Best Resistance Loop Bands for your Home Gym

If you have read our blog on best resistance bands for home gyms, you probably have got an idea of how useful they are. These ridiculously versatile bands are extensively used for rehabilitation purposes, so …

Best Resistance Loop Bands for your Home Gym

If you have read our blog on best resistance bands for home gyms, you probably have got an idea of how useful they are. These ridiculously versatile bands are extensively used for rehabilitation purposes, so most gym rats often underestimate them. They often assume that these rubber exercise bands are for beginners and for those who do not have much space or budget to buy free weights or weight training racks. 

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But, this is a myth

It is proven that resistance bands offer the same workout benefits that you can get from free weights. They are equally effective for challenging your muscles, building muscular strength, improving flexibility, and getting a better workout benefit. 

Resistance bands are of two types; tube bands and loop bands. Although both of them work on the principle of resistance, they are meant for different purposes and different people. Here are some key differences between them:

CriteriaResistance Tube BandResistance Loop Band
Resistance levelsProvides progressive resistance i.e. you can club them together to create as much resistance as you wantDoesn’t provide progressive resistance. You can use one at a time. Further, the resistance of the loops is much less than what you can expect from the tubes.
Popular uses Full-body workout, fat burning, increasing muscle endurance,  Lower body exercises, fat burning at a targeted spot, increasing flexibility after rehab or otherwise, warm up, stretching, yoga, pilates, etc. 
Ease of useYou would require handles, ankle straps, door anchors, etc. Usually all major resistance band sets come with these accessoriesNo accessories needed
CostHigher than loop bandsOne of the most inexpensive home gym accessories
Target audienceAlmost anyone who is not suffering from joint issues. Specifically for people with serious fitness goalsAlmost anyone but serious trainers wouldn’t like them much. They are for people who are looking for low impact workouts, and for those who are undergoing rehab. 

If you feel resistance tube bands are suitable for you, do check out our blog on 7 best resistance bands. Or else, scroll below and see our top 7 loop band recommendations. 

But, did you know you can use both of them? The tube one for upper body exercises and the loop one for lower body exercises

7 best resistance loop bands for simple yet effective workouts

NameMaterialResistance rangeOur ratingPrice
Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands100% natural latex5-40 lbs4.6Check Price
Te-Rich Resistance BandsElasticized cottonNot mentioned4.9Check Price
Spawn fitness resistance bandsElasticized cottonNot mentioned4.7Check Price
Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands100% natural latex2-30 lbs4.8Check Price
Limm Resistance Loop Bands100% natural latex4-40 lbs4.7Check price
Recredo Booty BandsElasticized cottonNot mentioned4.8Check Price
Insonder Resistance Bands100% natural latex15-40 lbs4.6Check Price

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands are thicker than the cheaper resistance loop bands with 5 bands that can offer from 5lbs to 40lbs of resistance

Do you know what is the most annoying problem with loop bands?

They roll up, especially when you use them on bare skin or lose clothing. This causes inconvenience and disruption during workouts. 

But, Letsfit resistance bands do not roll. The manufacturer states that these loop bands have an anti-slip pattern on the inner side that prevents rolling and slipping. 


  • The pack contains 5 bands that can offer from 5lbs to 40lbs of resistance
  • As mentioned above, the inner layer has diamond embossed design that prevents it from rolling and slipping. 
  • These exercise bands are made of 100% natural latex
  • A carry bag and an instruction booklet is also included in the kit. So, if you are new to loop bands, you can get help from the booklet. 

What we love about it:

  • They are thicker than the cheaper resistance loop bands that break or lose their elasticity after a few uses. 
  • 100% natural latex is strong and durable. You can expect these bands to last for quite some time. 
  • The bands do not slip even on sweaty skin, which is amazing. Here is a buyer’s feedback on its anti-slip design: 

The ones I normally use do not have the grips, and although they give you a good workout, they can be tough to use because they slip a lot during certain types of exercises (and as you get sweatier). It’s definitely worth it to pay the little bit extra for the non-slip. I’ve been using them for 3 weeks now, and they haven’t been slipping.”

Things that could be improved: 

  • A few buyers have stated that the width of these products need to be improved
  • Some of them mentioned that the bands do roll up sometimes. But, they are still better than others which do not have the anti-slip patterns. 

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Our Review: 

Being inexpensive, this Letsfit resistance loop band set is a great starter kit. The grippy inner side is a game changer because the rolling bands are too annoying. The maximum resistance is 40 lbs which is perfect for beginners and those who are undergoing therapy.  

Te-Rich Resistance Bands

Te-Rich Resistance Bands are made of fabric, a high-quality elastic cotton so they are more comfortable on skin

Another common issue with loop bands is that they have a rubbery feeling. When you use them on bare skin, they may cause discomfort when they rub against your skin. 

So, if you are willing to spend some more dollars, buy Te-Rich loop exercise bands. They are made of fabric, which is why they are more comfortable on skin. 


  • As mentioned above, it is made of high-quality elastic cotton. T
  • Fabric makes them more comfortable than the rubber loop bands. 
  • These fabric resistance booty bands measure 3.15 inches wide and 13.6 inches in length. Their diameter is less than rubber bands but width is more. Lesser diameter means you will have to apply more force to use them. Wider width indicates more comfort. 
  • The manufacturer is offering 45 days money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty

What we like about it: 

  • The woven fabric with thin bands of latex stitching is thick and heavy-duty. They won’t snap or roll over. 
  • These fabric loop bands offer much more resistance than what you can expect from the latex exercise bands. 
  • They are more durable than the rubber ones. 

Here is what a buyer has to say about its resistance and comfort: 

These are some tough workout bands. They feel much stronger than the rubber resistance bands that I’m used to. Since these are made out of cloth they feel a lot better when they are rubbing against my skin when I use them. The rubber bands that I use to use always felt a little abrasive on my skin. I use these bands mainly to work on my quads and hamstrings at the gym. They are a supplement to my workout routine.

Things that can be improved: 

  • As mentioned above, the resistance is much more than what the standard latex exercise bands offer. So, beginners will find it hard to use. 
  • They do not have much range of motion. So, no matter how hard you try, they will stretch upto a certain limit unlike latex bands that give you a good stretch. But, they are booty bands and they are supposed to be tight. 

Our rating: 4.9/5

Our Verdict: 

These are tough booty workout bands. Their width is less because they are supposed to fit snugly on your butt and thighs, so you will have to apply a good amount of force to move them. They are not meant for rehabilitation purposes

Spawn Fitness Resistance Bands

Spawn Fitness Resistance Bands are also fabric bands made of elasticized cottons for beginners and intermediates that comes in a set of 3

If you are a beginner, the Te-Rich bands would be too tough for you. You must try Spawn fitness booty workout bands. These are also fabric bands made of elasticized cotton. They come in a set of three and their resistance is good enough for beginners and intermediates


  • This set of booty loop bands contains 3 elasticized cotton bands that offer three different levels of resistance. 
  • The bands measure 3” in width and 14.5”, 16.5” and 18.5” in diameter. 
  • They are double stitched at all necessary places to enhance their durability
  • They come with a money-back guarantee. 

What we like about it:

  • They are made of high-quality cotton, so they do not cause itching or irritation when used on bare skin. 
  • They are thick and durable
  • The resistance is enough for beginners, intermediates, and for those who are undergoing rehab. 
  • You can hand-wash them to maintain their hygiene. 

Here is a buyer’s feedback on their quality:

“Do not hesitate to purchase these resistance bands. My last pair of resistance bands, another brand, just snapped on me one during my work out. I was on the search for a pair that will not break. I decided to give these a try. They are great quality which will last and most definitely take my workout to the next level. Family owned business with 5 star service too. Will be recommending to friends and family.” 

Things that could be improved: 

  • A few buyers have stated that they do not roll up or curl but they do slip
  • Some buyers have stated that when they received these butt bands, they had a strong chemical smell. You can air them out for a few days or maybe wash them. 

Our rating: 4.7/5

Our verdict: 

If you are new to resistance bands and want something inexpensive to start with, Spawn fitness resistance loop bands are one of the best options you have. Their price is just a little above the latex ones. These booty workout bands are highly durable and won’t lose their stretch with time. The resistance is enough to last for a few years until you outgrow them. So, go for it. 

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands are meant for booty workout or if you need something for rehabilitation purposes or light exercises

Fabric bands are usually meant for booty workouts. But, if you need something for rehabilitation purposes or light exercises, then this pack of Fit Simplify resistance bands are a good choice. 


  • They come in a pack of 5, so they are suitable for people with various fitness needs. 
  • They offer 2lbs to 30 lbs of resistance, which is less than LetsFit fitness bands mentioned above. 
  • They are thicker than the other rubber loop bands. 
  • These exercise loop bands are made of 100% natural latex. They do not contain TPE, which is why they are more durable and gentle on skin. 

What we like about it: 

  • The minimum resistance is 2 lbs, which makes it suitable for beginners and people who have joint problems. 
  • They do roll but their rolling issue is not that severe because they are thick. 
  • The resistance range of 2 to 40 lbs, which is amazing. You won’t outgrow them anytime soon. 

Here is what a buyer has to say about the rolling issue

“There have been some criticisms of these bands rolling up, but I find that if you are using them properly, with correct tension in the correct placement, it will not roll up. For example, placing bands around the ankles might cause them to roll up if you don't keep proper tension because there is less surface area on the ankles and the ankles are bumpy. My only concern is that the bands will get stretched out, but we shall see!”

Things that can be improved: 

  • They do not have a grippy inner surface, so they do roll when they are not stretched properly. But, you can’t ask for anything more for the price they are available. 
  • They have a strong rubbery smell. You will have to air them out or wash them to get rid of it. 

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Our verdict: 

This is one of the top-rated and most-rated loop exercise bands on Amazon. So, there is no doubt these are worth the extra dollars they charge. The other latex loop bands are less expensive, so if budget is not your concern, go for it. 

Limm Resistance Loop Bands

Limm Resistance Loop Bands is another pair of inexpensive loop resistance bands suitable for beginners, intermediates and therapy purposes

This is another pair of inexpensive loop resistance bands. Like other products listed above, these are also suitable for beginners and intermediates and therapy purposes. 


  • It is available in multiple sets. Beginners can buy the set of 5 whereas advanced trainers can buy a set of two heavy-duty bands. 
  • All of them are made of 100% latex
  • They offer a minimum resistance of 4lbs and a maximum resistance of 40lbs. 
  • The Limm loop bands measure 12” X 2”. 
  • A free ebook, a printable workout guide, and access to video tutorials are also included with the pack. 

What we like about it

  • The manufacturer is offering 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty. 
  • 40lbs resistance is excellent. You won’t outgrow it soon. 
  • The manufacturer says that they do not smell but a few buyers have stated that they do smell slightly.
  • Limm has an amazing customer service. In their reviews, many buyers have stated that they did contact the customer service regarding their issues and the company promptly responded. Here is one such feedback from a happy buyer

“Limm reached out and they have been great – they genuinely care about their products and the reputation of their company, and have gone above and beyond in their communication.”

Things that could be improved: 

  • These bands do roll and pinch your skin. Although the issue is not too much, this happens during certain exercises. But, latex bands tend to roll, so there is nothing much that the seller can do about it. 
  • Like other latex loop bands, these can snap when overstretched. But, you can avail the benefits of lifetime warranty. 

Our rating:4.7/5

Our Verdict: 

The Limm resistance loop bands are great workout tools for everyone. 4lbs resistance is sufficient for beginners. Although these bands do have the standard loop band issues such as rolling and pinching, they still do their job pretty well and offer good value for money. 

Recredo Booty Bands

Recredo Booty Bands are thicker and more comfortable with 3 workout loop bands in three different sizes and resistances

Unlike other glute loop bands, these are thicker and more comfortable. This justifies the few extra dollars that you will have to pay for them. Other booty workout bands have only an elastic line, whereas these Recredo resistance bands have white fabric too. This is why they do not cause irritation and rashes when used on bare skin. 


  • The set consists of three workout loop bands available in three different sizes and resistances. 
  • They are made of elasticized fabric, so they do not slip, roll over or pinch. 
  • The manufacturer claims that they retain their elasticity for a very long time
  • These resistance loop bands come with lifetime warranty and money back guarantee
  • The bands come with access to their workout ebook and a video on how to use these bands, so clueless beginners need not worry about how to get started. 

What we like about them:

  • These bands have an extra fabric layer that makes them thicker and more durable than the less expensive fabric exercise bands. 
  • Since they are thicker, they offer more resistance too. 
  • You can hand wash them to maintain their hygiene. 
  • They offer a good amount of resistance for intermediates as well as for advanced trainers. 

Here is a happy buyer’s feedback to help you judge it better: 

But nothing is more annoying about bands than how they roll up on you mid-workout and then you miss several reps cause you’re readjusting. These definitely do not roll! They stay sturdily in place and the fabric isn’t uncomfortable on your skin. I will say it has taken some getting used to because the resistance on these versus the rubbery bands is waaaayyy higher. The strongest band has so much resistance I’m not even using it right now. Maybe never lol.

Things that can be improved: 

  • Many buyers have stated that these loop bands are not ‘beginner-friendly’. Even the light band offers much more resistance than what a beginner can use. 
  • The bands are not labeled. You have to refer to the booklet to find out which one offers what type of resistance. But, you can label them manually or trust your memory. 

Our rating:4.8/5

Our Verdict: 

If you are quite serious about your lower body weight training, you can buy this set without giving any second thought. All three of them are of different sizes, so even plus size people can use them without feeling too tight. 

Insonder Resistance Bands

Insonder Resistance Bands are mini loop bands available in many different combinations with no-snap guarantee

These mini loop bands are available in many different combinations. Three of them have standard latex band width whereas one is wider and is equivalent to fabric bands. The wider one is specifically meant for booty workout whereas others can be used for upper body workouts. 


  • The pack contains three regular bands measuring 30 X 5 cm and one hip band measuring 30 X 10cm.
  • The bands are made of 100% pure eco-friendly latex. 
  • A free ebook is included with this Insonder resistance band set.
  • The manufacturer offers a no-snap guarantee. 
  • Insonder Resistance Bands offer 15-40lbs of resistance.  

What we like about it

  • This mini loop band set is designed to provide you a full body workout. 
  • Due to its extra width, the glute workout band stays at its place just like the fabric bands. 
  • Being made of eco-friendly latex, these mini loop bands are comfortable and durable. Here is a happy buyer’s experience that will help you buy it confidently. 

These are awesome! I have thick thighs and I have no problems with these. If they roll up or move then most likely you’re not using the right size for that area. I use these for the treadmill, spin bike, aerobic stepper, elliptical machine, and almost everything else. They won’t tear either because they are very durable.” 

Things that can be improved: 

  • 15 lbs make it unsuitable for beginners and those who are undergoing therapy. They could have added one with lesser resistance. 
  • You need to air them out for a few days to get rid of the rubbery smell. 

Our Rating:  4.6/5

Our Review:

The thicker band doesn’t roll or pinch. So, you can use it on your bare legs. We would recommend this mixed combination of mini workout bands for intermediates and advanced trainers.  

After thoroughly reviewing the top 7 resistance loop bands listed above, we conclude that these work best for lower body workouts such as squats, leg raise, cutesy lunges, kicks, etc. If you are planning to use them for squats, here is a helpful blog on the basics of squatting and how to begin

Although most manufacturers claim their products to have anti-snap properties, the truth is that they do snap. This happens because of overstretching. To make your bands last longer, do not stretch them beyond 2.5 times their diameter. 

Another reason why loop bands snap is because they dry out. Never expose your latex exercise bands directly to the sun or store them in hot conditions. Latex contains moisture, which is why they are stretchy. If they dry out, they will become brittle. 

We hope this blog helps you choose the right product for your home gym. For more useful information and product recommendations, please read our other blogs too.