Rogue RML-3 Monster Lite Rack Review

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Unquestionably, Rogue Fitness manufactures some of the best squat racks. Most of them are meant for hardcore trainers and athletes who do not want to settle down for anything but the best. All its power racks have a walk-through design i.e. they do not have a rear stabilizer bar, which restricts you from properly positioning your weight bench. 

That being said, the extensive range of power rack models and their versions manufactured by Rogue can overwhelm you. All of them have minor structural differences, so you wouldn’t be able to figure out which one would be best suited for you. 

Looking for Rogue RML-3 Assembly instructions?

We got you covered, here is the pdf of the assembly instructions.

What’s the difference between Echo, R Series, Monster Lite, and Monster squat racks

Well, this blog is about the Rogue RML-3 squat rack but unless you understand how it is different from the rest, you won’t be able to decide if you should go with it or choose something else. 

As we said above, the main difference between all the models of power racks by Rogue is the size of the tubing and the bolts. See below: 

Series/model nameTubing sizeBolt size
Echo series2” X 2”½” 
R-series / Infinity series2” X 3” ⅝”
Monster lite3” X 3”⅝” 
Monster 3” X 3”1” 

The prices of these power racks vary widely, so you might wonder if it is worth spending those extra $100 or $200 only for a slightly wider tubing or slightly bigger bolts. 

To be honest, bigger is always better but you don’t necessarily have to go with the biggest one. Anything that suits your workout needs and fits well in your budget is fine. 

Why did we choose Rogue RML-3 squat rack

We have used quite a few 2” X 2” and 2” X 3” squat racks in the past. 

We have used the Fitness Reality 810XLT / Progear 1600 Ultra Strength Power Rack. It was good but it used to wobble a bit while doing pullups. The TDS Power Rack is also one of the best inexpensive power racks we have used. But, there is no way you can bolt it down to the floor. The Titan T2 Power Rack is amazing in terms of price and stability. But, it wasn’t tall enough for us because our team member who used it is 6.2ft tall. 

We needed something that has absolutely no wobble and can be trusted with heavy weights. As expected, Rogue Fitness was our first choice. And we chose the Rogue RML-3 because it is a heavy-duty rack, unlike the Echo and R-series that are meant for intermediate-level trainers. It has absolutely no wobble when bolted down to the floor. 

We didn’t go with the Monster series because we didn’t feel like spending more for thicker and bigger hardware. That’s because we are not bodybuilders or athletes. We are fitness enthusiasts just like you. So, the Rogue RML-3 Monster lite power rack is enough for us. 

Do not hesitate to try out the Monster series products though, if you believe they are the best match for your needs. 

Rogue RML-3 power rack requires minimal assembly 

What we received in our package of Rogue RML-3 Monster lite rack

That’s what we love about Rogue Fitness. 

We have bought so many products from Rogue and we never had any issue with the assembly. All parts matched and all hardware was shipped. If you have ever bought the power racks that are imported from China you would have probably faced these issues.  

Talking about the Rogue RML-3 squat rack; it is a freestanding rack that needs to be bolted down to the floor. It comes almost assembled. You just have to bolt it to the floor and then attach the pullup bar. 

Although the assembly process is easy, you would need someone to assist you. That’s because it doesn’t come with a rear stabilizing bar. The uprights are free floating. So, there are high chances that you could misalign them. Plus, you would need someone to hold the frame while you anchor it to the ground. 

Watch our Rogue RML-3 squat rack video review above for more details. If you need assembly instructions, here are some tips that will help you. 

Don’t want to dig holes in your floor? Buy Monster Lite Rack Wall Mount Kit so you can attach it to the wall instead. 

3” X 3” uprights give a beefier look to Rogue RML-3 squat rack 


As we mentioned above, 2”X2” uprights are meant to hold light weights. They are great for beginners and casual trainers. But, if you are a fitness enthusiast, we would suggest that you go with a power rack that is made of 2”X3” uprights or 3” X 3”, if that fits in your budget. 

The Rogue RML-3 monster lite power rack has 3” X 3” uprights, which are the strongest possible uprights being sold. They are made of 11 gauge steel, which is obviously stronger than 12 gauge and 13 gauge steel used in inexpensive power racks and squat stands. 

3” X3” shape of the uprights make it aesthetically appealing. Plus, an extra inch of width makes it look like a beast. See the comparison image above. 

Tallest possible rack suitable for people taller than 6ft 

The max height of  Rogue RML-3 monster lite power rack  is 90 3/8″. Others barely go beyond 83”. A few commercial-grade ones measure 86” but 90” is difficult to find. The height is perfect for our 6.2 ft tall teammate, who is the tallest among us. He doesn’t have to bend his knees while doing pullups and kipping, which is what he liked the most. 

Rogue RML-3 has a compact footprint 

It has a footprint of 53″ x 34″, which is much less than that of other competitive products. Consider the Fringe Sport Myrack Modular Power Rack for example. It has a footprint of 47”X55”. The Valor Fitness BD-7 power rack has a footprint of 59” X 63”. 

The compact footprint makes it suitable for space-crunched home gyms and garages. The 34” depth leaves less inner space to accommodate a weight bench but that’s why Rogue Fitness has removed the rear stability bar. Since it has a walk-through design, accommodating a bench won’t be an issue. 

But, the shorter width may cause some inconvenience. 

You might accidentally bump the weight plates into the uprights. The J-cups and uprights are so close together that you will have to be a bit careful while reracking your loaded barbell. You will get used to it within a few weeks but that’s something you should expect from the Rogue RML-3 monster lite squat rack. 

It is a single-piece unit, so don’t worry about stability 

This is how the Rogue RML-3 squat rack

The other competitive products that we have listed in this article have a bolt-together design i.e. they come in pieces and you will have to join them using nuts and bolts. 

Now, a major problem with them is that they do have some wobble and if you are training with heavy weight, the wobble may not make you feel comfortable enough. 

Rogue RML-3 squat rack caters to people who love to train hard. This is why it is a one solid piece of equipment with all parts welded together for extra stability and minimal wobble. Whether you lift heavy or need something reliable for kipping, you can safely count on Rogue’s products. 

Westside hole pattern in the benching area

This is pretty much expected from Rogue RML-3 monster lite squat rack. The holes are spaced 1” apart in the benching area. This means you will get a greater range of adjustability for your j-cups and safety pins. Westside hole pattern is especially helpful for people who are ‘in-between’ sizes. With closely spaced holes, you will be able to set j-cups to the exact height so you don’t have to go beyond your body’s limit, thereby risking an injury. 

The holes above the benching areas are spaced 2”apart. 

Attachments that you can add to Rogue RML-3 squat rack

It is compatible with all attachments and accessories that are meant for the Monster Lite series such as the Rogue Landmine attachment, Rogue Monster Lite Matador, and Monster Lite Sandwich J-Cup Pair.  

The only Monster Lite accessory that is not compatible with this rack is the Rogue Slinger. That’s because the uprights are welded together and there is no way you can attach it in between the posts. 

As we said above, we haven’t tried too many attachments so we don’t know how compatible it will be with accessories manufactured by other brands such as REP Fitness and Titan Fitness. But, we assume any attachment meant for 3”X3” posts and uses 5/8” hardware should fit well. 

What you get in your kit 

  • A fully welded frame with 4 uprights
  • A pair of Monster Lite j-cups 
  • A pair of pin and pip safeties
  • 4 band pegs
  • A pull bar bar with diameter 1.25” 
  • Another pullup bar with diameter of 2”

You will also have to buy a concrete anchor kit separately with your order, in case you don’t have one. If you want to upgrade your barbell or just buy a new one, here are some of the Best High-End ($500+) Olympic Barbells that we recommend. 

Looking for slightly inexpensive options?  This article features some of the Best Mid Range $200-500 Olympic Barbells that will be suitable for your home gym. 

Improvements that we would like to suggest to Rogue Fitness 

Number the holes 

Unlike the Monster series squat racks and the RML-390, the Rogue RML-3 squat rack doesn’t come with an option to add laser-cut numbers. The numbering of holes is not necessary but they can alleviate the guessing game when you are in a hurry. 

Here is how you can mark the holes on your rack/cage to easily remember j-hook and safety pin placements

Pin and pip safeties should be replaced with something better 

If you have used them before, you would agree that adjusting them at the right position requires a lot of work. These pins are acceptable with inexpensive squat racks but we had expected something better from the Rogue RML-3 rack. 

You can, however, buy the Monster Lite Strap Safety System 2.0 separately. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap up 

Rogue RML-3 Monster Lite rack is by far the best rack we have used in terms of stability and overall build quality. 

But, if Rogue is not in your budget, don’t worry. There are still a bunch of options that you can confidently buy. Here are some of the Best Squat Racks Besides Rogue’s that we recommend. 

If you don’t have ample space to accommodate a full-size power cage or squat rack, you can go with a half rack or squat rack instead. Titan T3 Series Squat Stand is our favorite because it provides a westside hole pattern even though it is a budget piece. You can also check out our list of Best Squat Stands For Your Home Gym that we have recently reviewed.