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The 5 Best Leg Press Machines For Your Home Gym

This article is a detailed leg press machine buying guide. It is intended to help you provide all the necessary details that you may need to choose the perfect equipment for your home gym. I have briefly explained the types of leg press machines, their uses, benefits, noteworthy features, and the technology they use. This

What Is A Nordic Hamstring Curl Machine?

Recently, we have come up with quite a few in-depth articles on exercises that can help you get stronger, more defined leg muscles. We have written about how sissy squats can help you isolate, target, and build the quadricep muscles. We have also suggested 5 different leg press foot positions that can help you strengthen

Sissy Squat

Everything You Want To Know About Sissy Squats

First thing; do not misunderstand ‘sissy squat’ because of its name. There is nothing sissy about it.  Rather, it is probably one of the most challenging squats you could practice. Because it doesn’t just require you to squat but also to lean back while doing so. Can you imagine how challenging it could be, especially

What Is the Best Smith Machine for a Home Gym?

What Is the Best Smith Machine for a Home Gym?

Have you seen a rack-like thing in a commercial gym that has a barbell attached to it? The barbell just goes up and down and can be hooked at whatever position you want. That’s a smith machine.  They are quite popular in commercial gyms because they eliminate the need for a spotter. Most people assume

PELLOR Forearm Wrist Trainer and Cable Pulley System Review

PELLOR Forearm Wrist Trainer and Cable Pulley System Review

Millions of people across the globe are investing in home gym equipment for keeping themselves in shape as well as to relieve their stress and excess energy when they are stuck at home due to pandemic. People who have a decent amount of space can go for full-sized equipment such as power racks, treadmills, cycles,

Best Lat Pulldown Machines

Best Lat Pulldown Machines for Your Home Gym

Looking for a great Lat Pulldown Machine for your home gym? Look no further. We have done our research to help save you time and dollars! It is a moderately-priced, solidly-built, compact lat pulldown machine with a 400 lb weight capacity, which makes it suitable for beginner to intermediate-level trainers. It is so compact that