the Titan T3 Squat Stand. It will help you decide which one will be the best for you. 

Looking for a cheap squat rack? You can actually make one!

Well, we do not recommend this unless you are good with tools and know the basics of DIY. 

Making your own squat rack can be much cheaper than buying one but a professionally designed squat rack is obviously going to be much safer than what you will build. However, if you are a beginner, you can make your own squat rack by following the steps mentioned in this article. It will work only if you are lifting less than 100lbs. 

What makes a good squat stand/rack

All squat racks are made of steel. 

Wondering why some of them are ridiculously cheap whereas others can literally burn your pocket? 

That’s majorly because of the quality of steel used, overall stability of the stand, and a few other factors mentioned below.


The durability (and weight capacity) of a squat stand depends on the quality of steel used. 

Most of the cheap squat racks are made of 12 or 13 gauge steel whereas good-quality ones are made of 11 gauge steel. Professional-grade equipment are made of 7 gauge steel and that’s why they are so expensive. 

Now, please note that the higher the steel gauge is, the less strong it will be. This means 7 gauge steel is stronger and more durable than 12 gauge. 

If you are a beginner or someone who does not intend to lift a lot of weight, you can go with 12/13 gauge steel. But, if you are already lifting a decent amount of weight and are making consistent progress at it, we would recommend that you buy a squat stand that is made of at least 11 gauge steel. You might have to pay more but it’s worth buying equipment that won’t require a replacement any time soon. 

Weight capacity 

As mentioned above, stronger steel can bear more weight but the weight-bearing capacity of a squat rack also depends on the tensile strength of the steel. This is why squat racks have a different weight-bearing capacity even though they are made of the same quality of steel. 

The best budget squat racks should be able to hold at least 250lbs of weight but do not assume anything. Even though you have read the product description thoroughly, make sure you go through the product reviews where buyers have mentioned their first-hand experience about its weight-bearing capacity. 

Do not rely on manufacturer’s information. While writing the article on ‘Best Squat Stands For Your Home Gym’, we have found that the manufacturers mention higher numbers and misguide people. Find out how much weight buyers have used on it confidently and decide accordingly.  


Squat racks are supposed to provide you with uncompromised stability while you rack or rerack the barbell. If a squat stand wobbles or makes you feel less confident while putting the loaded barbell back, get rid of it immediately. It is useless and unsafe!

Good quality squat stands usually have H-shaped bases with rubber feet. They might have a slight wobble but not enough to make you doubt it. Some of them come with an option of floor anchoring i.e. you can bolt them down to your floor. Others have weight pegs for organizing your weight plates as well as for weighing it down. 

If you are not lifting a crazy amount of weight, you can go with any of the best budget squat racks listed in this article. But, if you are an intermediate or advanced level trainer, make sure you go with something that is meant for serious use. 

Westside hole spacing 

how westside hole spacing looks on squat racks

Cheap squat racks usually have 2” hole spacing whereas a few of the best budget squat racks such as the Titan T3 Series Squat Stand/Half Rack do come with 1” space between the holes, which is also known as Westside hole pattern. 

Read this article on ‘What is the Hole Spacing of a Squat Rack and What is Westside Hole Spacing?’ for more detailed information.

The spacing of the holes in your rack can make a lot of difference to your safety and comfort. If you are new to weight training it could be difficult to balance yourself and move down an extra 2-3 inches with weights on your shoulders or arms. Covering 1” gap will be easier.  

Squat stands with a westside hole pattern are expensive. So, if you have just started weight training or if you don’t have any intention of lifting more than 180-200lbs weight, you can go with the 2” hole spacing. 

Squat rack accessories


example of basic Jcups

These are the hooks that hold your barbell. Squat stands usually come with a pair of j-hooks, so you don’t have to buy them separately. But, you may have to replace them later when they get damaged. 

J-hooks are usually lined with high-quality plastic or rubber, which helps protect your barbell from getting scratched. Rubber lining also helps absorb the shock and reduce the noise during workouts

J-hooks can be upgraded.

Keep in mind that you can also usually upgrade the J-hooks on cheaper squat racks with better options. We recently upgraded the J-Hooks on our latest rack and we are actually writing an in-depth review on them.

Spotter arms 

They are necessary for bench exercises, especially if you are exercising at home without having a spotter standing next to you for handling emergency situations. They are lengthier than j-hooks and they are needed to catch the bar during benching, in case you fail a rep. 

Just like J-hooks, they are also lined with high-quality plastic. Cheap squat racks meant for beginners and casual trainers hardly come with spotter arms. You have to buy them separately.  

Power Rack vs Squat Rack?

A Power Rack and a Squat Rack are two different terms for the same thing!

Squat Rack, Power Rack, Squat Cage, they are all the same thing. They are basically a metal cage, which allows you to safely lift heavy weights.

They have four upright steel posts. You can step inside and do your workouts. You can add a couple of accessories such as a pullup bar, lat pulldown machine, etc. to create a full home gym setup. 

how squat stand and squat cage vary

What about Squat Stands and Half Racks?

Squat stands and half racks have two upright posts rather than 2. They don’t provide the safety of a true 4-post squat rack or power rack.

If you are seriously pressed for space or if you aren’t lifting enough weight, they can be a decent option.

Still confused? Read this article on ‘What is the difference between Squat Racks, Power Racks, Half Racks, and squat stands’.

Should I go with an ultra-cheap squat rack?

If that’s all you can afford right now then yes, it’s better to go ultra cheap and have some kind of protection than none at all.

Or maybe you can wait a few months and get a decent entry-level rack that costs around $300. Here, we have listed some of the options that we recommend for beginners.

How Much Is A Used Power Rack With Weights Worth?

These days during the Pandemic, the prices of home gym equipment have increased steeply. Now that a lot of people are preferring to exercise from home, the demand for budget-friendly products has seen a sharp rise to an extent that the budget products are no more ‘budget’ ones. We can understand why anyone would want to buy a used squat stand or power rack. 

If you are really short of budget or if you are not sure about weight training, you may buy a used one. But, please do not buy a product from any random brand you have never heard of. A lot of cheap Chinese products have flooded the market to cater to the ever-increasing demand but most of them are poorly-built products. 

Should I build my own wooden squat rack?

No, just no! Wood will not hold up. Bad things can happen. Plus, it is not worth the effort. 

There are numerous tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to make your own squat rack. We have mentioned one above but we have also clearly stated that it is only meant for people who have decent carpentry skills. Plus, DIY squat racks are not safe for training with medium to heavy weights.


Now finally, let’s get to the reviews!

Best budget squat racks for beginners 

Product Name Dimension Hole spacing Material Our rating Current price
Rep PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack 80.5” tall x 48” wide x 47.5” deep 3” 14 gauge steel  4.5 Check Price
Titan T2 Squat Rack 48 x 58 x 71.5 inches or 83” height 2” 12 gauge steel 4.3 Check Price
HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage 81″ x 44″ x 47″ 3” 11 gauge steel 4.5 Check Price
TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage 48.5″ x 48″ x 82.5″ H 2” 11 gauge steel 4.4 Check Price
Progear 1600/Fitness Reality 810XLT – Power Rack 50.5” L x 46.5” W x 83.5” H 3” No information from the manufacturer 4.5 Check Price
Fuel Performance Full Cage 43.62” wide x 47.5” deep. Available in two different heights; 72” and 84” 3” 12 and 14 gauge steel  4.3 Check Price

1. Rep PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack

REP PR-1100 power rack

This is probably one of the cheapest squat cages we could find. 

Honestly, there are a few products that cost less than the REP PR-1100 power rack but we didn’t even bother to evaluate them because they are unsafe and a waste of money. At Home Gym Strength, we strive hard to recommend to you only those products that you won’t regret buying. We thoroughly evaluate each product and even try them out for a few weeks before recommending them to fitness enthusiasts like you. So, be assured that we never misguide you only to earn a small commission. 

Let’s look at some of the key features of the Rep Fitness PR-1100 power cage and then we will brief you more about what we like and dislike about it. 


  • Assembled dimensions: 80.5” tall x 48” wide x 47.5” deep
  • Material- 14 gauge steel
  • Hole spacing: 3” 
  • It is a free-standing squat cage i.e. you don’t need to anchor it to the floor to enhance its stability. You can do that by buying an additional weight-storage attachment. It basically consists of two vertical posts with pegs for holding your weight plates. 
  • Comes with an integrated multi-grip pullup bar, two j-cups, and two safety bars
  • Weight bearing capacity- 1000lbs
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Warranty- 2 years
  • Lots of additional accessories and attachments sold separately

What we like about the Rep Fitness PR-1100 power cage

Budget-friendly but meets expectations 

Currently, it is priced around $400 on Amazon and $350 on Rep Fitness website. But, we had bought it for around $300. As obvious, the prices have soared up due to the pandemic. 

Nevertheless, it is still an affordable and reliable option for people who want to equip their home gym with products that help make their workouts safer, more versatile, and more enjoyable. Rep Fitness has manufactured it as per its quality standards. 

The uprights are numbered to eliminate any guesswork. The pullup bar can be flipped upside down just in case you want it to be a little lower. The j-cups are well-cushioned to protect your barbell. Rep Fitness has created a line of products that you can add to this power rack to create a full-fledged enviable home gym. Unquestionably, it is the best budget squat rack for people who do not want to train like Hulk. 

Easy assembly 

Rep Fitness just provides a diagram that you can refer to for putting it together. There are no written instructions or video tutorials. But, don’t worry; the assembly process is much easier than it seems. Even if you don’t have any assembly skills, you will still be able to figure out what needs to go where. But, you would need an extra pair of hands. 

What we don’t like about it

14-gauge steel 

We have already mentioned above that the more the steel gauge, the more brittle it is. We weren’t expecting a 14 gauge steel power rack from Rep Fitness but we don’t think it should be a deal-breaker. This is an entry-level cheap squat rack, so that’s the max the manufacturer can provide. 

It is a bit wobbly but not unsafe 

Some buyers have stated that the REP Fitness PR-1100 power cage has a slight side-to-side wobble. Well, that’s pretty normal for even expensive squat stands, especially if you are training with heavy weights. But, what we don’t like here is that REP fitness hasn’t provided any side pegs for weight storage. You will have to buy the weight storage attachment separately. 

Well, if I am looking for a cheap squat rack, I wouldn’t be interested in buying a weight storage attachment for an additional $200+. 

Check out this article for a more detailed review of the Rep Fitness PR-1100 Squat Rack

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

You won’t regret the purchase but do note that it is not a squat cage that could last a lifetime. It can last a few years but you will anyway outgrow it if you are sincere about weight training. 

2. Titan T2 Squat Rack

Titan T2 squat stand

Titan Fitness is a well-known manufacturer of good quality, budget-friendly home gym equipment. Its products aren’t the best in the industry but they work as expected. Plus, they do not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are looking for a cheap squat rack, its T2 power cage is something that you must check out. 

It is available in 71 and 83-inch models. Both of them have the same footprint and specifications. The only thing that varies is its height from the ground. It is made of 12 gauge steel and has a 2 inches gap between the holes. The REP Fitness one listed above has 3 inches hole spacing and is made of 14 gauge steel. Clearly, the Titan Fitness T2 series squat rack is clearly stronger and is meant for people who want to take their weight training workouts to the next level. 

Please note: If you are really short of budget and can’t spend enough to get a power cage, you can go with Titan T3 Series Squat Stand/Half Rack


  • Assembled dimension- LxWxH ‎48 x 58 x 71.5 inches (or you can choose the one with 83” height)
  • Material: 12 gauge steel
  • Hole spacing: 2”
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 2200lbs
  • Can be bolted down to the floor for better stability
  • Has weight pegs for organizing and storing your weight plates as well as for weighing down the rack just in case you don’t want to bolt it 
  • Comes with a pair of j cups, a pair of safety arms, and one pull up bar
  • Warranty- 1-year standard warranty 
  • You can accessorize it with T2 series products such as dip bars, a multi-grip pull up bar, etc. 

What we like about Titan Fitness T2 squat cage

Best value for money 

We highly admire the team of Titan Fitness for ensuring that each of their products provide a higher value for money compared to their competitors. Unlike Rep Fitness and many other products, this T2 series squat rack comes with weight pegs to keep your weight plates organized right on the rack. You can anchor it to the ground in case you use it for training with more than 250lbs of weight. The rubber feet are made to withstand years of use. The pull bar has wide as well as standard knurling for your comfort. 

In short, this rack is thoughtfully designed to help you create a fully functional home gym setup that won’t require any upgrading anytime soon. 

Has a shorter option for low ceiling basements 

If you are looking for the best budget squat rack for your basement or garage with a low ceiling or any other area of your home that cannot accommodate the standard-sized power cages, you don’t actually have too many options to choose from. Titan Fitness is one of the very few brands that manufacture short squat cages. Other brands aren’t that good. 

If you choose to go with the shorter version of the T2 series power cage, do note that you may have to keep your knees bent during pullups. 

What we don’t like about it 

Shipping and packaging issues are quite annoying 

That’s a fairly common issue with Titan Fitness. Packaging isn’t great, so the products sometimes get exposed when the packages are mishandled by the delivery person (which is also not an uncommon thing). The shipping is fast but the packages aren’t handled carefully. We have ordered so many products from Titan Fitness and, in most cases, our products arrived in severely beaten up packages, with dents and scratch marks. 

Buyers have complained about missing parts and manufacturing defects 

Many buyers have stated that their package was incomplete. Mostly, a few hardware stuff was missing and they had to get them from their nearby local store or home depot. But, you don’t have to do that. You can reach out to the customer support team of Titan Fitness and they will send you the missing parts. 

A few buyers have also stated that the power cage they received had minor defects such as misaligned holes. You can always get those defective products replaced. 

Customer review mentioning missing parts

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Our Verdict: 

This is a simple yet stable power cage for fitness enthusiasts who are quite serious about their goals. The only reason it loses some points is the poor quality control. Missing or misaligned parts are quite annoying. Although such cases are low, you still do not want to spend hours assembling this unit only to realize that some screws are missing! 

Nevertheless, it is a cheap squat rack, so we should be ready to accommodate such minor issues. 

If you like it, check out our detailed Titan T-2 Series Power Rack Review

3. HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage

HulkFit power cage with complimentary dip bars

This is another decent beginner-level squat rack. It is also sold under the brand name BalanceFrom on various online stores including Walmart. On Amazon, 91% of buyers have rated it 4 stars and above. Thousands of them have mentioned that it is an extremely solid product with a lot of great features that you won’t easily find at a $300 price point

We were so impressed with the quality and performance of The HulkFit power cage that we thought of coming up with an exclusive article on it. If you are interested in buying it, do check out our article on Hulkfit Power Cage Review.    

Don’t have time to read the full review? 

Here is a quick overview that will help you decide if it’s worth being a part of your home gym. 


  • Assembled dimension: 81″ x 44″ x 47″
  • Material: 11 gauge steel 
  • Hole spacing: 3” 
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 1000lbs
  • Doesn’t come with floor anchoring option 
  • Doesn’t come with weight pegs or any additional attachment that you can use for organizing your weight plates or weighing the rack down
  • Comes with one pair of safety bars, 2 pairs of j hooks, one pair of dip bars, and a pair of angled pull-up grips. 
  • Warranty- 2 years 

What we like about it 

Simple and stable squat rack with complementary accessories 

Thousands of buyers, in their HulkFit power cage reviews have stated that it is a well-built product and works as expected. 

The rack weighs 165 lbs, which is much more than what other cheap squat racks weigh. So, even though there is no option to bolt it to the ground, you won’t probably feel the need to weigh it down unless you are going to train with more than 300 lbs. 

The complimentary dip bar included with this HulkFit squat cage can help you add more versatility to your workouts. We also appreciate that the manufacturer has already provided an extra pair of J-cups. Overall, it is a good piece of equipment for your home gym. 

What we don’t like about it

Poor assembly instructions 

Don’t get us wrong; the assembly process is pretty standard and easy. 

However, the manufacturer should have provided detailed step-by-step instructions or tutorial video instead of just sending a pictograph. If you have never assembled anything, you might have to do a bit of guesswork to figure out what needs to go where and how to tighten the rack thoroughly to ensure that there is no wobble in it.

Many buyers who have complained about wobbling, have actually assembled it incorrectly, which is obviously due to lack of instructions. Read our detailed Hulkfit Power Cage Review to learn how to assemble it correctly. 

Posts are of non-standard size 

The posts measure 2.5”X2.5”. The standard size of the posts of most squat racks is 2”X2” and most of the accessories are designed to work with them. Numerous buyers have stated that if you want to add more accessories to this power cage, you will have to buy them from HulkFit only, as other brands may not be compatible with it. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

The value of this cage is hard to beat. We bet you won’t regret the purchase. 

4. TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage

fully assembled TDS power cage

This is another top-rated but cheap squat rack. Although it is meant for home gyms, the construction quality is so solid that you can actually use it for semi-commercial purposes


  • Assembled dimensions: 48.5″ x 48″ x 82.5″ H
  • Material: 11 gauge steel
  • Hole spacing: 2”
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 1000lbs
  • Has numbered holes for your convenience
  • Comes with a pair of j-hooks, a pair of safety bars, and a chin-up bar
  • There are holes at strategic locations of the frame where you can add other attachments
  • There is no way to anchor the cage to the floor but you can weigh it down by adding weight plates to the pegs at the back of the frame. 
  • Warranty- lifetime 

What we like about TDS power cage 

11 gauge steel 

It is impossible to find an 11 gauge power rack under $400. We don’t know how TDS has made it possible to provide such high-quality equipment at an affordable price. Since it is made of 11 gauge steel, it can easily bear 1000 lbs of weight and yet remains stable enough to give you the confidence to train with more weight. 

Lifetime warranty 

Not many companies offer lifetime warranty with their products. If TDS is doing it, be assured that its product is worth your money.

What we don’t like about it 

The red paint chips far too easily 

Not a deal-breaker though but remember that after a few weeks of use, it won’t look as great as it looked when it arrived. Paint chipping is a fairly common issue but the TDS power cage probably uses cheap quality paint and polish, which is why they start chipping before you could expect them to. 

Some buyers have stated that the paint scrapes off and sticks to the barbell. 

Packaging and shipping needs to be improved 

Numerous buyers have complained about beaten-up packages that showed up at their doorsteps after severe delays. Buyers have also mentioned about missing parts and poor and delayed response from the customer support team. A few buyers have mentioned receiving already rusted parts, which is totally unacceptable. 

If you want to buy this, order from Amazon so you can avail its moneyback guarantee. Do not buy from its website even if you get a better deal because Amazon is obviously more reliable than TDS. 

Our Rating: 4.4/5

Our Verdict:  

TDS needs to improve its quality control. It has to ensure that every product that leaves its unit is flawless and beyond the expectation of the buyers. TDS power rack is great but issues such as rusted parts and missing hardware can shake our confidence. Nevertheless, as mentioned, the product itself is great and worth a try. Here is our detailed TDS Power Rack Review, just in case you need more information. 

5. Progear 1600/Fitness Reality 810XLT – Power Rack

Fitness Reality power cage with rear stability bar

Well, it isn’t a cheap squat rack because the manufacturer has doubled its price due to Covid 19. But, it is still affordable as compared to other products that offer similar features. The build quality and stability of the rack are so good that even intermediate-level trainers can use it confidently. This is one of the few best budget squat racks that could last for a lifetime. 


  • Assembled dimensions: 50.5” L x 46.5” W x 83.5” H
  • Weight-bearing capacity- 800 lbs
  • Material: not mentioned by the manufacturer but buyers have stated that it is 13/14 gauge
  • Hole spacing: 3”
  • Comes with a multi-grip chin-up bar, a pair of safety arms, and safety hooks.
  • There are two stability bars at the rear end of the power cage
  • No weight pegs but you can buy the attachment separately 
  • No option to bolt down the cage to the floor
  • Warranty- 1 year

What we like about Fitness Reality 810XLT/ Progear 1600 power rack 

Highly stable setup 

We highly appreciate Fitness Reality for adding two stability bars at the back of the neck. This was a much-needed addition. The two bars are absolutely strong and reduce the overall wobble and shakiness of the power cage. 

Another thing that helps keep this squat rack stable during intense workouts is the triangular gusset plates that connect the base to the posts. Not many budget-friendly squad cages come with this feature. 

Triangular gusset plates for extra stability

Solid construction 

The value of this Fitness Reality power cage is difficult to meet. The overall footprint is more than that of other squat cages listed here, which means you will not feel cramped inside it. The pullup bars are solid and have multiple grips that can help you add more versatility to your workouts. None of the buyers have complained about the pathetic paint job or rusting issue, which are pretty common with cheap squat racks. 

Numerous buyers have mentioned that the assembly is easy. We have hardly come across any complaints where buyers have mentioned about missing parts or mismatching parts. Overall, most buyers had a pleasant shopping experience with it. 

What we don’t like about it 

Short warranty

Fitness Reality is offering just 1-year warranty with this power cage, which is not convincing enough to make us spend some $400 on it. It should now offer a longer warranty because it has significantly increased its prices. 

Nevertheless, buyers have stated that the Progear 1600 power cage is good enough to last for years, maybe a lifetime, depending on how you use it and how well you store it. 

3” hole spacing

At a $400 price point, we expected it to have at least 2” hole spacing. If you are training with moderate to heavy weights, covering 3” gap isn’t that easy. You could lose your balance and drop the bar. If Fitness Reality claims that this product is meant for intermediate to advanced trainers, then it should have spaced the holes accordingly. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

It is one of the top-selling squat cages on Amazon with a 4-star rating from 95% of buyers. Thousands of buyers have stated that unless you are an athlete, you won’t need anything more than this power cage for your home gym. Plus, whenever you are ready to invest more, you can buy numerous accessories such as Fitness Reality bench, lat pulldown bar, etc. to ramp up your workout space. 

Also, we do recommend that you buy a pair of good quality j-hooks because the hooks that come with the Fitness Reality 810 XLT power cage are not that well-built. This article lists down the best replacement j-hooks for squat racks and squat stands

If you believe it is something meant for you, do check out our detailed Fitness Reality 810XLT / Progear 1600 Ultra Strength Power Rack Review for more details. 

6. Fuel Performance Full Cage

Fuel Performance power cage

This is one of the cheapest squat racks that we came across during our research. It used to be sold at less than $200 during the precovid times but these days the prices have gone up by $50-$60, which isn’t too much because other manufacturers have almost doubled their prices. 

Since it is ridiculously cheap, you must not expect too much from it. Rather, we would suggest that you should buy it only if you train with low weights and have no intention of making any significant progress anytime soon. This article on detailed Fuel Pureformance Full Cage Review will help you decide if it is worth it. 


  • Assembled dimension: 43.62” wide x 47.5” deep. Available in two different heights; 72” and 84”
  • Material: 12 and 14 gauge steel 
  • Weight-capacity: as per manufacturer it is rated for 500lbs but many buyers have stated that it can’t be trusted with heavy weights, irrespective of the manufacturer’s claim.
  • Hole spacing: 3”
  • It comes with a basic pull-up bar, a pair of safety hooks, and a pair of safety bars.
  • Warranty- no information 

What we like about the Fuel Performance squat cage


Honestly, that’s the only reason why it has made it to our list of best budget squat racks. A lot of people just need something basic in their home gym; something that can just serve its purpose but shouldn’t be a safety hazard. The Fuel Performance squat cage is the best option for people who do not train with more than 100lbs weight. Those people could be recovering from injuries. They may be casual trainers. 

No matter what, this product is safe for use with the least wobble. Plus, there are floor anchors to help you enhance its stability. 

What we don’t like about it

Safety catches are useless 

They are OK if you are not going to lift more than 100lbs of weight but they are still less reliable than j-hooks. J-hooks or J-cups are designed to prevent the bars from slipping off the cage. They provide a deeper and longer point of contact than the safety catches, which have become almost obsolete these days. 

Paint chips off even before you could realize 

The highly attractive blue paint will start peeling and chipping within a few weeks of use. Honestly, we pretty much expected this. If you are planning to keep it in your garage gym where it is hot and humid, the poor paint job will be insufficient to prevent rusting and damage. 

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Our Verdict: 

This product is only suitable for casual training. If you are a little more serious about your workouts, we recommend that you spend $50-$70 more and buy any other product listed here. 

Wrap up 

The best budget squat stands listed here are good to start with. With proper use and care, they could last for a good number of years until you are ready to upgrade to something better. 

You can also accessorize these power cages to create a complete home gym setup. For example; you can add an SYL Fitness Cable Pulley System to work your muscles against gravity. You can buy the Fitness Reality 1000 Weight Bench for benchwork. You may buy a flat bench if that suits your needs. Here are some of the best flat benches for your home gym that we recommend. 

What we want to say is that home gym equipment are available in a wide price range and each of them has a specific target audience. It is up to you to decide which one will serve your purpose the best. And, it is also up to you to keep adding products to your home gym so you don’t get bored. 

Need recommendations and ideas? We are here to help you. Keep reading our website regularly to learn more about the products that you can buy to stay fit right from the comfort of your home. 

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