Can you do calisthenics every day without risking injury?

Yes, you can do calisthenics every day without injuring yourself. But, make sure you do not exert yourself to the extent that you suffer from muscle fatigue. Doing full-body calisthenics every day can be a …

can you do calisthenics every day

Yes, you can do calisthenics every day without injuring yourself. But, make sure you do not exert yourself to the extent that you suffer from muscle fatigue. Doing full-body calisthenics every day can be a good idea for those who travel a lot or have a rather busy schedule. You can do a few reps while waiting for the water to heat up or until the dinner is ready. But, if you are a fitness enthusiast, athlete, or someone who wants to build an enviable body, doing calisthenics everyday may not be enough. You need to add strength training, cardio, and other forms of workouts to your routine because each of them has its own benefits. Plus, you also need to give your muscles ample rest so they can recover and get stronger for the next session. 

If you still want to do calisthenics every day, keep reading the article to understand how and if it can benefit you. I have also shared some tips that can help you prevent injuries or muscle fatigue.

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What can happen if you do calisthenics every day? 

Many calisthenic exercises are beginner-friendly. If you are not a very active and healthy person, basic calisthenic exercises such as plank holds, squats, crunches, sit-ups, wall push-ups, etc. can improve your flexibility and prepare you for advanced exercises such as pullups and dips. By doing calisthenics every day, you will improve your overall strength, stamina, and endurance so you can go for other forms of workouts such as strength training, cardio, etc. 

Calisthenics are easier on joints. If you are trying to lose weight, these low-impact workouts can reduce stress on your joints so you can maintain your continuity for as long as possible. Plus, even though they are easy, bodyweight workouts help increase your resting metabolic rate, making you burn more calories throughout the day. That's why doing calisthenics every day can help you reach your fitness goals faster. 

If you are an already active person, doing calisthenics every day can build your endurance and muscle strength. Although you are only using your body weight, by changing the intensity of your exercises, you can get a decent burn and the progressive overload you need to challenge your muscles. 

Improved concentration, higher energy levels, improved overall fitness, improved balance and coordination, and increased body awareness are some other benefits of doing calisthenics every day. 

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Risks of doing calisthenics every day

When you are trying to get into shape, the last thing you would want to do is to skip exercising even for a day. But, that's the biggest and most common mistake beginners make. 

When you exercise, you challenge your muscles to do something they usually don’t do. You go beyond your comfort zone and this puts some stress on muscle tissues. Don’t worry; this stress and damage are for good. The more they get damaged, the stronger they become when they recover fully. So, recovery is a crucial part of your fitness plan. 

If you do not provide adequate rest and proper nutrition to your muscles, they may get fatigued. Severely damaged muscles may make it difficult to exercise any further. They may take weeks or months to recover. This prolonged rest may decrease whatever muscle mass you may have gained during your workout. That's why doing advanced calisthenics every day may not be a good idea.

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How to avoid getting injured if you choose to do calisthenics every day?

As I said above, the safest way you can continue doing calisthenics every day is by preventing muscle fatigue. Here are some tips that may help you-

  • Do not target a single set of muscle groups for more than three days in a row. Give them a break so they can recover. 
  • If you want to do calisthenics every day, you have to go slow and do less strenuous exercises. Challenging workouts must be followed by rest. 
  • Make sure you warm up and stretch before and after your workout to prevent injury. 
  • Massage the muscles you targeted to improve blood circulation and promote faster recovery. 
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep.  

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Will you get results if you do calisthenics every day?

Why wouldn’t you? 

Anything form of exercise, when done consistently, gives an outcome. But, if you want better results, you need to change the intensity of your workouts progressively. You may increase the number of reps or you may make them more and more challenging. Progressive training is the only way you can avoid a fitness plateau. 

How many days a week should you do calisthenics?

There is no golden rule so you can do as many times as you like. But, I would advise you to add more variety to your routine so you can target different muscles in different ways. Plus, you won’t get bored doing the same types of exercises every day. 

Typically, you should aim for calisthenics two days a week, strength training, HIIT, kickboxing, dance, cardio, etc. on the rest of the days. Make sure you give one day of rest to your muscles.

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Wrap up 

I hope this article helps you understand if and how you can do calisthenics everyday. If you are looking for more such helpful information or want to learn the basics of various workouts, keep reading our other articles. Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any query.