Is the Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Worth the Money?

Quick Video: Quick Review Summary for People in a Hurry Rating: 4/5       Name: Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Recommendation: Buy if you are looking for a budget-friendly entry-level squat rack. Do not buy it …

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So this is going to be a quick review of the Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand as it’s titled on Amazon. You are going to have to excuse the kind of fisheye lens effect of this video, I pressed the wrong on the GoPro and didn’t realize it until after I’d already sold this rack so it is what is. Overall, I’m going to jump straight to the point.


I think this rack can be a great value depending on the price that you get it for. If you can get this from anywhere from $100-$150 on Amazon, it can be a great deal. Anymore than that, you know, at like $250-300 or maybe even $200-$300, I’ll say there’s a lot better options out there.


As you can see, I’m zooming in here on the J-hooks. They’re fine, they’re functional, it’s the kind of what you expect with a rack at this price point of a very entry level rack. 


One thing to note, it does come with a very manageable box because the posts are not actually solid posts. It’s actually 2 pieces of 4 different post pieces that you have to kind of screw together. And I was surprised that it actually seemed quite sturdy when you put it together. 

Pull-up Bar

The pull-up bar here is, of course, functional. The height is high enough for a person like myself who is 6’2”, so just high enough. 


And I was honestly a little surprised with the quality of the rack. I’ve heard this one before and I have been trying a lot of other racks on Amazon during this pandemic to get an idea of what the quality is there. Overall, I’ve not been impressed but there have been some kind of decent values like these things. It was easy to put together.

Weight Horns

Now as you can see, it also has one weight horn on the back. And as one review actually mentioned in his review in Amazon, he thought it had 2 weight horns which I also thought so. But this is not a weight horn back here. I think it’s the hold of the bar, I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think it’s big enough. I have to try it and I can’t but it’s definitely not a weight horn. I’m not so sure what it is, it’s not really listed and it’s not entirely functional. But like I said it, the product is decently stable and I was surprised by it. 

Who I think this is good for

So I think this is a great option if you are on a severely limited budget or for whatever reason you don’t have a lot of space but you still want something you can do pull-ups from. 

Safety Arms

Now, keep in mind that there are no safety arms available for purchase for this and so that’s not an option. There may be some aftermarket items that will fit but you’ll have to do some research to that and we will do some research into that in our review. Our written reviews are usually a lot more in-depth than I go into in these videos. So check the article and we should provide a link to any safety arms that we know of that may work with this. 

Wrap Up

Overall, I’m going to give it a 4/5 just because of what it is. It’s a very very entry level rack that kind of gets you started and provides some basic very essential options for working out at home. I think though if you have a bigger budget, you know $200-$300 range, there are some better options out there and you can check out our site and some of our other video reviews for more information on those options. But yeah, for the price point, I was decently impressed.

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Quick Review Summary for People in a Hurry

Rating: 4/5      

Name: Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Recommendation: Buy if you are looking for a budget-friendly entry-level squat rack. Do not buy it if you are lifting 250-300 lbs or else you will outgrow it very soon. 

Pros: Budget-friendly rack for people who are just getting started with weight-training, frame is available in seven bright colors, gusseted frame and rubber end caps for enhanced stability, easy assembly

Cons: weight peg is only at one side of the frame, weight-bearing capacity much less than manufacturer’s claim, poor shipping and handling, not-so-great customer service team. 

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Full Written Review:

If you are looking for an affordable, entry-level squat rack, there are quite a few options such as: 

There are some crappy options too like Weider Platinum Strength Squat Rack. The demand for home gym equipment has soared manifolds during the pandemic and a lot of companies have started selling cheap Chinese products to cash on this opportunity. If you are looking for a squat rack (or any fitness equipment) for your garage or home, we suggest that you must stick with a renowned brand with a good reputation and reliable customer service. Do not fall for cheaper products that have recently cropped up on Amazon and other websites; they are not just junk but also a safety hazard. Buy something that hundreds of buyers have tried and approved. 

The products listed above are the ones that we have tried personally for months before recommending them to you. Another product that we tried recently is the CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand. To provide you with our honest feedback and firsthand experience, we have tested it for weeks before writing this review. We are sure it will help you make an informed buying decision. 

Before we provide you with a detailed review of CAP Barbell Power Rack, let's look at some of its key features: 

This is a CAP Barbell Power Rack
This is a CAP Barbell Power Rack

Features and specifications of CAP Barbell power rack exercise stand 

  • Dimensions: 50″ deep X 46″ wide X 85” high
  • Material: 11 and 12- Gauge Steel
  • Product weight: about 60lbs 
  • Weight-bearing capacity: 500 lbs as per manufacturer but most buyers have stated that the product they received is rated for 300lbs only. We too have tried it for 300lbs and wouldn’t recommend any weight above 350lbs. 
  • Comes with two j-hooks rated for 300lbs. 
  • The tube frame has rubber end caps for stability and rust prevention. 
  • Weight peg at one side of the frame 
  • Frame is powder-coated. 
  • Available in 7 bright colors. 
  • 30-days manufacturer warranty 

A detailed review of CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand 

Built quality 

As mentioned above, it is made of 11 and 12 gauge steel, which is exceptionally good for an entry-level rack. Even the more expensive power racks such as TDS half rack and Hulk Fitness squat cage are made of 11-gauge steel. They are meant for intermediate and advanced trainers who lift heavy weights. So we can safely assume that CAP Barbell power rack is a highly durable piece of equipment. 

As mentioned above, most buyers have stated that the product manual that they received with their power rack states that it can bear 300lbs weight. Their website too claims the weight-limit to be 300lbs. But, the product listing on Amazon states 500lbs. Too many buyers reduced their ratings because of this misinformation. CAP Barbell should ensure factual accuracy to avoid such unpleasant ratings and reviews. Nevertheless, based on our first-hand experience, we would suggest you not go beyond 350lbs with this exercise stand. It is meant for beginners and for people who are not looking for intense workouts. So, 300lbs is anyways a decent weight-bearing capacity.  

This is the J-hook that a Cap Barbell stand comes with
This is the J-hook that a Cap Barbell stand comes with

Cap Barbell exercise stand comes with a pair of J-hooks, which are rated for 300lbs. Spotters arms or safety rails are missing but you can buy them separately. The pullup bar is fixed but you can buy additional pins and a pullup bar to create your own adjustable option. 


If you are lifting weights within the specified limit, stability won’t be a major issue. The tubes of the frames are welded together and have mini gussets which help enhance its stability and durability. The rubber caps at the end of the tubes prevent slippages and tipping. The caps also prevent oxidation of the tubes, making the rack last longer. 

This is a tube of the CAP Barbell power rack frame
This is a tube of the CAP Barbell power rack frame

We have tested the CAP Barbell power rack for weeks and we conclude that it does wobble a bit when you are doing kipping moves, but not to an extent that makes you feel nervous or unsafe. Most buyers agree with us and suggest that weighing it down using some weight plates can solve this issue. It also has anchoring holes in the frame so you can bolt it to the floor if needed. 


Almost all buyers have confirmed that assembly is pretty easy. The assembly instructions are well depicted using a pictograph. Depending on your assembly skills, you may require 1 to 2 hours to set it up. 

Here is what you need to do to assemble it quickly: 

  • Do not use the cheap quality tools that come with the CAP Barbell power rack. They are too difficult to use and require a lot of power. Use your own tools instead. You will need a 17mm socket and a 6mm ratcheting hex key. 
  • Do not tighten all the nuts and bolts from the beginning. Instead, put everything together and then tighten the bolts. This will help you achieve maximum stability. 
  • You may opt for a paid assembly but most buyers didn’t find assembly an issue. Moreover, the assembly charges are too high to be justified. 

Shipping and delivery 

Shipping is quick and delivery is ‘OK’. Some buyers did receive beaten packages and some got packages with missing parts but overall most buyers are satisfied with the way CAP sends each part packed carefully to avoid scratches and paint chipping issues. 

Some buyers expressed their dissatisfaction over the pathetic customer service of CAP. Buyers have stated that they take days to reply to emails and rarely respond to phone calls. 


  • The pullup bar is thick and textured enough to give you a good grip
  • The frame is triple-powder coated to prevent rusting.
  • Made of 11 and 12 gauge industrial-grade steel.
  • Comes with a floor anchoring option for extra stability.
  • Can be easily assembled by one person. 
  • Priced reasonably and makes a wonderful entry-level power rack for resistance and bodyweight training. 


Barbell holder and plate holder of a Cap Barbell Power Rack
Barbell holder and plate holder of a Cap Barbell Power Rack
  • There is only one weight peg for storing the plates and for weighing down the rack. The other one is for holding the barbell. Well, this is a design flaw. Both of them should have been for weight plates. When placed vertically, barbells would make the rack even more wobbly. If you don’t add a barbell, there will be an uneven weight distribution, which can further make it unstable. 
  • The j-hooks are just metal with paint on them. They don’t have paddings and can scratch your barbell. If your barbell has knurling, the paint will start flaking soon. You can glue a piece of foam to deal with this issue. 
  • The uprights of CAP Barbell power rack come in two pieces. You need to bolt them together using three bolts that are located right in the middle of the uprights. Because of these three bolts, around 8 inches of space becomes unusable for j-hooks. This isn’t really a deal-breaker for most buyers but a few did find it annoying.

Our Rating: 4/5

Our Verdict: 

Overall, we are pretty satisfied with the CAP Barbell power rack exercise stand. Since it is a very simple, entry-level rack, we recommend it for beginners and people who do not want to lift heavy. If you are into gymnastics or if you do a lot of kipping exercises, please look for more stable options or anchor it to the floor. 

If you want to purchase CAP Barbell exercise stand, please keep a check on its price. It used to be sold below $150 before the pandemic. But, the prices have gone up due to heavy demand. We wouldn’t recommend you to pay more than $200 for it because there are better options available. If you get it below $200, go ahead; you won’t be disappointed.