The YMCA Body Fat Calculator

Our YMCA body fat calculator can help you determine the amount of fat you have in your body, so you can decide what changes you need to make in your lifestyle and exercise routine. It …

ymca body fat calculator

Our YMCA body fat calculator can help you determine the amount of fat you have in your body, so you can decide what changes you need to make in your lifestyle and exercise routine. It uses the exact formulas that YMCA has approved, so you can expect a high level of accuracy from it. The formulas are different for men and women. You need to enter your exact current weight and waist size to get the most accurate results. Read on to find out more about the formula that our YMCA body fat calculator uses, how accurate it is, and what you can do to have optimum body fat. 

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Our YMCA body fat calculator

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YMCA body fat calculator formula 

Just in case you don’t know, YMCA stands for ‘Young Men’s Christian Association’. This 120-year-old organization was created to help individuals indulge in healthy activities and live productive life. YMCA is still pretty active and keeps introducing programs that focus on motivating people to take up physical activities. 

Out of all its contributions, the YMCA body fat calculator has been highly recognized all over the world. It is much simpler than skinfold calipers and other complex calculators such as the Navy method body fat calculator. Even though the formula was invented decades ago, it is still relevant and highly accurate. 

As I said above, the YMCA body fat calculator uses different formulas for men and women, which helps get precise results. The formulas are: 

YMCA body fat calculator formula for males- 

((4.15 × waist – 0.082 × weight – 98.42) / weight) × 100

YMCA body fat calculator formula for females-

((4.15 × waist – 0.082 × weight – 76.76) / weight) × 100

The weight needs to be entered in LBs and the waist measurement has to be in inches. The waist should be measured at the belly level. The best time to take waist measurement is after waking up, using the washroom, but before eating or drinking anything. Use a soft body tape to get correct measurement. 

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How can you use the YMCA body fat calculator to determine the state of your physical health? 

Other than the formula, YMCA has also come up with a fitness determinator chart that you can use to find out where you stand. Here is the table: 

Body fat % menBody fat % womenFat category 
2-5%10-13%Essential fat
26% +32%+Obese 

Once you have entered the values in our YMCA body fat calculator, it will calculate your body fat percentage. You can refer to the above table to determine where you stand. Body fat percentage is one of the best indicators of your health. Too much fat can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. If you are an athlete, extra fat can weigh you down and affect your performance. 
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How accurate is the YMCA body fat calculator? 

There are numerous body fat calculators and all of them provide an approximate result (not exact or accurate).  

Experts believe the YMCA body fat calculator has an accuracy of more than 95% i.e. the result that the YMCA body fat calculator provides could vary (more or less) from the exact result by max 5%. 

2-5% variation is common and acceptable. In fact, the most expensive and advanced body fat calculators such as DEXA scan and hydrostatic weighing have an accuracy of 95-97%. They are high-end procedures and may not be worth their price if you are just curious about your health. Such body fat measuring procedures are meant for people with health conditions who need to seriously monitor their body fat or for athletes who have to maintain a certain amount of body fat. If you are not one of them, the YMCA body fat calculator is an equally good and affordable option.

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YMCA body fat calculator FAQs 

Why does the YMCA body fat calculator have different formulas for men and women? 

That's because men and women have different fat needs. Women need more fat because they have to deal with reproduction. YMCA has taken an extra effort to consider this factor whereas many other calculators and fitness trackers do not believe gender can affect body fat needs. Even the BMI range is the same for men and women. So, it's good to know that the YMCA body fat calculator can provide you with more accurate results. 

YMCA or BMI- which is better? 

BMI is not a very reliable criterion for judging a person’s physical health. It doesn’t consider various important factors such as gender, lean mass, etc. If you are an athlete, you could weigh much more than an otherwise healthy individual. This extra weight of lean muscles can put you in the ‘obese category’ as per BMI standards, which is incorrect. YMCA is different. It helps calculate your body fat, which is a more reliable method of evaluating a person’s physical health. 

Wrap up 

I hope this article helps you understand what exactly the YMCA body fat calculator is and how it can help you stay on track. We also have many other calculators such as the Navy Method body fat calculator, the Reverse BMI calculator, push-up calories burned calculator, calories burned skiing calculator, etc. All our calculators use scientifically proven formulas, so they are much more accurate than mere calorie calculators. 

If you have any questions/suggestions or if you want us to create a specific calculator for you, please leave a comment or email me.