The Best Push-up Bars and Push-up Handles for Your Home Gym

If you aren’t finding the regular pushups challenging enough, it's time to buy a push-up bar or push-up handle. These inexpensive home gym accessories are meant to increase the intensity of your workouts. They make you engage more muscles than what is required during regular pushups.  The more muscles you engage, the more benefits you get. 

Further, pushup bars make the hands and wrists align in one line. You won’t have to bend your wrist. This helps take the pressure off the wrist, so you can do more repetitions.  

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Pushup bars are designed to add a range of motion to your exercise. Various studies have proven that this ‘range of motion’ makes your muscles work harder and become stronger. So, if you are after building your upper body strength, you must have these simple and effective workout tools in your home gym.  

Typically there are two types of pushup bars and pushup handles:

  • Traditional pushup bars are stationary metal handles with foam grips.
  • Rotating pushup bars that have a stable base but the handles rotate. 

Watch this video to find out how exactly the rotating bars work: 

As obvious, rotating pushup bars are more challenging than stationary ones. They require you to maintain your balance and stability during workouts. This makes you engage more muscles and use more effort. But, if you are new to push-up bars, you can start with the traditional ones too. 

No matter which one you buy, here are a few things that you must keep in mind:

  • Do not buy a pushup bar that wobbles. Even the rotating ones must not wobble. Wobbling can cause discomfort and injuries. Stability is crucial for any home gym equipment. 
  • High-quality push-up bars and handles must have well-padded handles made of skin-friendly material. Cheap padding can cause blisters

Now that we know why and how to buy a pushup bar or a pushup handle, let's look at some of the best options that we have selected for you. 

7 best pushup bars and handles 

NameBase typeWeight bearing capacityOur rating Price
Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup EliteRotating400lbs4.6Check Price
CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up BarsStationaryNot mentioned4.8Check Price
Power Press Color-Coded Push Up Board SystemStationary board with multiple slots300lbs4.7Check Price
Perfect Fitness Pushup StandsStationaryNot mentioned4.7Check Price
Juperbsky Push-Up StandStationary2200lbs4.8Check Price
JFIT j/fit Pro Push Up Bar StandStationaryNot mentioned4.6Check Price
Elite Sportz Push Up BarsRotatingNot mentioned4.6Check Price

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

This is a Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite
This is a Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

Featuring a patented steel ball bearing system, this pair of rotating pushup bars by Perfect Fitness is suitable for almost everyone, especially those who want to add variety and intensity to their workout routine. Their classy look and amazingly smooth functioning make them suitable for your trendy home gym setting. 


  • It has a weight-bearing capacity of 400 lbs, so you can use it along with weighted vests.
  • The base has a steel ball bearing that makes it rotate slightly, making you engage more muscles
  • The handle is ergonomically designed to reduce impacts on joints.
  • The bottom of the base has rubber treads that provide extra stability. 

What we like about it

  • As mentioned above, the ball bearing system is incredibly smooth and doesn’t hurt. 
  • The pads at the bottom are non-skid and they work well on all types of floors including laminated flooring, concrete, wood, etc.
  • The handle is higher from the ground as compared to other push-up bars in this price range. The higher the handle, the more you can lower your body. This helps engage more muscles.
  • It has a solid built and meant to last long. 

Things that can be improved

  • The handle grips are thick. Women and people with small hands may feel discomfort while using it. 
  • The grip has spiral grooves all over but this makes it slippery. A few buyers have stated that they have to adjust themselves repeatedly as the grip feels slippery. This could affect your repetition. 

This is what a buyer has to say about its grip:

I have two different versions of the Perfect Pushup. Bought them about 10 years apart. These newer Elite version are better overall, The bearings feel smoother, The contact portion of the base is nicer and not just a piece of foam like my older set. The handles are better quality as well, not being foam is a great help. Though the twisted texture can leave marks and be uncomfortable at times.”

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Our Verdict: 

The handles are a concern for ladies and people with small hands. Otherwise it is fantastic equipment. The pushups do go deeper and help you engage most of your upper body and core muscles. The quality is exceptional and justifies the higher price. 

CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars

This is a CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars
This is a CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars

Need a stationary pushup bar that you can use and carry anywhere? Try this pair of CAP push up bar. It is a very basic tool with no fancy feature and yet, it works great for people who are new to pushups. 


  • It is a stationary push-up handle made of tubular steel.
  • The handles are 5” above the ground.
  • The handles are covered with slip-resistant foam. 
  • The footpads are covered with slip-resistant rubber. 

What we like about it

  • They need assembly, which is pretty easy and quick. 
  • They are lightweight and portable. Suitable for people who travel a lot. You don’t need to be dependent on the hotel’s gym anymore. 
  • You can use them on any surface including concrete and hardwood. 
  • Although made of tubular steel, CAP push up bars have a solid built. They are durable and can be used by beginners, intermediates, as well as advanced trainers. 

Things that could be improved

  • The knobs need to be tightened regularly but that shouldn’t be a problem. Rather, that will give you a sense of safety. 
  • A few buyers have stated that the padding on the handles is thin. But, most of them have also stated that it is durable and comfortable. Here is what a buyer has to say about it: 

I have now owned these for 4 years, working out off and on again using these and they are still in great condition. I have literally done thousands of push-ups with these and they have not broken or become unstable in any way, even at my weight. While I still agree with my initial review that the padding on these is too thin, I have updated my rating to 5 stars simply because of their durability.

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Our Verdict: 

The only con we could find in this almost perfect pair of pushup handles is that the foam is thin and rather soft. However, it is durable enough to bear years of use. It is quite an inexpensive piece of home gym equipment and yet, it serves its purpose well. 

Power Press Color-Coded Push Up Board System

This is a Power Press Color-Coded Push Up Board System
This is a Power Press Color-Coded Push Up Board System

If you are new to push-ups and need something that ‘forces’ you to adhere to a proper form and posture, the Power Press push board is for you. It is not just a bar or a handle; it is a board with various slots in which you need to insert the bars. You can choose any slot depending on which muscles you want to work on. 

Watch this video to see how it works. 


  • It is a push-up board that can help maintain correct posture during workout as well as target various areas of your upper body such as chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, etc.
  • There are 14 color-coded preset positions, so you won’t outgrow it any time soon.
  • The handles have non-slip covers to ease pressure on your hands and wrist. 
  • Can be folded for comfortable storage and carrying. 
  • It has 300lbs weight-bearing capacity. 

What we like about it

  • No more guesswork. The preset positions help you maintain a correct posture. 
  • The complimentary workout calendar is of great help for beginners. 
  • The board has rubber footings, which enhances its stability. You can use it on carpeted and uncarpeted floors, including tiles. 
  • It is foldable and doesn’t require much space. 

Here is what a happy buyer has to say: 

This is nothing but a template for push ups, you could easily do the exercises without this product, BUT if you are a beginner like me this is the best you can get! it forces you to do the exercises with proper form and posture! which is something many beginners like me struggle when changing from being a potato to an active person.

Things that could be improved

  • It is pricey. Although the board system acts as a template for beginners, you would still find it hard to justify its price. So, remind yourself that you are paying for the concept and your safe workout experience. 
  • The handles are hard and you may have to take several breaks between your reps. They need more padding. 

Our rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict: 

As mentioned above, this Power Press pushup bar board erases guesswork and helps you target your muscles in the right way. The price is definitely high but if you do not want to compromise, you wouldn’t mind that. 300lbs weight capacity is less. So if you are overweight or have a well-built athletic body, please keep this in mind. 

Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

This is a Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands
This is a Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

This is another inexpensive pushup stand by Perfect Fitness. It doesn’t rotate but it does provide you a stable, non-skid platform to target your upper body muscles. Being inexpensive, there are some flaws but it is a great piece of home gym equipment for beginners and intermediates. 


  • It is a no-fuss stationary push-up bar.
  • It has a non-skid platform. You can use it on all types of floors including carpets. 
  • They are sturdy, lightweight, and portable. 
  • The handles have a non-slip grip. 

What we like about it

  • We especially love the stackable handles. They make it easy to store and carry them while traveling. 
  • The handle grip is wide enough to keep you comfortable and safe. 
  • The grips are not completely round or flat. They are a blend of both and this helps alleviate the pain associated with pushups. 
  • They are very inexpensive. So, if you are a beginner and you are skeptical about using pushup handles, this is a good piece to start with. 

Here is what a happy buyer has to say about it: 

Very sturdy! Nice comfortable wide grip really makes it easier on my wrists and gives me several options for different grip positions. Love that they are fairly compact and stack up to put away easily. If I could change one thing I'd make them a little taller so I could get a bit more depth in my push-ups. But I can get that by just setting them on something (like a pair of yoga blocks). Overall I'm really happy with them and I'm able to get more reps in my sets because I have less pain. Recommended!” 

Things that could be improved 

  • The handles are not padded enough but they are still comfortable. You cannot expect much from such an inexpensive pushup bar. 
  • They are made of hardened plastic and not metal. Many fitness enthusiasts may not like it, as plastic does feel cheap. But, they are still durable and safe for use. 

Our rating: 4.7/5

Our Verdict: 

These pushup handles are made of plastic because they are meant to be lightweight for travelers. Further, they are stackable and would barely occupy any space in your bag. Highly recommended for busy people who are looking for opportunities to exercise anywhere, anytime. 

Juperbsky Push-Up Stand

This is a Juperbsky Push-Up Stand
This is a Juperbsky Push-Up Stand

This pushup handle is meant for heavy chest training, especially for those who are into gymnastics or other sports. Even fitness enthusiasts who do not mind shelling a few extra dollars can go for it. You can use it as a Parallette, so you can also do dips, v-sits, handstand pushups, and much more. And you need not worry about skidding and slipping because it is designed to remain stable no matter what, where, and how you are using. 


  • It has a durable steel construction that can bear 2200 lbs of weight
  • You can use it to perform a wide range of upper body and full body exercises other than pushups. 
  • The handle has an abrasion-resistant TPR cover which helps reduce strain on the wrists. 
  • The handle has an amazing grip, so you can exercise more confidently. 
  • The base is wide and has a non-slip cap at each end. 
  • The handle is higher from the ground as compared to other pushup handles listed here. This is why you can perform V-sits and dips. 

What we like about it

  • This is one of the few pushp handles meant for serious trainers, gymnasts, and athletes.
  • It is a one-piece equipment. No assembly required and no fear of breakages or the screws getting loose. 
  • The weight-bearing capacity is enough to judge its quality. This is what a buyer has to say about its quality:

“This is not bendable crap. It's strong and allows replication for gym chest workouts during the pandemic. For anyone interested in heavy chest training, I suggest purchasing resistance bands that you drape over your back to place “weight” onto your chest, back, and shoulders. I highly recommend this product over cheaper options.”

  • The base is flat and not rounded like others. This provides more stability to the set. 
  • You can use it on all floor types and still, the rubber pads will give you a solid, reliable grip. 

Things that could be improved

  • A few buyers have stated that the height of these bars is definitely higher than other pushup bars but still they should have been a bit higher.  

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Our Verdict: 

If you are a serious fitness trainer and if it fits in your budget, Juperbsky pushup bar will be the most valuable addition to your home gym. Beginners may not find it comfortable because it is higher from the ground and would require a lot more effort. 

JFIT j/fit Pro Push Up Bar Stand

This is a JFIT j/fit Pro Push Up Bar Stand
This is a JFIT j/fit Pro Push Up Bar Stand

These metal pushup bars are meant for intermediate and advanced trainers. The handle sits higher, which is why it is suitable for gymnasts who want to do dips and handstands. 


  • It has a full metal frame that can withstand years of use. 
  • It offers 9” clearance from the ground, so you can perform deeper workouts. 
  • The foot bars have neoprene caps that prevent skidding and slipping. 
  • Assembly is pretty easy. You just need to tighten two screws. No tools needed. 

Here is what a buyer has to say about the assembly process

Cheap in price but not in quality. I was worried about them being to small, but they are quite adequate. Incredibly simple to put together and you can take them anywhere for a quick, interesting and fun workout.

What we like about it

  • As mentioned, you don’t need any tool to assemble it or dismantle it. All you need to do is to twist the screws. So, it is suitable for people who travel a lot. 
  • They are lightweight and portable. 
  • Comes with 2-year warranty. 

Things that could be improved

  • The foot bars are connected with just one screw each. Now, when you are doing handstand, this could make you feel nervous. Obviously, it is difficult to rely on just one screw. But, most buyers have stated that they are happy with the products and haven’t experienced any safety issues. 
  • The screws on the foot bar need to be tightened regularly. 

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Our verdict:

The single-screw issue is the reason why we rated it slightly lower. Although it doesn’t affect its durability and stability, you may still doubt it, especially if you have a well-built body. Other than that, it is a fantastic product for people who want more ground clearance for their exercises. 

Elite Sportz Push Up Bars

This is an Elite Sportz Push Up Bars
This is an Elite Sportz Push Up Bars

These rotating pushup handles are great for beginners and intermediate level trainers. They are inexpensive because they do not have many fancy features. But they do their job pretty well in terms of letting you add more intensity to your workouts. 


  • They have a steel ball bearing on a rotating base. The bearing system gives a smooth rotation. 
  • The base has four rubber circles that help give it a good grip on all surfaces including tiles and carpet. 
  • They are lightweight and portable. Suitable for people who travel a lot.
  • No assembly required. 

What we like about it

  • There are no hard edges that will dig into your palm. The handles have rounded edges, so you can hold them comfortably. 
  • It is inexpensive as compared to other rotating pushup bars and handles. 

Things that could be improved:

  • The handles are soft and grippy but they do need a little more padding. 
  • A few buyers have stated that people who have a well-built body may not feel more confident about using it. 

Here is what one of the buyers have to say about its weight-bearing capacity: 

Good product for price. Only complaint is being a bigger guy around 230lbs, they did not has the sturdiness in the handles like the more expensive perfect push-up. It works as intended, no issues, but I would recommend if your above 215lbs dish out the extra cash for studies based handles.

Our rating: 4.6/5

Our Verdict: 

These rotating push up bars are good for people who travel a lot and also for those who are undergoing therapy and would not perform high-intensity workouts.  

Wrap up

Various studies have concluded that pushup is one of the simplest exercises that engage all major muscles of your upper and lower body. Doing pushup regularly can improve your cardiovascular health and reduce the chances of cardiac-related diseases and problems. 

Now that the pandemic is going to stay for some time, pushups can really help maintain your fitness in the comfort of your home. Although the gyms will open up at the first opportunity they get, we would still suggest you stay safe and avoid going there until the world is almost back to normal. The norms of social distancing and hygiene are almost possible to be met in the gym which is why working out at home is your best option. 

Squat is another simple and yet effective exercise that you can do at home without any tools (although a squat rack can help make your workouts more intense). Here is a detailed article on how to squat properly without a rack. We hope it helps you learn the tricks to stay in shape.