What Protein Powder is Best for Those With Diabetes?

Protein is essential for weightlifting because it contains the raw materials for building muscles. Many people get their proteins from protein-filled meals, while some prefer protein shakes for that protein boost. You may be a …

Protein is essential for weightlifting because it contains the raw materials for building muscles. Many people get their proteins from protein-filled meals, while some prefer protein shakes for that protein boost. You may be a protein shake person, but with dietary restrictions like diabetes, and this article will advise on the best protein powders you can take if you have diabetes. 

According to the diabetes council, here are some of the best protein powders you can consider if you have diabetes:

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Quest protein powder

Quest protein powder is a delicious protein that works well with persons with diabetes. The powder’s taste allows you to still get great results by mixing it with just water. A scoop (31g) of the protein powder contains about 110 calories, including 24g of protein and only 1.5g and 2g of fat and carb. The scoop also contains less than 1g of sugar.  

Quest protein powder also comprises 60% whey isolate protein which helps with fast absorption, and 40% casein, assisting with slower absorption. This combination is helpful after workouts or in the evenings so the protein can absorb while you sleep. However, the protein powder is slightly costlier than most as it only contains about 23/24 servings per pack. 

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

Gold Standard is a high-quality protein shake that works well with diabetic weightlifters who require protein powder as a supplement. The protein powder has various flavors, including banana, which is unavailable across other protein brands.

A 31g scoop of the optimum nutrition gold standard protein powder gives you about 24g whey isolate and concentrate at about 120 calories. Furthermore, the same amount gives only about 1.5g of fat, 4g of carbs, and 2g of sugar, providing minimal concerns for persons with diabetes.

In addition to its good taste, the powder’s different flavors also mix instantly and don’t clump together into protein balls.

Nutricost Whey Protein

This is another protein powder that you can take if you have diabetes. It is a relatively cheap whey protein concentrate, missing out on whey isolate for fast absorption. Nevertheless, it is half the price of a high-quality protein. Because of its flexibility, you can get the flavored options or get an unflavored variant and mix it with any flavor you like or mix it with a smoothie.

A similar 31g scoop gives you 25g protein, 2.5g fat, and 1g carbs with 1g of sugar for 130 calories. Furthermore, the whey concentrate combination with minimal extra fat to slow absorption and sugar results in a protein powder that is excellent for people with diabetes.

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins is another protein powder that offers options with its protein. For example, it includes beauty collagen, which is suitable for diabetics and persons who are or intend to lose a considerable amount of fat. This is because the collagen and the protein powder’s other ingredients will support your skin, allowing it to rebound after a significant loss.

Two 19g scoops of Vital Proteins offer you 14g of protein, zero fat, and 3g of carb with 2g of sugar for 70 calories. The powder also gives you additional collagen peptides from cows and 120mg of hyaluronic acid. In addition, you also get extra probiotics for your intestine’s health enhancement.

You should note that Vital Proteins is not whey protein but is nevertheless an excellent protein with a great protein-to-calorie ratio. Furthermore, its minimal sugar and great taste make it worth your consideration.

Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Powder

Syntrax is a relatively costly and premium protein powder, but it offers a great-tasting protein powder across a range of fruit and dessert flavors that are peculiar across protein powders. The whey protein isolate also promises what you expect from a premium brand. Furthermore, the pure whey protein isolate contains zero fat and zero sugar, making it ideal for people with diabetes. 

For 100 calories, you receive 23g of protein, 0g of fat, 0g of carb, and 0g of sugar with no additional features or products. Essentially, it is a simple and straightforward protein powder. With the absence of carbs and sugar, the Syntrax Nectar Whey Protein Powder is ideal for people with diabetes who still crave sweetness in some of their meals.

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Why protein powders are important

Protein powders help you increase your protein bank for muscle building. Proteins comprise amino acids, which are your muscle’s building blocks. Because protein powders and shakes have essential amino acids that your body may not have but need for muscle growth, you give your body the necessary materials to grow muscles when you drink them. Research has demonstrated that protein supplements considerably develop muscle strength and size in healthy persons who engage in resistance exercise training like lifting weights.

Benefits of protein shakes

Feeling fuller for long

 A trick many persons seeking to drop weights try to master is feeling full for extended periods so that they can reduce their consumption. Protein shakes can come in handy in this regard, as they can keep you feeling satiated for longer periods. If you are interested in protein shakes to supplement your meals, try out the Premier Protein Shake, Caramel, 11.5 Fl. Oz

Extra nutrition

Like most macros, ingesting enough protein is necessary for your body’s optimal performance. However, reaching your body’s protein intake requirement from standard meals may be challenging, especially if you have dietary restrictions. You can use protein shakes to boost your numbers if you struggle with reaching your daily protein intake level. You should try out the BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle Pro Series to drink your shakes on the go.

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