Power Tools for Squat Rack Assembly

Here are the tools I recommend for quickly putting together a squat rack:

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  • Provided wrenches are usually crap
  • Get yourself an electric screw driver and/or a drill/driver to really level up your rack building skills

So I have become an expert over the years at putting together racks. I have some tools I use to speed up the process. They are not necessary but greatly speed things up.

Definitely have or buy a ratchet and socket set

You are going to need a ratchet and socket set that looks something like this one from Amazon:

You can get them most anywhere.

For fun: buy an electric drill/driver along with a 3 piece socket adapter

This is the combination I use to really power through these rack builds. But then again I am kind of engineering nerd and like power tools. Maybe you will also.

This is an electric drill/driver
This is an electric drill/driver

This is the drill I use with the socket adapter on it. It makes short work of these racks. And below you will see the pic links to Amazon where you can buy them also.

Because everyone should have one, buy an electric screwdriver

These don't usually have the power needed to screw the nuts and bolts on a squat rack but this is honestly one of the handiest tools I have ever bought so I decided to mention it. If you don't have one, just get it. They are quite cheap these days.