PELLOR Forearm Wrist Trainer and Cable Pulley System Review

Millions of people across the globe are investing in home gym equipment for keeping themselves in shape as well as to relieve their stress and excess energy when they are stuck at home due to …

PELLOR Forearm Wrist Trainer and Cable Pulley System Review

Millions of people across the globe are investing in home gym equipment for keeping themselves in shape as well as to relieve their stress and excess energy when they are stuck at home due to pandemic. People who have a decent amount of space can go for full-sized equipment such as power racks, treadmills, cycles, ellipticals, etc. 

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Many of us, however, do not have enough space and budget to buy heavy-duty equipment that require a dedicated space. Thankfully, there are numerous inexpensive and compact home gym equipment that can provide you a killer workout. They are ridiculously inexpensive as compared to treadmills and squat racks and yet, they can help you build muscles and improve your stamina, and strength. 

Some of them are: 

  • Resistance bands 
  • Loop bands
  • Cable pulley system
  • Pushup bars and handles
  • Adjustable kettlebells
  • Under Desk ellipticals
  • Ab rollers

There are many more and we have created specific blogs on them to help you choose the right ones. For example, you can refer to our blog on best resistance loop bands to help you tone your legs and butts. Our blog on best push-up bars and handles can help you intensify your bodyweight workouts. 

In this blog, we will be discussing Pellor Forearm wrist trainer and cable pulley system. Like other products mentioned above, this one too is inexpensive and doesn’t require a dedicated space. It is specifically meant for strengthening and toning of the upper body muscles such as the arms, neck, shoulders, and abdomen. It has a weight capacity of 40lbs, which is enough for beginners, intermediates, and people who are undergoing therapy or prefer working with low weights. 

Let's start our Pellor cable pulley system review by looking at its key features. 

Features and specifications:

  • The set contains a nylon rope, a pulley, a strap, a carabiner, and a barbell rack attachment. 
  • Suspended weight limit: 40lbs
  • The rope is braided to enhance its durability. 
  • The ends of the rope have rubber stoppers to prevent your hands from slipping away
  • You can attach it to the ceiling, your power rack, or to any place where it can be attached safely. 

A detailed review of Pellor Forearm cable pulley system 

PELLOR Forearm Wrist Trainer and Cable Pulley System set containing nylon rope, a pulley, a strap, a carabiner, and a barbell rack attachment

Build and quality 

Many buyers have stated that this cable pulley system by Pellor does exactly what the manufacturer has stated in the product description. The handle is thick and durable. It is well-padded to let you work comfortably and do as many reps as you want. The pulley is smooth and quiet, which is what you need when you are working out at home. 

As mentioned above, you can only lift up to 40 lbs weight, which may not be enough for bodybuilders and powerlifters but it is still enough for most of us with decent fitness goals. A few buyers have tried adding up to 65 lbs weight and have stated that it still holds up well. However, we strongly recommend that you must not exceed the stated weight. 

Some buyers have stated that the pin that holds the weight is pretty thin but none have ever experienced any durability issues. 


As mentioned above, cable pulley systems are pretty easy to assemble. It can be set up in a minute, disassembled when not needed, and even carried along for travels. Since you can attach it almost anywhere, even on a door bar, it is suitable for people who love exercising at a new spot every day. 

Shipping and delivery 

This is a China product. It takes about 10-14 days for delivery. The product comes in one package. We thoroughly reviewed all the customer feedback and none of them have complained about any missing parts or broken parts. 

Setup and use 

As mentioned above, you do not require any hardware for installation. You don’t even need to drill anything (unless you want to install a hook for the pulley). All you need is a place or a hook on which you can hang it, which can be your ceiling hook, door bar, pullup bar, etc. There is absolutely nothing to assemble. You just need to connect the parts to set it up. It takes just a few minutes for it. 


  • You can set it up and remove it within minutes. Perfect for small homes where you can’t have bigger lat machines. 
  • The pulley operated quietly. Such home gym equipment are a boon for homes. You can work out without disturbing other members of your family, especially your kids. 
  • You can set it up anywhere, even in your living room. Now, you could watch your favorite show while exercising. 
  • The weight capacity is not excellent. Still, 40 lbs is a good amount of weight for most of us. 
  • It is an inexpensive alternative to the lat machines. Some buyers, however, found it to be pricey provided that there is nothing much in it. You can buy a pulley and rope from a hardware store and do some DIY to create your own cable pulley system. But, we would rather suggest you  avoid DIYing. Since you will be using it to pull weights, it could be risky if your project fails. 


  • A few buyers have stated that the cable is actually rope. The product title is misleading. Cables are more durable than ropes. But, this is an inexpensive product and you can’t expect it to come with cables. Moreover, the rope is strong enough to hold 40lbs. 
  • As mentioned above, a few buyers have mentioned that the pin that holds the weight is as thin as a pencil. They are not sure if it can be trusted to hold 40 lbs. Nevertheless, none of the buyers have mentioned durability issues, so we can safely assume that it will hold up well. 
  • The carabiners reflect the typical China quality but they do their job well. 
  • The handle cord is a bit long and cannot be adjusted. 

Our Rating: 4.5/5

Our Verdict: 

Pellor Cable Pulley System offers a good range of exercises for the upper body. There are some noticeable flaws, especially the smaller size and diameter of the holding pin. But, they do not affect its performance. Definitely a good choice for people who are looking for a quick and easy way to tone up their upper body.