Stairmaster Calories Burned Calculator

As per Harvard Medical School, a person weighing 125 lbs can burn about 180 calories climbing stairs for 30 minutes. If he weighs 155 lbs, he can burn 216 calories whereas if his weight is …

stairmasters calories burned

As per Harvard Medical School, a person weighing 125 lbs can burn about 180 calories climbing stairs for 30 minutes. If he weighs 155 lbs, he can burn 216 calories whereas if his weight is 185 lbs, he can burn 252 calories climbing stairs for 30 minutes. If you are using a Stairmaster instead of climbing stairs outdoors, you can expect to burn almost the same number of calories. 

Please note that this is just an approximate number. The exact number of Stairmaster calories burned can vary depending on your weight, metabolism, and the intensity of your workout. Plus, if you are carrying weights while climbing stairs or using a Stairmaster, the calories burned will be much more. Use our Stairmaster calories burned calculator to find out what you can expect from your next stair climbing workout and if it is worth the effort. Keep reading below to learn more about the formula we have used in our Stairmaster calories burned calculator, why it is more accurate than the inbuilt calories meter that your Stairmaster already has, and what you can do to burn even more calories. 

💡 Quick Tip: Although Stairmaster is an excellent exercise machine for getting a quick cardio workout, it costs thousands of dollars and requires a dedicated space. If you are short on budget, MaxiClimber Vertical Climber is a good alternative. It is an inexpensive, foldable vertical climbing machine. It has inbuilt resistance so you can intensify your workouts and burn more calories in less time.

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Stairmaster calories burned calculator

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Stairmaster calories burned calculator formula 

Just like most exercise machines, Stairmasters also come with inbuilt calories burned calculators. But, those calculators are not accurate. They can give you a rough idea but if you have strict fitness goals where you need to track your calories more accurately, they may not be of much help. That's where our Stairmaster calories burned calculator comes in. 

It uses an advanced, scientifically-proven formula to provide you with more accurate results. Unlike standard calorie meters, our Stairmaster calories burned calculator accounts for your weight and intensity, two major factors that decide how many calories you burn doing a specific activity. 

The formula we have used is- 

Calories burned per minute = (MET  x  body weight in Kg  x  3.5) ÷ 200

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MET value of stair climbing 

Metabolic Equivalent of a Task (MET) refers to how much energy you need to spend for doing a certain activity when compared with sitting ideally or sleeping. 

Sleeping or sitting ideal (doing nothing but the basic bodily functions such as breathing and digesting food) has the lowest MET value, which is 1. Standing has a MET value of 1.6, which means it requires 1.6 times more energy than sitting. Walking can have a MET value of 3 to 5, depending on your speed and the inclination of the path. So, when you walk, you spend 3 to 5 times more energy than sitting. If you run, you spend 9 to 15 times more energy than sitting, depending on your speed. 

According to the American Council on Exercise, stair climbing has a MET value of 9. But, as obvious, MET values are not fixed. They depend on the intensity at which you are exercising. If you are climbing stairs leisurely, the MET value could be 8 and if you are running up the stairs the intensity could be as high as 14 or even more!

For example; if you weigh 180 lbs and are using Stairmaster at a moderate to fast pace, you can burn- 

Calories burned = (9 X 81.6kg X 3.5) ÷ 200= 12.8 calories per minute which is 190 calories in 15 minutes or 384 calories in 30 minutes. 
If you are using stair steppers instead of Stairmaster, you may burn fewer calories because they provide shorter vertical strides. But, they are good for people with knee pain or poor cardio health. Under Desk steppers as well as Cardio Climber Stepping Elliptical Machine may not help you burn as many calories as a Stairmaster or climbing stairs outdoors but they are safer on joints and can be used every day.

💡 Quick Tip: Stairmaster products are pretty expensive. Bowflex Max Trainer Series is an affordable but equally good alternative. It is also a high-end, feature-rich product, so I recommend it for people who are pretty serious about staying active and fit.

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Factors that affect the number of calories burned using Stairmaster 


Stairmasters and vertical climbers often come with various speed and resistance settings that can make your workouts as challenging as possible. Needless to mention, the more challenging your workout is, the higher the MET value will be, and the more calories you will burn. 

For example; running upstairs is a highly difficult task and has a MET value of 15. Using our Stairmaster calories burned calculator, we found that a 180 lbs person can burn 21 calories per minute i.e. 315 calories in just 15 minutes! If the same person climbs stairs leisurely (MET value 5), he would be able to burn 7 calories per minute i.e. 107 calories in 15 minutes. 

Your metabolism 

People with high (or fast) metabolism burn more calories than those with slower metabolism. Generally, kids and young people have better metabolism. Even if they eat fatty food, they still do not gain weight as easily as people in their 40s do. 

If you are in your 40s, the Stairmaster calories burned will be less than what it will be for someone who is in his 20s. But, you will burn more calories than someone who is in their 50s or 60s. 

Women have a slower metabolism than men and that's why they often struggle hard to shed the extra weight. If you are a female, you may not burn as many calories using a Stairmaster as a male of the same age would. 

💡 Quick Tip: Stair climbing or using a Stairmaster can leave your knees tired and sore. Make sure you take good care of them. Use COMFIER Heated Knee Brace Wrap to relax the muscles and improve the blood circulation around your knees. Massage them with any oil of your choice after the heat therapy for better results.

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How to burn more calories using Stairmaster or by climbing stairs 

Use weights 

You can’t keep running upstairs for 15 minutes unless you are an athlete or a highly active person with excellent cardio health. Plus, upstairs running is an extremely challenging task and may not be a good option for those who have knee problems or poor balance. Thankfully, using weighted vests or ankle weights can give you as good results as increasing your pace. Avoid using dumbbells or barbells. Keep your hands free so you can grab the safety rails when needed or otherwise. 

Do HIIT workout 

Numerous studies have indicated that a 20-minute HIIT workout can help you burn as many calories as a 45-minute steady cardio or strength training workout. HIIT workouts are easy and beginner-friendly. For Stairmasters, all you need to do is to climb stairs at a slow to moderate pace for 15 to 20 seconds followed by high to very high speed for 30 to 40 seconds, and repeat. You may take 30 to 45 seconds breaks after every 5 minutes or whenever you feel like giving up.

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Stairmaster calories burned calculator FAQs

How Many Calories Do You Burn On The Stairmaster For 10 Minutes?

The exact number of calories burned depends on your age, gender, weight, and intensity. Our Stairmaster calories burned calculator only considers your weight and intensity. There is no scientific formula available so far that accounts for a person’s gender and age, so we have left them out too because we don’t want to misguide you. 

Using our Stairmaster calories burned calculator, we found that if you weigh about 180 lbs and use Stairmasters at a moderate speed for 10 minutes, you will be able to burn 70 to 80 calories in 10 minutes. 

What burns more calories: Stairmaster vs Treadmill?

Walking has a MET value of 3.5 to 5 whereas stair climbing, even when done leisurely, has a MET value of 5-7. So, obviously, a Stairmaster can help you burn more calories per minute than a treadmill.   

Can I lose weight by using a Stairmaster every day?

Any form of exercise can help you lose weight provided you do it dedicatedly and restrict your calorie intake. Stairmaster is an excellent cardio workout equipment, so even if you use it every day for 15 minutes, you should be able to lose weight faster than other less-intense forms of workouts such as yoga or walking. 

Wrap up  

Stair Climbing can help you burn more calories than brisk walking or even jogging. Thankfully, you don’t need to buy a dedicated Stairmaster or other stair-climbing machine. Head out and use any stairs you come across. And, make sure you use our Stairmaster calories burned calculator to keep track of your calorie usage. We have also created several other calculators such as squats calories burned calculators, jumping jacks calories burned calculators, calories burned skiing calculator, etc. Try them and tell me about your experience by leaving a comment or emailing me.