How Long Does a Protein Shake Last in the Fridge?

Protein shakes are many weightlifters’ best friends, so there is a propensity to buy or prepare them the night before you hit the gym. If this is you, you may wonder how best to preserve …

Protein shakes are many weightlifters' best friends, so there is a propensity to buy or prepare them the night before you hit the gym. If this is you, you may wonder how best to preserve your protein shake and whether it can survive the night or two in your fridge. This article will answer your questions about how long protein shakes last in the fridge and other tips to keep your shakes fresh and safe to use. 

You probably already know that your favorite protein shake can not survive the elements once you mix it. However, you wonder if you can buy extra time by refrigerating it. You would be happy to learn that homemade refrigerated shakes can safely last about 72 hours. However, it runs the risk of separation, so you may still have to reblend it. You should note that this only applies if you combine powder, milk, or water. On the other hand, the shake may not survive despite the chill if you mix it with extra foods

How long will my protein shake last unrefrigerated?

If, for some reason, you are out of power or cannot access or use a refrigerator, you may begin to wonder how long your shake has till it becomes unusable. Unrefrigerated protein shakes can last around two hours before they become bad and unsafe to drink. So, while you may be able to prepare it just in time for gym and drink it right after, you may be unable to prepare it the night before your gym. If you make it before the gym and you want to take it along, you can use the BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle Pro Series

Can I mix alcohol with my protein shake?

To learn what occurs when you mix protein shakes and alcohol, you should first understand what happens when you consume either of them. What happens with alcohol is straightforward; it enters your digestive tract and goes into your bloodstream. Through this route, it hitches along with your blood and travels to every part of your body. Alcohol gets to your brain first, with its influence depending on different factors, such as how much alcohol you drink, whether you had anything to eat before drinking it, and your tolerance level. Eventually, your liver breaks down all the alcohol in your bloodstream.

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Unlike alcohol, protein shakes enable you to improve your protein storage for muscle building. Amino acids are vital for life and, more crucially, for building muscles. Protein shakes comprise key amino acids; when you ingest them, you give your body with necessary materials to build muscles. You may think that while your protein shake does its thing, the alcohol will similarly do its thing without any effects on one another. However, mixing protein shakes and alcohol may not have the result you expect.

Research has shown that mixing both liquids, particularly after exercising, can reduce muscle growth and recovery rate. The study showed that alcohol reduces rates of MPS, even if you mix it with protein. As a result, the study concluded that alcohol ingestion limits the anabolic response in skeletal muscle and can affect muscle recovery. Alcohol also affects how your body makes amino acids from proteins into. Because of this, you can not get as much benefit from the shake as it becomes difficult for your body to absorb the proteins it offers. 

Can you drink protein shakes on rest days?

After discovering that you can preserve your protein shake a bit longer than you may have expected, you may wonder if you can use it on your rest days. Lucky for you, there is no better time to use your protein shake. Protein is key for muscle recovery; as it turns out, muscles recover better on rest days. Because of this, you should eat high-quality protein meals, like your protein shake, especially on your rest days. This will help you enjoy accelerated muscle recovery and development.

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Why are protein shakes important? 

Protein shakes are essential for weightlifters for many reasons. Primarily, they help you improve your protein storage for muscle building. Proteins consist of amino acids, your muscle’s building blocks. While your body produces a decent amount of amino acids. It does not produce some of the amino acids essential for muscle growth. So you need external sources like meat, beans, nuts, and soy for these essential muscle-building proteins. Because protein shakes comprise essential amino acids, your body may not produce, drinking them gives your body vital resources when you drink them.

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Tips to keep your pre-workout fresh

The best advice is to get a good pre-workout like the Nitrosurge Pre Workout Supplement, but here are other tips:

Do not buy in bulk

With pre-workouts, like other supplements, you get enough quantity relative to its expiration date. For example, you can get about 30 to 45 servings from a typical pre-workout tub with a two-year quality guarantee before expiration. As a result, a tub provides you with ample usage.  

Keep it away from water.

This is necessary because your pre-workout will clump up as soon as it contacts moisture, which will only quicken its descent into an unusable substance. As an extension, you should only scoop out the tub’s content with clean spoons. 

Keep its cap on

This is necessary to keep your pre-workout fresh. Leaving it open makes it easier for water, bacteria, and other contaminants to have a field day with it. More than just keeping the cap on, you should ensure you properly and tightly close it to prevent air from getting in.

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