Ifit vs. Peloton – Which Is the Better Home Fitness Membership?

Ifit and Peloton are two of the most common digital fitness programs around, and their similar and attractive offerings may make it challenging to determine which fitness app you want to employ to achieve your …

Ifit and Peloton are two of the most common digital fitness programs around, and their similar and attractive offerings may make it challenging to determine which fitness app you want to employ to achieve your fitness goals. Understanding the potential confusion, this article will compare Ifit vs. Peloton to help you easily determine which offers the better home fitness membership. 

The primary difference between Ifit and Peloton is in their respective libraries. Because Ifit has been in the fitness industry for much longer, the service offers way more programs and content than Peloton. Ifit has a wide variety of exercises, including cycling, yoga, rowing, treadmill, and ellipticals. Nevertheless, Peloton is also playing a good game of catch and will soon offer similar or more programs as Ifit. 


Ifit is a product of ICON, Nordictrack, and Proform’s parent company. It includes a broad range of live and on-demand classes that you can select from. As a result, you can choose ellipticals, rowing, strength, bike classes, and treadmill. Furthermore, you also get functionalities that help you monitor your heart rate, cadence, distance, time, and sleep. You will require shock-absorbing shoes to enjoy most of the workouts safely, and I recommend the Nike Romaleos 4 – Men's.


On the other hand, Peloton is a giant at-home exercise fitness brand. It has altered how fitness enthusiasts look at indoor workouts. Peloton is a recent entrant into the market, relative to Ifit, leading them to have a relatively smaller inventory. However, the digital fitness brand has received general admiration, primarily due to its versatility. Peloton’s offerings include spinning, treadmills, meditation, yoga, and strength classes. The digital fitness brand’s standard on-demand classes are a primary reason they are trusted. In addition,  Peloton’s trainers are very professional, and you can rely on them. You need free shorts to enjoy the exercises Peloton offers, and I recommend the Rogue Black Ops Shorts 6.5″ 2.0.

Ifit vs Peloton


At the moment, Peloton is one of the biggest players in the at-home exercise industry, as it has completely revolutionized how fitness enthusiasts look at indoor workouts. In addition to this, the Peloton experience rarely lags, despite being dependent on your WIFI like most other smart devices. As a result, keeping your wifi router close to the bike is unnecessary. On the other hand, IFit requires significant bandwidth to work with. As a result, you may want to bring your router closer to the bike if you want to enjoy uninterrupted services.

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Peloton offers a very user-friendly experience, and many users have said the same. With the digital fitness brand, you enjoy several guided walks and runs through audio. Likewise, you can also partake in meditation, yoga, boot camp, a combination of strength and cardio, and spinning. Generally, Peloton’s interface is easier to understand, while the programs they offer are also easy.

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Many Peloton users have said they enjoy a difficult-to-describe feeling of elitism with Peloton’s trainers. This may be because Peloton trainers commonly push members to achieve their goals while explaining and discussing the drills clearly and understandably. Some users have also described the trainers as very professional and curt. Similarly, IFit also has trainers that help its members as well. With Ifit, you can also opt for personal coaching sessions if you think it is necessary. Like Peloton, Ifit also has a peculiarity regarding its style and training that makes them unique.

Range of equipment

Based on iFit’s offerings, it is easy to conclude that the older digital fitness brand takes the cake in this category. This is because iFit members can select between rowers, ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, and more. On the other hand, Peloton currently offers only two options, treadmills and bikes. However, this could be because most home fitness enthusiasts prefer these two exercise equipment.

Resistance adjustment

In terms of resistance, Peloton sports a manual resistance system on their bikes. However, Bike+ features an automatic resistance system. Members can also modify the resistance through on-demand classes, making the indoor workout experience more optimal and enjoyable. On the other hand, the instructors make the necessary resistance changes at iFit. This has benefits as the instructors typically know what adjustment is better to a professional level.


In terms of pricing, Peloton costs about $39 a month. This sum puts the Peloton AB-Access Membership on the high side. However, the bargain could be worth it, thanks to the excellent facilities you enjoy from the subscription. Nevertheless, you could also opt for the Peloton App Membership. which costs about $12.99 per month. iFit conversely has a family and individual plan, which costs an annual $396 and $180, respectively. 

Which is the better home fitness membership?

As with most questions of this nature, the answer primarily depends on your specific needs and requirements. As such, if you prefer to receive guidance on a much larger scale, you can opt for iFit, and if not, Peloton offers excellent autonomy with aspects of the workout. Furthermore, you may prefer iFit if you use more than a bike and a treadmill. Nevertheless, if you are satisfied with those two programs, then you may opt for it to enjoy Peloton’s excellent in-house experience.

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Similarities between iFit and Peloton


The leaderboard feature is in both apps. It makes the brands more competitive and builds a community you cannot build at home.


Both digital fitness brands work with Bluetooth and ANT+ devices. This is necessary for gadgets of this nature as it enables you to connect your mobile devices to the equipment.

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