How to Quickly and Easily Remove Rust Stains from a Barbell

Video Tutorial: Written Tutorial: Supplies/Tools: WD40 3 in 1 Oil Brass Wire Brush Attachments Drill (You can use any but here is the one I am using in the video) Blue Lint Free Shop Towels …

How to Quickly and Easily Remove Rust Stains from a Barbell

Video Tutorial:

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Written Tutorial:


The quickest way I have found to clean rust off of a barbel is to use WD40, a cordless drill and then a wire brush. This is a bar that I had for about 4-5 years now and over time it's developed rust stains mainly on the collars of the bar. Much of these are from it being stored in a garage and then also more recently, I've been keeping it outside.

So the first step is to take WD40 and coat the bar where all the rust stains are in the WD40, then let it sit a few minutes to be sure it has time to soak in.

After you've given the WD40 some time to soak in, you going want to take your drill with the wire brush attachment and just going clean our bar and remove all the rust stains that you can see. So as you can see, here is the final result of the cleaning. All of the rust stains have been completely removed from the bar.

Now the final step is to protect your bar in the future and prevent these kinds of thing from happening by applying 3 in 1 oil to the bar.

And to apply that, I'd actually like to use these Blue Scott Shop Towels that makes it easy to apply the oil and to not to have to worry about lint.

In this video, you saw me using a steel wire brush attachment and I actually recommend going for a Brass Wire Brush Attachments, I found some in Amazon. And the idea there is that the brass is going to be a softer metal so it's going to be less likely to scratch your bar than a steel wire brush attachment. I will say I didn't notice any issues with the steel wire brush attachment but I wasn't bearing down super hard and really tried to dig in there. Also, if you have kind of finish on your bar, you may want to test out in a small area first just to make sure that whatever wire brush attachment you get, it doesn't go and ruin your finish. And I should also say that if you are worried about it ruining your finish, you can start by just applying the WD40 first, letting it soak and then using the cloth and you may be surprised by how much rust you can remove with just that method.