Who Created and Who Has Lifted the Millennium Dumbbell?

In weightlifting and general physical fitness, there is always a bigger fish that can lift even bigger pounds. One of the most elite and exclusive clubs in the strongmen category is the club of people …

In weightlifting and general physical fitness, there is always a bigger fish that can lift even bigger pounds. One of the most elite and exclusive clubs in the strongmen category is the club of people who have lifted the millennium dumbbell. This article will look at the origins of the millennium dumbbell and persons who have successfully lifted the dumbbells. 

Who created the Millenium Dumbbell?

Strongman Steve Gardner created this very impractical dumbbell as a strongman challenge. As a result, you are very unlikely to find this dumbbell at your local gym, nor is it something that anyone can really use for day-to-day weightlifting workout programs. Gardener allegedly created the Millenium Dumbbell as an upgrade from the previous ultimate dumbbell, “the one-inch dumbbell.”

As you would expect, the strongest people find it extremely challenging to pick the dumbbells up. As a result, the list of people who have accomplished the feat is short. 

Who has lifted the millennium dumbbell?

Expectedly, Steve Gardner, the creator, is one of the persons who have successfully lifted the Millenium dumbbells. He was also the first to perform the feat; you can watch the video here. However, the current record holder on the behemoth is Laine Snook, who lifted not one, but a pair of the Millenium Dumbbells at once. You can watch his impressive feat here. Other verified persons who have lifted the monster of peak fitness include Joel Sward, Steve Haugen, and Brian Shaw.

Why is the Millenium Dumbbell so hard to lift 

The Millennium Dumbbell weighs about 228 lbs. However, this is not primarily why it is so difficult to lift. It is even harder to lift than heavier cheap adjustable dumbbells on the market. Its difficulty comes from the diameter of its handle. The Millenium Dumbbell’s handle measures 2.38” in thickness, which is about the size of a can of soda, making it much harder than your average bar. 

Because of how huge the handles are, it is challenging to get a proper grip on it to lift it properly. As a result, you need more than just the strength to lift 228 lbs off the ground but the grip strength to support such weight. So more than just phenomenal carrying power, you need exceptional grip strength.  Because of the challenge’s difficulty, it is more favorable to those with huge hands. It will be ridiculously difficult to lift it with smaller hands, if not impossible, as you will be unable to produce the necessary grip, even if you can deadlift 1000 lbs. For comparison, Laine Snook is about 6’8” huge, and Steve Haugen is famous for its grip. You can improve your grip with gloves like Rogue Mechanix Gloves V2.

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Where can you purchase the Millenium Dumbbell?

If this interests you and you decide you want to get it, you should know that it is unlikely you can purchase it. The Millennium Dumbbell enjoyed only limited production. Furthermore, the molds used for the initial Millennium Dumbbell have allegedly been retired or destroyed. In addition, someone involved in the initial manufacturing process said shipping the dumbbells would cost around $1,000 to get this to a home or gym in the US. 

The manufacturers of the Millenium Dumbbell never intended it to be a mass-produced item, and it is not up for sale as a result. Nevertheless, several companies commercially manufacture other huge dumbbells, like the Rogue Monsterbell. However, you would have to make do with these as they also fall short of the Millenium Dumbbell’s original weight and handle size. For your more average hands, you should try out the Rogue Kettlebell.

The dumbbells are just too impractical or unusable by most people, so selling them does not make commercial sense as only a few people can so much as lift them, much less use them. Most gyms, too, would see no need to buy them as you can not incorporate them into your regular dumbbell program. 

Tips on improving your general strength 

If the Millenium Dumbbell has moved you and you want to improve your general strength levels, here are some tips for you:

Train consistently

Consistency is necessary for weightlifting. Your body gets used to the new stress levels as you consistently engage your muscles. The effect is that you get stronger. However, as your body is quick to learn new stress levels, it is also quick to forget, so it returns to the necessary strength level that can take you through a regular non-weightlifting day if you stop working out. Because of this, it may be challenging to get stronger if you do not introduce or maintain consistency in your training.

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Eat well

Eating is a primary aspect of weightlifting. The food you eat offers you the necessary energy for energy-intensive activities like weightlifting. The resulting point is that your meals should be nutritious and well-balanced so that your body obtains the best nutrients from them to fuel your weightlifting activities. Furthermore, a balanced breakfast is especially key on days you have to work out. This is because skipping such breakfast can make you lethargic or lightheaded during the exercises, making it harder to do any proper work.

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Increase your calorie intake

Raising your calorie intake is vital if you want to get stronger. This is because a positive relationship exists between increased muscle mass and strength. As a result, you need to build muscles, so you have to increase your calorie intake. Calories are essential for muscle building as they fuel the process. You can up your calories through meal replacement powders, and I recommend the Premier Protein Shake, Caramel, 11.5 Fl. Oz.

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