Kabuki Strength Trap Bar HD Review

Open trap bars or hex bars are gaining a lot of popularity these days. They are more versatile than their predecessor- the trap/hex barsWith one open end, they do not really ‘trap’ you. And yet, they serve the exact same purposes that are expected from trap bars. 

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Quick Review Summary

Trap Bar HD by Kabuki Strength has an open front end that makes it highly versatile. It has a square frame, which doesn’t have any welded parts that could break. By paying extra, you get an option to customize it as per your liking. Pricey but it provides features that you simply can’t expect from other competitive products. 


  • 17” long loading sleeves
  • Machined sleeves that minimize wobbling and rattling of plates
  • Very high loading capacity
  • Choice of handle brackets and hand grips
  • The rolling grips can help you make your workouts as challenging as possible


  • None as such

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

See the image below. This is a conventional trap bar.

You will have to stand inside the hexagonal trap. In a way, you will remain trapped inside it, so the weights remain distributed to your sides instead of being in the front as it happens with barbells. This helps you maintain a proper form during heavy deadlifts. It also helps reduce the pressure on your spine. 

Standard traps bars have very limited use. 

See the image below. This is the Kabuki Strength HD trap bar that we are going to review in this article. 

It has its own jack to make it easy to load the plates!

Since it isn’t a closed hexagon, you aren’t trapped inside. You are free to perform a wide range of exercises that the trap bar didn’t allow you to do. See the below image for reference. 

Now, even though it has an open end, the weights still remain distributed towards the sides 

We have recently reviewed several open trap bars such as the CAP Barbell olympic open trap bar, the Hulkfit Hex bar, the Bells of Steel 3.0 Hex bar with rotating sleeves, and the Fitek premium hex bar. All these are affordable options suitable for intermediates and casual trainers. Being reasonably priced products, they have a few minor flaws such as short sleeves, low weight-bearing capacity, etc.

The Kabuki Strength HD trap bar is, however, a premium quality product. It is a near-perfect specialty bar that offers a couple of features that you can’t expect from low-cost home gym equipment manufacturers such as the CAP Barbell and HulkFit. It comes with a high price tag but if you are highly committed to your goals, you should seriously think about getting it (unless, of course, there are budget issues). 

Features and specifications of Kabuki Strength Trap Bar HD

  • Dimensions: 77″ X 23.5″ X 9″
  • Weight: 30kg i.e. 66.1lbs
  • Max weight load capacity: 1500lbs
  • Loadable sleeve length- 17”
  • You will get a pair of 29mm handles but you can buy additional 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 2” rolling handles. The rolling handles are also known as love handles. Read below for more details. 
  • You will get a pair of standard handles that have 25” brackets. 
  • People with a broad body type should go with 27” brackets. 
  • Warranty: Lifetime 

You will love the swappable handles and various hand grip sizes 

When you spend money on a premium quality product, the first thing that you expect is absolute, uncompromised comfort. That’s what the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar HD promises you. The hand grips and handle brackets are available in various sizes to suit your hands as well as your training needs. 

If you love thicker handles and prefer using thick grip products, you will be excited to find out that the Kabuki Strength HD Trap bar comes with 2” thick handle grips to challenge you even more. You can either buy the fixed handles or the rotating ones (if you want your workouts to be as challenging as possible). 

Kabuki Strength is the only brand that could have thought of having rotating handles!  

Just like handles, you also get an option to choose the size of the handle bracket. The 23” brackets are good for females and smaller athletes. The 27” ones are for athletes and people who have a broad body type. 

Knurling is exactly what you can expect from a brand like Kabuki Strength 

The company has used the same knurling pattern that it uses in its premium range of barbells. 

The affordable hex bars have average knurl marks that may be enough if you are lifting moderate weight. These marks are either too passive or too aggressive. You may wear gloves to improve your grip. 

But, nothing can beat the feel of Kabuki Strength knurl marks. These aren’t just afterthoughts. The company has experimented enough to come with a texture and pattern that works best for most people. 

The Square frame of Kabuki Strength Trap Bar HD gives it a unique, indestructible look but it might feel uncomfortable for squats 

Trap bars, just like barbells, have a round frame except for this one. Round frame makes it easy to use, especially when used on the shoulder. 

We don’t really know why Kabuki Strength chose to have a square frame but most buyers have stated that the frame looks great indeed and you don’t feel any major difference or discomfort when you use it for squats. 

What we like the most about the square frame is that it is made of a single piece of steel. There are no welds or joints, which is why you can expect it to last really long, even when used roughly. The other competitive products such as the Rogue Fitness TB-2 Trap Bar have a welded frame, which can make you doubt its durability, especially if you train really hard and often throw your weights. See the image below. 

Kabuki Strength open trap bar is not rackable 

You can’t rack it on the j-cups of your squat stand because the square frame is too big for them. 

But, this shouldn’t be a problem unless you want to use it for squats! Plus, you can always use safety arms or safety catches for holding it. 

We would have loved to have this bar rackable but we still don’t have a major complaint because trap bars are anyways meant majorly for deadlifts. 


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

Kabuki Strength Trap bar HD is a great product for people who want to train with comfort and style. As expected, the manufacturer has done a good research to come up with a design and some features that truly enhance its usability and your comfort. It is totally worth its price. 

That’s all we have to say about this product. 

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