The Best Replacement J-Hooks to Upgrade Your Rack in 2022

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Best Replacement J-Hooks to Upgrade Your Rack

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Why Replace J-Hooks?

People often forget that the J hooks are one of the most important parts of a squat rack since they hold up a constantly loaded bar.

Failed j-hooks can be a real safety issue!

Weak J hooks can be a real weak link in your squat rack.

Most of the cheaper squat stands or power cages come with a pair of j-hooks that may be lacking in the quality department.

That is exactly why we created this article to help you find some great replacement J-hook options so you can safely upgrade your squat rack to the next level.

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How To Know If A J-Hook Will Fit?

Frame Size

This is how thick of a frame that the J-Cups will fit on. Common sizes are 2″x2″, 2″x3″, and 3″x3″.

Hole or Pin Size

This is the second most important number to look at. It is the size of the hole on your rack that the pins fit into. The most common size is 1 inch.

👑 The Ultimate List of Replacement J-Hooks

Hooks for 2″ x 2″ frame size

NameFrame SizeHole Size
BRTGYM J Hooks Power Rack for 2×2 Squat Rack Power2×21″
Yes4All J-Hooks Barbell Holder2×21″
Yes4All Roller J-Hooks Barbell Holder2×21″
SYL Fitness J-Hooks Power Rack2×21″
SELEWARE Solid Steel J Hooks2×21″
BeneLabel J-Hooks for Power Rack2×21″
Kipika Fit Bottom Reinforcement J-hooks2×21″
Fitness Reality 2816 Steel J-Hooks2×21″
Balelinko Set of 2 Steel J-Hooks2×21″
XII:XI Fitness Barbell J Hooks2×21″
Sunny Health & Fitness Power Rack J-Hook Attachment2×20.79″
RitFit 2×2 J-Hooks2×21″
ZOVOTA J-Hooks Barbell Holder for Power Rack2×22″
Fitness Reality 2819 Attachment Set2×21″
Clothink Barbell Holder 2×2 J-Hook2×21″
DOEPLEX J-Hooks Barbell Holder for Power Rack2×21″
Ollieroo Set of 2 Steel Hooks Barbell Holder2×21″
BalanceFrom J-Hooks2×21″
KYLIN SPORT J-Hooks Barbell Holder for Power Rack2×21″

Hooks for 2″ x 3″ frame size

NameFrame SizeHole Size
Synergee 2×3 J-Hooks for Power and Squat Racks2×35/8″
Yes4All G. J-Hooks Barbell Holder2×35/8″
Yes4All J-Hooks Barbell Holder2×35/8″
XII:XI Fitness Barbell J Hooks2×35/8″
StarONE J-Hooks Power Rack Attachment2×35/8″
Vikofan 2″x3″ J-Cup J-Hook Barbell Holder2×35/8″

Hooks for 3″ x 3″ frame size

NameFrame SizeHole Size
Synergee 3×3 J-Hooks for Power and Squat Racks3×35/8″
SYL Fitness J-Hooks Power Rack3×31″
Yes4All D. J-Hooks Barbell Holder3×31″
XII:XI Fitness Barbell J Hooks (1″ P”)3×31″
XII:XI Fitness Barbell J Hooks (5/8″ Pin)3×311/16″
ZOVOTA J-Hooks Barbell Holder for Power Rack 3×33×31″
PLKO J-Hook for Power Rack Attachment (1″)3×31″
PLKO J-Hook for Power Rack Attachment (5/8″)3×35/8″
FringeSport 3″x3″ J-Hook Barbell Holder Attachment3×31″
Clothink Barbell Holder 3×3 J-Hook3×31″
BESTHLS Power Rack Attachment Steel J Hooks (1”)3×31″
BESTHLS Power Rack Attachment Steel J Hooks (5/8″)3×35/8″
HulkFit Elite Series Power Cage J Hooks Barbell Storage Attachment3×3

📝 Detailed Reviews of Selected J-Hooks


Product nameTypeWeight capacityFrame typeOur RatingPrice 
Yes4All j-hooks Steel hooks with plastic padding1000lbs2”X2” and 3”X3”4.8/5Check Price
FringeSport J-Cups for 3” X 3” squat racks/stands Steel hooks with plastic padding1000lbs3”X3”4.8/5Check Price
RIGERS j-hooks Steel hooks with plastic padding1000lbs2”X2”, 3”X3” and 2”X3” 4.6/5Check Price
A2ZCare j-cups Steel hooks with plastic padding1000lbs2”X2”4.5/5Check Price
Fitness Reality 2816 Steel J-HooksSteel hooks with plastic padding800lbs2”X2”4.5/5Check Price
Titan Fitness X-3 Series Sandwich J-HooksSandwich hooks1100lbs2”X3”4.5/5Check Price
TDS Mega J HooksBare steel hooks1000lbs2” X2”4.4/5Check Price
Ollieroo Steel HooksSteel hooks with plastic padding only on the base1000lbs2” X2”4.4/5Check Price
SYL Fitness J-HooksSandwich hooks1000lbs2”X2” and 3”X3”4.4/5Check Price

Yes4All j-hooks 

Yes4All j-hooks

With plastic lining on the vertical and the cup part, the Yes4All j-cups are one of the best-rated products. The triangular support below the base helps provide maximum possible support and the least possible wobble. 

Yes4All j-cups are available for 2”X2” and 3”X3” frames. The manufacturer states that these hooks are compatible with most but not all frames. 

Features and specifications of Yes4All j-hooks 

  • Fit- As mentioned above, the hooks are available for 2”X2” and 3”X3” frames with 1” holes
  • Material: made of 6mm thick steel and lined with 8mm UHMW plastic 
  • The hooks have a total weight capacity of 1000lbs
  • Warranty- 1 year 

The screws that hold the plastic pads stick out and could damage the paint of your squat rack 

Not all racks have this issue but some buyers have stated that the screws should have been a bit shorter. The extended end could scratch the paint and even leave dents. Further, the lock-in screw is also made of bare steel and it too could scratch your barbell. But, do you really care? 

Squat racks are meant to be scratched, dented, and damaged. If these j-cups work, you could ignore these issues. Or maybe, you could ask for a replacement. 

Some buyers have stated that the bottom part i.e. the one that holds the barbell is flat 

It should have been angled upwards, to prevent the barbell from moving and giving a slight wobble to your squat rack. A few buyers have stated that the barbell starts moving towards the lip of the cup where there is no padding. This isn’t an issue but a moving barbell obviously affects your confidence. 

Most j-cups are designed like that, so this is not a major issue.

Well-built product sold at an affordable price 

Not many buyers have reported compatibility issues, so it is safe to assume that Yes4All j-hooks can fit in the squat stands of most brands. The plastic lining is a bit slick but it is quite tough. The black coating helps protect it against rusting and corrosion. The screws that hold the cups are solid, thick, and highly reliable. These j-cups are pretty to adjust. 

Overall, these are one of the best replacement j-hooks for using with light to medium weights. 

Our Rating: 4.8/5

FringeSport J-Cups for 3” X 3” squat racks/stands 

FringeSport j-cups

These j-cups are significantly more expensive than the other products in the market. But, these j-hooks are built like a tank and that justifies their price tag. Since these are highly durable and well-built products, we recommend them for moderate to heavy weight training. 

Features of FringeSport J-cups 

  • Fits 3” X 3” frame with 1” hole diameter 
  • Material- pure steel and lined with UHMW plastic 
  • The hooks have a total weight capacity of 1000lbs 
  • Warranty- 1 year 

Compatible with a wide range of squat racks 

J-cups for 3” X 3” frames are hard to find. That's because 3” X 3” frames are also not easily available. These thicker frames are meant for serious weight training and the FringeSport j-cups are designed accordingly. Most buyers have mentioned that these j-hooks are totally compatible and you won’t even feel as if they are not by the same manufacturer. 

Packaging and shipping issues are frequently reported 

Many buyers have stated that the packaging was completely ripped off. The j-cups were loosely packed inside the box. This made them rub against each other and get scratched. Not a big deal but everyone would expect a totally flawless product at such a high price point. 

Our Rating: 4.8/5

RIGERS j-hooks 

Rigers j-hooks

The two options we listed above have a plastic lining on the base and the vertical part but not on the lips. As we mentioned above, even this small part of bare steel could damage your barbell and create excessive noise. This is where RIGERS j-hooks come in. They have a lining on the lips as well, which makes them as good as sandwich j-cups. 

Features of RIGERS j-hooks 

  • Available to fit in 2”X2”, 3”X3” and 2”X3” frames with 1 inch hole diameter
  • Rated for 1000lbs 
  • Made of 11 gauge 6mm steel with UHMW liners on all major areas that would come in contact with the barbell
  • Warranty- no information provided by the manufacturer 

Decent product available at a decent price 

RIGERS Fitness isn’t as big a brand as FringeSport or Yes4All are. It manufactures no-frill, low-cost gym accessories but most of its products are still pretty decent and suitable for light to moderate use. 

Its j-hooks are well-designed products with linings on all three surfaces, something that even FringeSport j-cups fail to deliver at a significantly high price. They are sturdy and easy to adjust. The screws have some sharp edges and the welds may not always be perfect but these j-hooks do their job well, which is all that matters. 

Some buyers have reported quality control issues 

misaligned j-hook

Image Source: Amazon

The above image was shared by a buyer where she has stated that the ‘L’ bracket that cups around the frame of the squat cage is misaligned, making the cups rest tilted. 

Similarly, some other buyers have stated that the screws that attach the plastic liner to the steel hook sometimes aren’t screwed to their full length, which could cause your barbell to scratch. 

These issues are not persistent ones, so, most likely, the buyers may have got bad pieces. However, if RIGERS Fitness wants to build a good reputation, it has to improve its quality control so buyers receive almost perfect pieces and do not end up leaving negative feedback. 

Our Rating: 4.6/5

A2ZCare j-cups 

A2ZCare j-cups

This is another affordable set of replacement j-hooks manufactured by A2Z Care, a Chinese company that sells inexpensive home gym supplies, mostly accessories. Being inexpensive, these j-hooks aren’t the best but they still do a pretty good job, which is why they have made it to our list of best replacement j-hooks. 

Features of A2Z Care J-cups 

  • Fits on 2”X2” frame with 1” hole diameter 
  • Made of black powder-coated steel with UHMW plastic lining 
  • Weight limit for two hooks is 1000lbs 
  • Has 1 year limited warranty 

Both the hooks face the same direction 

A lot of buyers got confused and infuriated when they received their order. They thought they received two left hooks and no right hook or vice versa. Later, they realized that the hooks are designed that way. They face the same direction, which isn’t really an issue but a few buyers have stated that this might cause some instability. 

Perfect for people on a budget 

The padding isn’t great but enough for most of us who have no intentions of lifting more than 400lbs. Most buyers have confirmed that these j-hooks fit snugly although the screws could scratch the coating of the frame. They are priced just right and the customer service team is responsive enough to respond to your queries and send you replacements whenever needed. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5 

Fitness Reality 2816 Steel J-Hooks

Fitnes Reality j-hooks

These are probably the smallest j-hooks we have come across. And, they are not pretty. But, they do their job as expected, which is why they are definitely one of the best replacement j-hooks for squat racks and squat stands. 

Features of Fitness Reality 2816 j-hooks 

  • Suitable for 2”X2” squat racks with 1” hole diameter
  • Made of 2/4 gauge steel with UHMW lining on the base only 
  • Rated to hold 800lbs
  • Covered by 1 year limited warranty 

They have a small height and small base

how small the j-hooks look on the frame

Look at the image above. Many buyers have stated that due to a short vertical height, they often end up hitting the frame above. Some buyers also stated that the base is so short that they have to spend a few seconds figuring out if the barbell is well-rested on the base instead of being on the lip. 

The vertical section of the hooks do not have any plastic lining 

And we don’t like that. The vertical bare steel part can damage the knurling of the barbell. Plus, it will create a lot of noise even when you slightly hit it with the barbell. The other competitive products have plastic lining all over and cost just a few more dollars. 

Perfect for beginners and light training 

Despite these obvious issues, the Fitness Reality j-cups are a good option for people who are lifting less than 300lbs. The triangular support enhances its stability on the frame so there is the least possible wobble while racking or re-racking the loaded barbell. 

Due to their short base, these j-hooks by Fitness Reality might not be a good choice for people who bench press with heavy weights. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5 

Titan Fitness X-3 Series Sandwich J-Hooks

Titan Fitness j-hooks

These are sandwich cups and that’s why they are quite expensive. Titan Fitness j-hooks are, therefore, recommended for people who lift moderate to heavy weights. These hooks are specially designed to go with Titan’s T3 series products such as Titan T3 Series Squat Stand/Half Rack and Titan T-3 Series Independent Squat Stand but they can be used on any squat rack/stand with 2”X3”frame. 

We have tried numerous products from Titan Fitness and we are really impressed with their quality and build. They aren’t always the best but they are affordable and suitable for most home gym owners like us who do not want to train like a beast. 

Check out our reviews of Titan Fitness Economy Olympic Bar, Titan T-2 Series Power Rack, Titan and Peakform Adjustable Kettlebells, and Rogue S-4 Squat Stand vs the Titan T3 Squat Stand to get an idea of what to expect from Titan’s products. 

Features of Titan Fitness X-3 series sandwich hooks 

  • Fits any 2”X3” squat racks from Titan Fitness or any other brand with 1” hole diameter 
  • Has a total weight capacity of 1100lbs
  • Made of 11 gauge steel sandwiched between a layer of UHMW plastic 
  • Covered by 1 year warranty

Highly durable and provides adequate protection to the barbell 

These j-hooks from Titan Fitness are beefy and well-built. They provide excellent shock and noise absorption and can be trusted to handle a lot of weight. The width and the length of these j-hooks are exactly where you can expect from a heavy-duty product. A few buyers have compared them to be as good as the ones that Rogue manufactures for its Monster Lite series of squat racks

UHMW lining on all three sides of the bracket 

plastic lining on all parts of the frame

Not just the cup part, the entire surface of the hook that comes in contact with the frame has UHMW lining to protect your frame against scratches when you repeatedly move the hook up and down for adjusting its position according to the type of exercise you want to do. We really appreciate Titan Fitness for this thoughtful addition. 

Expensive for what it is 

Not everyone would be willing to spend $100 plus shipping for just j-hooks. But, if you can afford it, do not hesitate to order a pair to accessorize your squat rack with something that will last long and make you lift safely and comfortably. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

TDS Mega J Hooks

TDS j-hooks

These are bare steel j-hooks with no plastic lining. That’s why they are extremely durable and have a high weight-bearing capacity. You might not like their shiny red color and their not-so-fine welds. But, these hooks are pretty good and highly durable. They have triangular support below their base that helps provide them extra stability and almost no wobble while racking or unracking the loaded barbell. 

Features of TDS Mega J-hooks 

  • Compatible with 2”X2” frames with 1” hole diameter
  • Have a total weight capacity of 1000lbs
  • Do not have any plastic padding 
  • Manufacturer hasn’t provided any information on warranty 

They are bigger and deeper than other products available in this price range 

This will help you place your loaded barbell back on it safely and comfortably, eliminating any guesswork. The lip is angled instead of being flat 90 degrees, so you can easily roll out the barbell for workouts. The build quality is much better than what could have been expected from an affordably-priced product like this. 

Just in case you don’t know- TDS fitness equipment are sold by Newyork Barbells, a popular brand known for manufacturing reasonably-priced equipment for home gyms. The US-based company is known for providing decent quality products and excellent customer support. 

The paint will scratch off sooner than expected 

That’s quite expected. These j-hooks are painted with cheap red/orange paint that will peel/scratch off the moment you start using them. And, once the paint is gone, chances of oxidation will increase. You will have to store and use them carefully. 

They aren’t powder coated like other j-hooks listed above. And, that’s the only major drawback of this product. 

Our Rating: 4.4/5

Ollieroo Steel Hooks

Ollieroo steel j-hooks

This is another set of really inexpensive j-hooks suitable for beginners and people who do not lift a significant amount of weight. The hooks are well-designed and sturdy but they have flat 90 degree lips so you would need some practice for unracking or re-racking the barbell. Being inexpensive, you can expect standard issues such as poor welds and poor quality control. But, if you are just getting started, these are still one of the best j-hooks we recommend for home gyms.  

Features of Ollieroo j-hooks 

  • Fits 2”X2” frame with 1” hole size 
  • Weight capacity- 1000lbs
  • Made of high tensile steel with 3mm thick stick-on pads on the base
  • Warranty- No information provided by the manufacturer 

No vertical post to cover the frame 

Vertical post is missing in the Ollieroo j-hooks

As you can see in the image above, the vertical bar that most j-hooks have is missing here. The manufacturer may have chosen this minimalistic design to cut down the manufacturing cost. 

This doesn’t really affect the performance of these j-hooks but do note that the barbell will hit the frame and the knurl marks could leave scratch marks on the frame. 

The hooks don’t go all the way in

Some buyers have reported that the hooks do not work. They have poor threads and that's why they may not go all the way in. But buyers have also agreed that wherever they stop, they still do a good job in keeping the j-hooks stable. It is quite possible that those buyers may have got bad pieces because most of their buyers have expressed their satisfaction and have mentioned that these j-hooks work as expected. 

Our Rating- 4.4/5 

SYL Fitness J-Hooks

SYL Fitness j-hooks

These are also sandwich j-hooks with plastic coating all over to protect your barbell and your frame. What we like the most is that they come with a lifetime warranty. We don’t know if the manufacturer actually stands by its warranty commitment but SYL is a decent brand, so we expect the products to be good. 


  • Fits 2”X2” racks with 1” hole diameter. J-hooks for 3”X3” frames are also available by the SYL Fitness 
  • Rated for 1000lbs weight
  • Made of high-tensile steel which is sandwiched by a layer of plastic all over
  • Warranty- lifetime 

The build quality is superb 

The plastic covering is quite grippy so the barbell experiences bare minimum movement while racking or un-racking it. The lips are neither totally flat nor 90 degrees from the base. They are angled exactly how a good quality j-hook should be to make it easy for you to take a loaded barbell off the rack or place it back on it. This also helps prevent the barbell from rolling off due to momentum. These j-hooks are very sturdy, so you can expect them to last for a good number of years. Highly recommended for people who train hard. 

Shipping and packaging needs to be improved 

A few buyers have complained that they have received broken, used, and chipped products, which is mostly because of poor shipping and packaging. The manufacturer needs to be more careful and have a good quality-control team to take care of these issues. 

Our Rating: 4.4/5

Buying Guide And Frequently Asked Questions

Steel versus UHMW-lined versus sandwich j-hooks 

Bare steel j-hooks

This is a bare-steel j-hook. It is extremely durable and affordable but steel on steel is never a good option. Bare-steel j-cups can damage the knurl marks on your barbell. Plus, it can leave scratch marks (if they mean a lot to you). Moreover, can you imagine how much noise it will make when you place your loaded barbell on bare steel! 

Plastic lined j-hooks

These are UHMW-lined j-cups. They have thick plastic padding that protects your barbell. Don’t worry, this plastic isn’t going to crack or dry up. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plastic is the strongest possible plastic, specially designed for industrial applications and for use in gym equipment. 

These cups still have some uncovered steel surface, which could still scratch your barbell in the long run. This is why sandwich cups were invented. 

sandwich j-hooks

These are sandwich-hooks. They are totally covered with plastic, so they provide maximum protection to your barbell. These are the most expensive ones and, to be honest, they aren’t that necessary. Standard UHMW-lined j-cups are fine. 

What Are J Hooks for on a Power Cage?

J-hooks are the most important part of a squat rack. Without them, the squat racks make no sense. These j-shaped cup-like structures are used for holding the barbell. 

Whether you want to squat or bench, you can’t lift the loaded barbell from the floor. Further, you wouldn’t be able to place it back on the floor when done, without the risk of losing your balance.  The barbell has to rest at your shoulder level and everyone’s shoulder level can’t be the same. That's why squat racks come with adjustable hooks instead of fixed ones.  

What Are J Hooks Used for in the Gym?

As we have already said above, the primary purpose for j-hooks is to hold the barbell at the shoulder level of the user so he/she can perform many popular strength training moves such as squats, bench press, overhead press, etc.

How Do You Put a J-Hook on a Squat Rack?

The above video explains how to set up your j-hooks and safety spotters correctly at the right height so you get maximum benefit. 

Talking about how to mount them up; it is pretty easy. Most squat rack accessories, including j-hooks, have pegs that you need to insert into the squat rack hole located at your shoulder level. Then, you need to secure them using whatever securing mechanism the j-hooks have. Most of them have bolts but a few may have locking pins. 

It doesn’t matter what locking mechanism the j-hooks have. Just make sure when they are locked in their position, they do not wobble. 

How Do You Anchor Down a Power Rack?

If you are a beginner or a recreational trainer, you may not have to bolt down a squat rack unless it is a cheap, wobbly one. You can simply weigh it down using some weight plates or sandbags. 

Bolting a squat rack to the floor requires you to create permanent holes in it. You should go for it only when you are a highly committed trainer or someone who lifts more weight than what a average home gym owner would lift. 

Squat racks often come with anchoring holes in their feet along with the mounting hardware. If the hardware is missing, you can buy them from your nearby store. If the holes are missing, you can dig them up yourself or hire someone. 

How to Protect Metal J Hooks on Squat Rack?

Metal j-hooks are pretty noisy. Everytime you place your barbell on them, you will get a loud clanking noise. Plus, metal to metal contact can damage the knurling of the barbell and scratch the j-hooks badly. 

That’s why we recommend plastic-coated j-hooks. The plastic padding protects the knurling of the barbell, minimizes the training noise, and maximizes the life of the j-hooks. 

If you have already bought metal j-hooks, you can line them with rubber strips but they won’t last long. Watch the above video for more details. 

Wrap Up 

That’s all we have for this article on the best replacement j-hooks for your squat cage or squat rack. Do check out our article on ‘How to Mark the Holes on Your Rack/Cage to Easily Remember J-hook and Safety Pin Placements’. 

Other than j-hooks, you should also buy a pair of safety spotter arms such as the Yes4All Safety Bars/Spotter Arms. They are longer than the j-hooks and their main purpose is to catch the bar in case you miss your rep. Also, make sure you use good quality barbell collars to prevent your weight plates from wobbling or sliding off during workouts. 

Before you go, do check out our helpful guides on ‘Can You Put a Home Gym on the Second Floor?’ and ‘How To Build a Weightlifting Platform’, so you know how to safely create a fully-functional home gym upstairs. 

Have queries? Do not hesitate to reach us out!