What Size Slam Ball Should You Get?

Incorporating Slam balls into your workouts is an excellent way to develop your functional strength, lose calories and get fitter. However, you need to use the correct size slam ball for you to enjoy these …

Incorporating Slam balls into your workouts is an excellent way to develop your functional strength, lose calories and get fitter. However, you need to use the correct size slam ball for you to enjoy these benefits. You may wonder what size slam ball you should get to ensure you are not wasting your money and time. This article will examine slam balls and determine the essential factors to consider before getting a slam ball. 

A slam ball is a unique and specific yet versatile weight training equipment. They are weighted and rubber-coated, allowing you to use them with various exercises to define and condition your muscles. Like Kettlebells, Slam balls have non-adjustable weights, so you have to be certain about the size you buy. Here are some tips to help you determine what size of slam ball you should get:

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Current fitness level

Your fitness level plays a significant role in determining the size of the slam ball that will be optimal for you. Expectedly, the slam ball you choose will be different from the slam ball someone with a higher fitness level will use. As a result, with lower fitness levels, you should tilt toward the smaller slam balls to ensure you have productive workouts with them. In addition to providing an effective workout, using slam balls that are heavier than what your current fitness level can take can also injure you. 

Fitness goal

Your fitness goal is also essential in choosing the correct size of slam ball. This is primarily because the size of the ball you get determines what exercises you can do with it. Lighter slam balls are commonly used to develop speed and explosive power. This is because the quick movements with the ball encourage you to develop sufficient power to train with heavier weights. Furthermore, you also get to do more reps of your exercise if you go with a smaller-sized slam ball. As a result, if you want to develop endurance via higher repetition and lower volume, you should opt for a smaller slam ball. On the other hand, a bigger slam ball is advisable if you want to develop strength with lower reps and higher volume.

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Your size

Hand grip is essential when using slam balls, so you need to pick a ball that is big enough that you can firmly grip it with your hands. If you are on the larger side, with larger palms, you should opt for bigger slam balls. The reverse is the case if you are smaller with smaller palms. You do not have to worry about getting smaller slam balls if you want heavier ones, as you can get small balls with higher density. You can improve your grip with gloves like Rogue Mechanix Gloves V2.

Men and women generally have varied physical strengths, which will also contribute to your choice of weight ball. Your choice should be ideal for your strength, but you should also ensure no one determining factor affects other factors. The  American Council of Exercise (ACE) recommends that beginners use balls between 4 and 15 pounds. Women should start on the lower end, within 4 and 8 pounds, while men should start between 6 and 15 pounds. However, if your goal is to develop your cardio function, your ball should be between 8 and 20 pounds. On the other hand, developing your general strength will see you need a ball between 20 and 40 pounds. 

Moving to a bigger ball

Naturally, like with other weight programs, you should gradually increase the weight of your slam balls to progressively overload your muscles. Staying at the same slam ball weight for too long can retard your muscle development as they get used to the strain you put on them. On the flip side, ensure you are comfortable with a heavier slam ball before making the switch to reap optimal benefits from the heavier ball. You may also injure yourself if you prematurely switch to a heavier slam ball. You may also need to switch slam balls if changing your fitness goals. If you want to up your effort without changing balls, you can use the balls while using weighted vests like the 5.11 Tactec Plate Carrier.

Benefits of using a slam ball

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by properly using slam balls:

Improved overall power and strength

Slam balls are one of the best exercise equipment you can use to improve your general strength and power. Push exercises enable you to increase your explosive strength and power, making the ball suitable, especially for athletes that play baseball, tennis, golf, basketball, etc. There are several push exercises that you can do with your slam ball. A good example is the ball throw downs, where you jump up and throw the ball to the ground in a burst of explosive power.

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Improves your posture and balance

Good posture is necessary for everyday activities as it keeps your muscles and spine healthy and properly used. Slam ball exercises help to focus on your core muscles by using various movements that rely on proper posture and balance, improving your body’s flexibility. Many people can use slam balls to develop their balance and posture, including beginners or experienced athletes. Many professionals throw themselves off balance with slam balls to train the core muscle groups that help develop their balance and posture.

Cardio fitness

Slam balls are underrated when it comes to helping you develop your cardiovascular fitness. Studies have also shown that slam ball exercises offer equal levels of strain as conventional cardio exercises like running or swimming. You can also integrate smaller slam balls into your fitness program for all round fitness development. If you prefer climbing steps, check out the Jacobs Ladder – The Stairway Gtl.

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