Is a Squat Rack in an Apartment a Good Idea?

Despite the numerous benefits of a home gym, there are still limitations to how far you can go with it. For example, with squats, you may be concerned about whether having a squat rack in …

Despite the numerous benefits of a home gym, there are still limitations to how far you can go with it. For example, with squats, you may be concerned about whether having a squat rack in your apartment is a good idea, perhaps in terms of space, or whether it is safe. Regardless of the concern, this article will examine whether having a squat rack in an apartment is a good idea.

First, having a squat rack like the PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack in your apartment is possible despite how heavy it weighs. However, you may need permission from your landlord if you have one. You may also take steps to ensure you do not damage your apartment. That being said, here are some things you should note about putting your squat rack in your apartment. 

The floor

The first step is to ensure your floor can handle the barbell’s weight. However, the barbell’s total weight is distributed across a much larger area. As a result, the distributed weight reduces the impact on your floor. Therefore, keep your weights on the rack to protect your floor. Nevertheless, the opposite occurs while lifting as all the barbell’s weight becomes concentrated on the spots your feet meet the ground. As a result, you should be more careful when lifting, especially if you are lifting heavy. 

Whether or not your floor can carry the weights also depends on how old the house is. This is because new buildings typically observe a strict structural code. Following this code means that the homes can accommodate moderate weights. However, if you stay in an older apartment, especially if you can see that the floor is a mess, using a squat rack may not be advisable. 

Your neighbors

Your neighbors are another factor you should consider when setting up your squat rack in your apartment. You can smoothen the experience by letting them know your intentions concerning the squat rack to prevent future challenges. The primary challenge your neighbors may face is the resulting noise and vibration from using your squat rack. While you may be unable to stop the grunts you make while lifting, you can take specific steps to reduce the resulting noise and vibrations. 

One of the best steps to take is to pad your floors and walls, especially the area where you will be dropping the weights. Because the barbell will have a little surface area on the floor, you can pad that specific area to reduce the noise it will make when you drop it. For this to work, you should make the padded area big enough for a small margin of difference. You can also cop stable squat racks to reduce the vibration your exercising will produce.


Another factor to consider is whether your apartment has enough space so that you can comfortably use your squat rack. When answering this question, you should note that most people hardly stop at the squat rack as the rack is multi-program equipment. It is easy to attach other equipment to the rack to allow for other programs. For example, you can get the Rogue AB-3 Adjustable Bench to perform bench presses with the squat rack. As a result, it is essential that you also account for the space to keep other equipment before deciding to get a squat rack.

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Rogue sml-2c squat stand

Putting a squat rack in your apartment may be a good idea if you implement all the measures to make it tolerable for you and your neighbors. However, if you believe it may not work out for you after considering these factors, you can try putting your squat rack outdoors. Here are some of the benefits of putting your squat rack outdoors. 

It is airy

Working in your apartment may be stuffy despite all your efforts at ventilating your indoor gym. It is necessary that you feel ventilated while using your squat rack because you need to be comfortable while lifting, especially if you are a heavy lifter. Furthermore, an outdoor setup will also benefit your cardio exercises. This is because a more airy location allows for optimal aerobic exercises, which will keep you from getting tired sooner. You can incorporate dumbbells into aerobic and non-aerobic exercises, so I recommend the Hex Dumbbells.

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Rogue loadable dumbbells

You get more space

Space is necessary for setting up your squat rack. For example, it is necessary to have enough space to grow your squat rack to include more extensive gym equipment, such as a multiple cable machine. The space will also be beneficial if you want to get several free weights and benches in addition to the squat racks. Other than these, the space may also be necessary if you are claustrophobic. An outdoor setup will also give enough space to allow others to use your setup simultaneously. Space is also essential if you are one of many using the gym, especially at the same time. 

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