What Happened Once I Started Doing Shrimp Squats

I’ve always been curious about how to perform shrimp squats, but I never got around to it. I decided that I would try them out and see what happened. Here is my experience with this exercise: Shrimp squats are a good exercise to strengthen your posterior chain. Posterior chain is a term that refers to

Why and How to Do the Barbell Sumo Squat

The barbell sumo squat is a great full body exercise. This article will go over proper form and tips to help you get started with this exercise. Stand with feet a little wider than hip-distance apart, toes angled outward. The next step is to stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart, toes

Are Squats Good for Abs?

Squats are one of the best ways to get your body in shape. They are easy to do, affordable and convenient. Not only that, but they can also help improve your posture and give you stronger abs. In this article we will discuss how squats are good for ABS In this article, we are going

barbell sumo squat

What Are Barbell Sumo Squats Good For?

Barbell sumo squats is a compound lower-body exercise that requires you to squat with a wider stance. While squatting, you need to keep your legs shoulder-width apart but for sumo squats, you need to widen your legs by a few inches on each side.  There is no standard rule on how far apart the legs

Adderall Is Not a Safe Pre-workout

James works as a consultant in Silicon Valley with the additional responsibility of running a tech start-up. However, he wasn’t much of a fitness enthusiast until he found Adderall. He discovered that it helps him to focus better and makes exercises feel like a breeze.  Many people like James are finding out that a pre-workout

When Are Gyms the Least Busy After News Years?

At the turn of a new year, many people decide to start a healthy habit, like reading a book a month, eating healthy, or getting their life together. However, for the regular gym goer, a dreaded new year resolution is to start exercising, usually by others who intend to start the habit. Because of these