Does Pre-Workout Ever Go Bad?

You are probably like most other weightlifters that rely on pre-workout for that extra energy boost during workouts. As a pre-workout aficionado, you may intend to buy it in bulk so you can access it …

You are probably like most other weightlifters that rely on pre-workout for that extra energy boost during workouts. As a pre-workout aficionado, you may intend to buy it in bulk so you can access it as often as you like. However, this leads to the question, β€œdoes pre-workout go bad?” This article will explore this question and investigate whether pre-workout indeed does go bad.

If you do not know, pre-workout is a processed substance that weightlifters eat or drink just before exercising for an extra energy boost while working out. It also provides them with exercise endurance. It is commonly in powdered form that you mix with water, similar to how you consume protein powder. However, pre-workout can also be in form of pills. What is common is that it offers you sufficient energy for your exercise. As a result, it could simply be an energy-packed meal or an energy drink.

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Does pre-workout go bad?

You may be asking this question because you have already bought a truckload of pre-workout and want to know if you have made the correct financial decision or plan to. If this is your situation, you may be in luck. Pre-workout can and does get bad, but this is largely after you have opened it up. So, as long as you have not opened it, it should remain fresh for a while. However, your pre-workout does not have to get to its expiration date to be bad. If you do not store it correctly, supplements can turn useless and become unsafe for consumption.

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Does pre-workout go bad after mixed?

Generally, the best time to take your pre-workout is about 30 to 60 minutes before hitting the gym or later if you use a home gym. As a result, lifters will typically mix their pre-workout and drink it right away. However, you may feel the need to mix your supplements much longer before you need to consume them, or you can get caught up and need to postpone your drink. Generally, you should drink your mixed portion within 12 hours, similar to other drink mix types. You can use the BlenderBottle Shaker Bottle Pro Series to take your supplements to the gym.

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Does pre-workout go bad if still sealed tightly?

Supplements typically have a shelf life of around two years for pre-workout if it has been stored properly. However, several factors can easily vary this number, so you should inspect your particular pre-workout brand for its specific expiration date.

Is clumpy pre-workout bad?

While clumps in your supplement may signify that it has become bad, this is not always the case. The main reason is that your pre-workout powder can and has attracted water molecules, causing it to turn hard. This usually happens if you take out the silica packet. Nevertheless, clumping can also speed up how quickly your powder turns bad, so you check for other signs to be certain about your pre-workout status.Β 

How to tell if your pre-workout has gone bad

It may be challenging to determine that your supplement has started to turn bad, so here are a few factors you can look out for:

Bad smell

One easy way to know if your pre-workout has gone bad is through its smell. You should know how your pre-workout ordinarily smells, so it should be easy to know when this smell has changed. Pre-workouts can come in various fruity flavors, so yours may be bad if it smells like musk.

Past expiration date

This is an easy way to know if your supplement has gone bad. However, expiration dates are not completely precise, so your powder may still survive its expiration date or be spoiled before it. What this means is that the expiration date is not foolproof. Once it is close to the expiration date, you should also look for other signs to ensure it is safe to use. Expiration dates can sometimes be difficult to find, so you may have to scrutinize the pack. Most brands put their expiration dates on the bottom of the tub.

Broken seal

Many pre-workouts and other products come with a vacuum seal to keep the content fresh and dry. This means that a broken vacuum seal increases the chances that the content of a tub is no longer fresh. Nevertheless, a broken seal is not a death sentence for your supplement, as it just means that you have to carefully ensure that it is still fresh and safe to use.Β 

Visible molds

Once you can see molds in your pre-workout, there is a good chance that your supplement has gone bad and has become unsafe to drink. 

Tips to keep your pre-workout fresh

The best tip is to buy a good pre-workout like the Nitrosurge Pre Workout Supplement, but here are other tips:

Avoid buying in bulk

Pre-workouts and other supplements only offer enough product for a brief period relative to its expiration date. For example, your typical pre-workout only provides about 30 to 45 servings per tub, with an expiration date set for two years later. As a result, a tub provides you with ample usage.  

Keep it away from water.

This is an obvious tip because it will begin clumping up as soon as it contacts water, and this will only accelerate its transformation into something you can not ingest. As an offshoot, you should use clean spoons to scoop out the powder from the tub. 

Keep its cap on

This is an essential step in keeping your pre-workout fresh. Leaving it open makes it easier for moisture, bacteria, and other contaminants to enter it and turn it bad. More than just keeping it closed, you should ensure it's properly and tightly closed, as air can find its way in if you do not close it properly.

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