Rogue S-4 Squat Stand vs the Titan T3 Squat Stand

Titan versus Rogue Fitness debate has picked up some heat during the pandemic when almost all of us are looking for affordable but good-quality home gym equipment.  There is no doubt that these two companies …

Titan T3 Squat Stand vs the Rogue S-4 Squat Stand

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Titan versus Rogue Fitness debate has picked up some heat during the pandemic when almost all of us are looking for affordable but good-quality home gym equipment. 

There is no doubt that these two companies dominate the home gym equipment market. And, interestingly they manufacture similar products but Rogue's prices are much higher than Titan's. 

You might wonder if it really makes sense spending more money only to buy the same metal rack that costs half the price. 

Yes, it does. 

While budget dominates most of our buying decisions, we would strongly suggest that you should buy a product that suits your fitness goals.

There is no point in buying a cheaper product like Weider Platinum Strength Squat Rack that often comes with manufacturing defects and gets outgrown sooner than expected. 

Don’t let your budget be the sole decision-making factor 

Hold on!

We don't mean that you should go all out and spend all your savings to buy a ridiculously expensive but extremely stable and durable product. We want you to be a smart buyer. We want you to evaluate some of the best options and then select something that provides you the best value for money. 

This article is all about it. Here we will provide you with a thorough comparison of Titan T3 squat stand and Rogue S-4 squat stand 2.0, the two best squat stands of 2021. This comparison will help you understand what each of them is meant for and which one is suitable for you. 

Maybe you are not interested in squat stands. But, you should still read the article to learn more about the brands in general, what kind and quality of equipment they manufacture, and who their primary target audience is. Next time when you will buy any home gym equipment, it will help you make a better (and more confident) decision.

Let’s start our Titan T3 Squat Stand vs the Rogue S-4 Squat Stand comparison by looking at some of their key features.  

FeaturesRogue S-4 squat stand 2.0Titan T3 squat stand
DimensionsLength-26″ (depth), Width-22″, Height- 72”Height- 72.5”, width-24”, length- 25”
Weight130lbs119 lbs
Weight-bearing capacity1000 lbs1000 lbs
Hole spacingWestside hole pattern in the benching area and rest has 2” hole spacingWestside hole pattern in the benching area and rest has 2” hole spacing
Steel qualityUprights are made of 11 gauge steel and the base is made of 7 gauge steelEntire frame is made of 11 gauge steel

Please note: 

Titan Fitness T-3 squat stand comes with an optional pullup bar but we do not recommend it. We won’t recommend you doing pull ups with independent squat stands because they aren’t as stable as full squat cages or racks. 

They are independent squat stands 

These are the Rogue S-4 Squat Stand and the Titan T3 Squat Stand
These are the Rogue S-4 Squat Stand and the Titan T3 Squat Stand

Both the Rogue S-4 2.0 squat stand and Titan Fitness T-3 series squat stand have independent uprights. You can adjust the distance between them as per your comfort or exercising needs. 

Being independent squat stands, they are portable and require minimum floor space when not in use. You can simply push them towards the wall or just put them inside a closet, etc. Squat racks that have connected uprights require dedicated floor space. Keep this in mind while buying. 

For more detailed specifications and product review, please read these articles:

Steel quality 

As mentioned in the table above, the uprights of both Titan squat rack and Rogue squat rack are made of 11 gauge steel. But, the H-shaped base of the Rogue S-4 squat stand is made of 7 gauge steel. 

If you don’t know; the higher the steel gauge is, the less strong it will be. This means 7 gauge steel is stronger than 11 gauge. This also means that the cheaper squat stands made of 12 or 13 gauge steel are not strong enough to bear the weight that an intermediate-level trainer would lift. 

Rogue Fitness has made its base of 7 gauge steel to ensure that they are strong enough to bear heavy weights. Well, this doesn’t mean Titan squat rack is less durable. It is good too; just that Rogue one is stronger and more durable. 

Honestly, unless you are into competitive sports, you won’t be lifting extremely heavy weights that could make the uprights bend or collapse. So, don’t worry about it. But, if you do lift more than 500lbs, go with Rogue squat stands like the S-4 2.0 one. 

Make sure you use good quality weightlifting shoes like the ones we have listed here when lifting heavy weights. 


This is the triangle plate of the stand

Both Titan Fitness and Rogue Fitness are renowned for manufacturing quality products that can ensure your safety while you are exercising with heavy weights. Their squat stands are extremely stable. 

Both Rogue S4 2.0 squat stand and the Titan Fitness T3 series independent squat stand have rubberized feet that protect your floor as well as add extra stability to your overall setup. None of them have storage pegs and you won’t need them. 

We haven’t tried more than 350lbs on each of them, so we can’t really tell you how they will perform under heavy weight. But, here is why we recommend the Rogue stand for heavy weight training

  • Rogue S4 independent squat stand weighs 130lbs, which is 11 lbs more than what Titan T3 independent stand weighs. Now, the more the weight, the stabler the unit will be. This is probably one of the main reasons why Rogue’s products are rated as one of the best squat stands for serious weight training. 
  • The uprights of Rogue squat stands are connected with the H-shaped base using triangular plates. These plates are not just some flimsy additions. They are made of strong metal and are effective enough to add more extra stability to the frame. 

Use independent squat stands carefully 

If you have never used independent squat stands before, please note that they require some caution. You have to ensure that both the uprights are aligned exactly parallel to each other. Even a few degrees of misalignment can put you at risk, especially if you are lifting heavy weights. You might not be able to re-rack the loaded barbell quickly and might eventually lose your balance! 

Well, this doesn’t mean independent squat stands are risky. You can safely use them but just make sure you align them properly. Maybe you can mark their position with chalk to eliminate any guesswork.  

If you haven’t been squatting frequently because of poor ankle flexibility, don’t worry. This article on ‘how to regain your deep squat mobility’ will serve as your self-help guide. 

Also, go through this detailed guide on how to drastically improve the strength of your squats in the next two months. It will help you train harder and better. 

Weight-bearing capacity 

The amount of weight a squat stand can be trusted with reflects its quality. Even though you would hardly lift 1000lbs, you would still want a product that is sturdy enough to handle that kind of weight and bear ample rough use. 

Both Rogue S4 squat stand and Titan T3 squat stand are rated for 1000lbs. We have tried 350lbs on them and we are happy with the way they stay stable while racking and unracking. However, we would obviously trust Rogue for any weight higher than 350lbs simply because Rogue as a brand manufactures products that are meant for professional-level training. 

If you train heavy, make sure you always secure the weight plates with barbell collars. It may sound like obvious advice but people who are new to weight training often don’t realize their importance. 

Don’t have barbell collars? Here are some of the best barbell collars that we have found for you. 

Want to upgrade your barbell? Check out this list of best affordable Olympic barbells that we recommend. 


Most decent quality squat stands are easy to assemble including the ones we are comparing here. They come with detailed assembly instructions and all the necessary hardware that you may require to put them together. The assembly process is pretty straightforward and you would need about 30-45 minutes depending upon your assembly skills. 


Both of them also come with a pair of J-cups, so you can get started immediately. The J-cups are great and they have a plastic lining to protect your barbell against scratches. If you ever feel the need to upgrade the J-hooks, here are some options that we recommend.

Neither Rogue S4 squat stand nor Titan T3 series squat stand comes with spotter arms but you can buy them separately. Here are the links: 

Welding and finishing

Rogue Fitness gets more points when it comes to welding and finishing. It has an excellent quality control team that ensures that every weld is well done and there is absolutely no flaw with the paint job. 

Titan Fitness, on the other hand, doesn’t really work hard in these areas. Well, the welding and finishing aren’t always poor but there is some scope for improvement. Sometimes the paint chips too but that’s a common issue with most budget-friendly home gym equipment. 

Shipping, packaging, and delivery 

The packaging and shipping of Titan’s product is poor. We have ordered many products from Titan Fitness and, in most cases, we have received beaten-up packages with some parts exposed, scratched, and even dented. 

This has been a persistent issue for years and numerous buyers have left numerous complaints in their reviews. We don’t know why Titan Fitness hasn’t ever thought of addressing it. 

Maybe it needs to start social listening so it gets notified of such persistent complaints that are affecting its reputation as a brand.

We have hardly experienced any such issues with Rogue Fitness. We haven’t ever come across any reviews where buyers have mentioned missing or mismatching parts, etc. The packages are sealed well and delivered well. 


Titan Fitness is offering a 1-year warranty on its T3 series squat stand. This is a standard warranty that comes with most of Titan’s products. 

Honestly, we believe 1-year warranty is too less considering that the T-3 series products are meant for intermediate-level trainers. We might accept it for the T-2 series products that are for beginners. They are cheap and meant to be outgrown within a few years. But, T-3 squat stand should have had a better warranty period. 

Does that matter?

Of course, it does! 

The warranty period reflects the amount of confidence a manufacturer has in its products. 

Rogue Fitness offers LIFETIME WARRANTY on the S4 squat stand and most of its products. It is absolutely confident that its products can bear ample rough use and even abuse. The lifetime warranty justifies its high price. No wonder it manufactures some of the best squat stands meant for people with serious fitness goals. 


When we last checked the price, the Titan T-3 squat stand was being sold at $350. Plus, Titan Fitness ships for free to most parts of the US. Rogue S4 squat stand was being sold for $395. You also have to pay for shipping. 

So, the Rogue squat stand will cost you approximately $100 more than the Titan one. But, we have already mentioned that Rogue Fitness isn’t overcharging customers. Rather, the prices are justified. 

Titan T3 Squat Stand vs the Rogue S-4 Squat Stand: which one should you buy 

We love both of them! 

Are we confusing you? 

Here’s our final verdict: 

Titan Fitness T-3 squat stand is great for: 

  • Beginner to intermediate level trainers 
  • People who do not intend to lift more than 350lbs
  • People who are not athletes but still train seriously
  • People who are looking for the best affordable squat stands

Rogue S4 2.0 squat stand is suitable for: 

  • Intermediate to advanced trainers
  • People who lift or intend to lift 300-500lbs weight
  • People who are quite serious about their workouts but they aren’t athletes (or maybe they are. It works fine for them too!)
  • People who do not mind spending around $450 to accessorize their home gym with the best squat stand!

We hope we made it absolutely clear now 🙂

Wrap up 

We have already mentioned above that independent squat stands like the Rogue and Titan ones that we are comparing here require some caution. We recommend them only if you don’t have enough space for a half or a full squat rack. 

But, if you can spare some space in your garage or if you are lifting heavy weights, go with squat racks or cages that have connected uprights such as Titan T3 Series Squat Stand/Half Rack or Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Rack. Also, here are some of the best squat racks that you can find at Walmart

We hope you like this article. If there is a specific product that you want to buy and need our suggestion, please do reach out. We will be pleased to help you!