How to Protect Outdoor Gym Equipment

Most of us are familiar with indoor gyms, so it may be a shock that some persons may have challenges protecting their outdoor gym equipment. The outdoor gym is getting popular because of its immense …

Most of us are familiar with indoor gyms, so it may be a shock that some persons may have challenges protecting their outdoor gym equipment. The outdoor gym is getting popular because of its immense benefits, including more space, air, and many others. If you want to get a home gym or already have one and want to know how to protect them, you have come to the right place. This article will examine how to protect outdoor gym equipment to help ensure that your equipment lasts longer. 

There are many things you have to worry about when it comes to protecting your outdoor equipment. You have to worry about rain, water, dirt, rust, heat, thieves, and many others. Here are some tips that can help you protect your outdoor gym equipment:

Get outdoor-proof gym equipment

The first step you have to take is to get outdoor gym equipment. While some gym pieces of equipment are for indoor use, several manufacturers also develop gym equipment, especially for outdoor use.  These pieces of equipment typically come with corrosion protection and UV resistance, helping them withstand the elements more than the average gym equipment. Usually, equipment developed from aluminum, or stainless steel is less vulnerable to corrosion as much as those from Black Oxide or Bare Steel. This means that getting outdoor-proof equipment may be costlier upfront, but it is worth the extra cost.

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Seal gaps

Many metal-based outdoor pieces of equipment typically feature gaps that can allow water to get into them. As a result, ensuring that the gaps remain sealed can prevent damage, including rust, to the metal. As soon as you get the pieces of equipment, be sure to check them out for such gaps so you can plug them in immediately. However, if water has made its way into your equipment, it is possible to remove it with muriatic acid. You should ensure you are in protective gear as you perform the removal, as it can be dangerous upon contact.

Build a shed for the equipment

You can also improve the safety and longevity of your outdoor gym equipment by building a shed outside and storing it there after using them. This helps you protect them from rain, sunlight, and theft. Ensure your shed is roofed for maximum protection. The type of roof you select generally influences the level of protection your equipment will enjoy and for how long. Furthermore, more than just installing a roof, ensure it is properly installed so you do not get any shocking deterioration.

Keep electrified equipment inside

While you may be able to keep your free weights outside, keeping machines with electrical components outside may be challenging. Common home gym machines like rowing machines, ellipticals, treadmills, and spin bikes have electrical components that limit them to indoor use. The tiniest contact or exposure of the electrical components to water or humidity can severely and irreparably affect their performance. If you go for the indoor gym and you want a rowing machine, I recommend the Black Concept 2 Rowerg Rower – Pm5.

Secure the equipment

While building a shed may offer some form of security for the gym pieces of equipment, you may need to secure them properly. Gym equipment can be costly, and outdoor-specific equipment is even costlier. As a result, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to protect them from thieves and burglars. You can get strong padlocks to keep the shed locked while away. You can also build your outdoor gym somewhere that is away from public view and not easily accessible. Depending on your setup's cost, you can also consider an alarm and CCTV system to alert you of any unauthorized entry and keep tabs on them. 

Benefits of an outdoor gym

Here are some of the perks you will enjoy if you opt for an outdoor gym:

It is airy

One primary benefit of working out outdoors is the excellent ventilation you enjoy. Indoor gyms may be stuffy despite your best efforts at ventilating your indoor gym. Ventilation is necessary for working out because working out is very aerobic. As a result, you will enjoy your cardio exercises better if you do them in an outdoor gym. Besides enjoying it, You want to avoid taking in too little air while doing your aerobic exercises, as you will find yourself tiring out faster. If you are a big fan of cardio exercises, try out the Sharewin Foldable Treadmill.

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You get more space

Space is essential for any gym, including a home gym. This is because it allows you to comfortably house more extensive gym equipment such as cable machines, treadmills, rowing machines, and many more. Away from bigger machines, you also need them for your free weights, squat racks, and benches. The space will also be beneficial if you are claustrophobic, enabling you to work out comfortably. Lastly, you will also benefit from the extra space if you are one of many using the gym simultaneously. If you need a portable treadmill that you can use in your apartment, try out the Real Relax 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill.

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An additional advantage of outdoor set-ups is the flexibility you enjoy. Because not many typically go into outdoor gyms, you can move your equipment around and rearrange them easily. Depending on your outdoor flooring, you can also go without gym mats to reduce the shock from dropping your weights. However, regardless of the kind of flooring you have, or even if you have gym mats, you should still remain careful about how you drop your weights. 

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