Titan and Peakform Adjustable Kettlebells Review

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This post contatins affliliate links. If you click on one of these links and then make a purchase from the linked advertiser, I'll make a commission at no extra cost to you. Click Here to read my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

Titan and Peakform Adjustable Kettlebell Instruction Manual

The manual is the same for both and you can download it here.


In our previous blog, we had reviewed the Bowflex SelectTech 840 adjustable Kettlebell. 

A major problem that we experienced with it is that it has an elongated shape, much longer than the standard kettlebells. So, if you are a short person, there are high chances that you will hit the ground. Even if you are a tall person, you would still take some time to get used to its shape. 

Furthermore, BlowFlex dumbbells are expensive. So, if you don’t have a $150 budget and/or if you are a short person, the Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebell is a good alternative. It is also slightly bulkier than the standard kettlebells but not as much as the Bowflex ones. 

Well, it has its own set of cons but it is still a great option for people who have limited space in their home gym. 

Wondering what is the PeakForm adjustable kettlebell? 

Both of them are the same product. It seems they are sourced from the same manufacturer and sold by different brands under their brand name. Watch our Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebell review video above. 

No matter where they are sourced from, the Titan or Peakform adjustable kettlebells are well-built, versatile, and easy-to-use. 

Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebells can replace up to 6 kettlebells 

The inner structure of peakform adjustable kettlebells
The inner structure of Peakform adjustable kettlebells

It has 6 drop cast iron plates ranging from 4.5lbs to 6lbs weight. You can add or remove these plates as per your need. The minimum weight is 10 lbs and max is 40lbs. The manufacturer claims that the Peakform adjustable kettlebell is as good as having 6 different kettlebells. 

We don’t like that the plates do not have a standard weight 

Most adjustable kettlebells and even dumbbells provide a standard weight increment of 5lbs, which makes it easier to take off or put in the most relevant weight that you need. However, this Peakform or Titan adjustable kettlebell comes with 2 plates weighing 4.6lbs, 2 of them weighing 5.5lbs and the other two weigh 6 lbs. 

Now, that’s a bit annoying because you will have to do some calculations to figure out which plates will be most close to your workout weight limit. To be honest, it will hardly take a few seconds but if you prefer to change your weight frequently during workout, you might feel annoyed. 

The weight adjustment mechanism is smooth and secure 

That’s what we love the most about this adjustable kettlebell by Peakform. To adjust the weight, you will have to unlock the plates by moving the locking pin switch towards the right. When you have selected the desired weight, all you need to do is to move the switch back to its original position.  

How to adjust the weight of Titan adjustable kettlebell
How to adjust the weight of Titan adjustable kettlebell

A major problem that buyers experience with adjustable kettlebells or dumbbells is that the weight plates don’t feel absolutely secure inside the locking mechanism. They tend to shift, making you feel as if they could fly off any time. Even Bowflex Adjustable Kettlebell, one of the top-rated products, has this issue. Buyers have reported that the weights rattle inside the case. 

The Peakform adjustable kettlebell, however, has a very secure locking mechanism. The plates, once locked, won’t shift from their position. Since they won’t shift, they won’t affect your center of gravity while you are doing snatches, etc

The locking mechanism has plastic parts. So, don’t expect them to last for a lifetime 

The locking mechanism of Titan adjustable kettle
The locking mechanism of Titan adjustable kettle

Well, it won’t break any time soon but it eventually will because plastic is after all plastic. So, make sure you do not throw it on the floor when you are done, just the way you do with your standard weights.

Adjustable kettlebells are not something that can be passed from generation to generation. However, when used carefully, the good ones can last for a good number of years. 

Want to know which are the good ones? Here are the 7 Best Adjustable Kettlebells that we have selected for your home gym. 

It has a rubber base that helps protect your floor

Now, that’s a thoughtful design. 

Most kettlebells either have the same plastic or metal base that encloses the weight plates. They could damage your floor. It seems the manufacturer of Titan Fitness or Peakform adjustable kettlebell was really concerned about this issue, so it added a layer of rubber to the base. That’s it! A rubber base doesn’t cost much but it really helps to protect your floor against scratches. 

You are, anyways, not supposed to be using these weights on a tile or concrete floor. Weight training should always be done on a properly cushioned floor, even though you are lifting very little weight. From basic rubber puzzle mats to the heavy-duty horse stall mats, you have numerous gym flooring options to choose from, depending on your need. 

Peakform adjustable kettlebell is suitable for beginners and intermediate level trainers

Titan and Peakform adjustable kettlebells side by side

That’s obvious because it has a max weight of 40lbs. If you are just getting started with weight training or if you are someone who does not wish to train with more than 40lbs of weight anytime soon, these kettlebells are perfect for your small home gym. 

But, if you are already training with around 25lbs of weight, you could outgrow it sooner than expected. You should buy the NewMe Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle instead. It is rated for up to 900lbs. Plus, it is just a handle. You need to use your existing weight plates to make it work like a kettlebell. Great option for advanced trainers. 

The plates are labeled now 

All the plates of the kettlebell have different diameters and they have a specific slot where they need to go. You can’t just randomly add them anywhere. They won’t lock-in. 

In the older model of this kettlebell, the plates weren’t numbered. So, a lot of buyers had a tough time figuring out which plate needs to go where. Many of them left negative reviews and poor ratings, only because of this issue. 

Thankfully, both Titan Fitness and Peakform realized this mistake and fixed it by numbering the plates. You might come across numerous reviews stating that the plates are not marked but don’t worry; these are most likely for the older models. 

Our Rating: 4/5

We are giving this a rating of 4 out of 5.0.

Wrap up: 

Peakform or Titan adjustable kettlebells are a good investment for your small home gym. They can help you save a lot of floor space. 

If you are looking for highly versatile products for your space-crunched home gym, do check out our list of best adjustable dumbbells. We have also selected some of the best adjustable weight benches, so you can do a lot more variety of weight training workouts than what you can do with a standard flat bench. 

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We keep testing and reviewing popular home gym equipment frequently. So, check out our blog as and when it is possible for you to find more reliable recommendations and honest product reviews. 

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