Can You Wear a Fitbit on Your Ankle?

You are a fitness buff and rely on your Fitbit to monitor your progress and goals. However, for some reason, you cannot wear your Fitbit on your wrists, so you think that you should be …

You are a fitness buff and rely on your Fitbit to monitor your progress and goals. However, for some reason, you cannot wear your Fitbit on your wrists, so you think that you should be able to wear it on the next best place, your ankle. This article will review your thought process and see if you can wear a Fitbit on your ankle. 

A Fitbit is typically worn on the wrist, just like a watch, to help it accurately and easily track your activities. As a result, it automatically monitors your daily activities across various exercises like walking, swimming, running, cycling, or gym activity. It subsequently stores this information about your activity in the dedicated app on your phone. 

Many people are starting to wear Fitbits on their ankles to get more accurate readings of their daily activities. As it turns out, you can wear a Fitbit on your ankle. However, you must not expect that it provides accurate readings from your ankles as the manufacturers did not design it to work from your ankles. 

Wearing your Fitbit on your ankle may see you get accurate readings, such as the number of steps. However, you will be unable to track other indices like oxygen levels, your heart rate, and other features that its manufacturers designed Fitbit for. Fitbit works by tracking the visible veins on your wrist for your heart rate and oxygen levels. As a result, you are failing to put the Fitbit in the location necessary to track the entire fitness metrics by putting your Fitbit on your ankle. Likewise, putting Fitbit on your ankle does not improve accuracy regarding counting steps. This is because Fitbits monitor your steps through arm movement.

You should also know that every Fitbit currently commercially available works the same way, and you will not get accurate readings from anyone if you wear them on your ankles. However, you may be able to get somewhat accurate results of your steps by putting your Fitbit on your ankles. However, you will require Fitbit-specific adapters for this to work on your ankles. 

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Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is a fitness tracker that monitors your activity, steps, and calories you burn. However, it does more than just this; it has extra exciting features such as sleep tracking, on-screen workouts, and nonstop heart rate tracking. Furthermore, Fitbit Versa is swim-proof and comes with excellent battery life. However, the fitness tracker is more than just all fitness as it has non-fitness features. For example, if you use a compatible phone, the tracker can alert you of incoming texts, calls, and upcoming calendar appointments. You can get the fitness tracker across several colors. Furthermore, if you use the weight watcher app, you can easily sync your Fitbit Versa to it.

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Fitbit Versa Lite

As the name implies, the Fitbit Versa Lite is the lite version of the Fitbit Versa. Like its pro version, the versa lite also monitors how many calories you burn, your activity, and your steps. Furthermore, you can sync it to your weight watcher app if you use it. The Lite fitness tracker also comes with extra features like 24/7 heart-rate tracking, sleep tracking, and reminders to move in the unlikely event that you forget to move.

Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is another fitness tracker from the Fitbit franchise that you can get, especially as you can seamlessly sync it with the weight watcher app. In addition, the Fitbit Ionic also monitors your heart rate, activity, steps, and sleep. However, the Ionic does more than just this as it also helps develop personal coaching programs together with on-screen guidance. It also has a built-in GPS that tracks distance, pace, and routes. In addition to these features, the Fitbit Ionic can offer entertainment, enabling you to store and play over 300 songs. You can also use it to make contactless transactions and buy it in three different color combinations.

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Fitbit Inspire HR

Still on the Fitbit franchise, the Inspire HR and Inspire are the cheapest options in the Fitbit franchise. Nevertheless, the duo offers good value despite their prices. The Inspire HR tracks the standard activities, including the calories you burn and the step you take. However, the tracker can also identify your exercise and notify you to move if you have been still for some time. You can also set it up to alert you of texts, calls, and other notifications you typically get on your smartphone. 

Fitbit Charge 3

The Fitbit Charge 3 is a cheap alternative in the Fitbit franchise. Despite its low price, the fitness tracker monitors your steps, calories burned, activity, and floors climbed. You can also set it to notify you when your smartphone receives calls or text messages. However, the fitness tracker does not feature any music storage collection, space, or screen workouts. Nevertheless, you can buy the Fitbit Charge 3 in different colors.

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Garmin Vivomove Hr

The Garmin Vivomove HR is another standard fitness tracker that will track and show your burned calories, your heart rate, steps you have taken, how much distance you have covered, etc. The tracker also features multiple wellness tracking tools, including a sleep monitor. The fitness tracker also comes with a touchscreen display and can alert you of calls and text messages. Like the Fitbit Versa, the Garmin Vivomove HR also sports an excellent battery life that runs up to five days in Smart Mode. However, it lasts significantly longer in watch mode. You can buy the fitness tracker in different styles, but their prices differ across the variants.

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