CAP Barbell Olympic Open Trap Bar Review

This is going to be a quick review of the newly launched open trap bar by CAP Barbell. The product is pretty new and yet, it is doing fairly well in the market. In this article, we will brief you more about its design, build quality, usability, and other important decision-making aspects. We will also provide you with a thorough comparison between various open traps, including this one, so you can make an informed decision instead of randomly buying any one of them.

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Quick Review Video

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Quick Review Summary

As obvious from its name, it has an open front end, which makes it more versatile than the closed trap bars. There are a few design flaws and minor welding issues but they do not affect the functionality of the CAP Barbell Olympic open trap bar. It is one of the most affordable options you have. The weight capacity may not be true though but, anyways, if you are training really hard, you should invest in best-in-class products. 


  • Affordable
  • Versatile in use
  • Works as expected


  • Packaging and shipping needs to be improved
  • The design of the bar’s stand could have been improved
  • Poor warranty

Full Review

Now on to our full review.

What is an open trap bar 

As obvious from its name, it has an open design. 

In our article on the Best Trap Bars, we have explained what trap bars are and why they are useful. If you are looking for one, you probably know enough about them. 

Just in case you don’t know, trap bars are exactly what they sound like. They trap you in the middle, so when you deadlift, the weight remains distributed on both sides of your body instead of being distributed in the front, as it happens when you deadlift with a standard barbell. They are also known as hex bars because they have a hexagonal trapping area. See the image below: 

Trap bars are not a ‘must-have’. You can deadlift without them but, if you have the budget, you should have a trap bar in your home gym, so you can do better and safer deadlifts. 

A major problem with trap bars is that they have very limited use, which is obviously due to their closed structure. Open trap bars address this issue. 

They have their front side open, so you can do a wide range of exercises such as high-knee marches, farmer carry, shoulder press, lunges, etc. 

Watch this video to get an idea of what different exercises you can do with an open trap bar. It is basically a video review of Bells of Steel open trap bar that we will be reviewing soon. The exercise ideas are towards the end of the video.  

Features and specs of CAP Barbell Olympic Open Trap bar

  • Dimensions: 70 x 24 inches
  • Weight- 71lbs
  • Made of steel with Chrome finish to prevent oxidation and rusting 
  • Rated for 1000lbs
  • Can accommodate 2” Olympic plates 
  • Has 18” loadable sleeves so you can add enough plates to challenge yourself every day. Do not forget to buy a set of fractional weight plates so you don’t always have to add a minimum of 5lbs. 
  • Tested as per ASTM standards.
  • Comes with 30 days warranty

It is a well-designed trap bar with long sleeves 

As we have already mentioned above, the sleeves are 18” long. So, this bar can hold a couple of more plates than the standard barbells. But, also note that the extra-long sleeves will occupy more space in your home gym. 

Most buyers have stated that the knurling is medium to aggressive, which is exactly what you need if you want to train heavy. Some buyers, however, found the knurling to be too sharp. It is a personal choice, so you should try yourself and see how it feels 

A few buyers even compared its quality with that of the Kabuki Strength trap bar, which is far more expensive than the CAP Barbell open trap bar. 

Only 30 days warranty!

That’s not what we had expected. A product rated for 1000lbs and meant for tough training sessions should carry a better warranty than this. 

Bells of Steel is offering a lifetime warranty on its open trap bar, which is almost the same price as that of the CAP Barbell open trap bar. Similarly, the Hulkfit Olympic 2″ Hex Trap Bar is covered by the manufacturer’s standard 2-year warranty. 

Poor warranty can actually make you doubt the product’s quality but don’t worry. Many buyers who have used it, have agreed that it is a solid piece of equipment. It may not be a good option for lifting 1000lbs but you can trust it for training it with 400-500 lbs.  

The feet don’t really help the bar stand on its own 

Feet of CAP Barbell Hex bar

The above image shows the feet of the CAP Barbell open trap bar. The feet are wide and long with a grippy base. And yet, many buyers have confirmed that it is difficult to make the bar stand on its own. It loses its balance when you start loading the plates. 

We assume the buyers may have received defective products with misaligned feet. That’s because CAP Barbell is a good brand and quality has never been an issue. We have used several CAP Barbell products such as Cap Barbell Power Rack, Cap Barbell’s “The Beast” 7ft Olympic Barbell, CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Plate Rack, etc. Most of them lived up to our expectations. 

Yet, we believe the design of the feet could have been better. Look at the below image of the feet of the Bells of Steel open trap bar. They are more grippy and stable than the CAP Barbell open trap bar. 

Feet or inbuilt jacks of Bells of Steel hex bar


We are giving this a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Wrap Up

CAP Barbell Olympic open trap bar is a very sturdy piece of home gym equipment, designed to cater to people who want to take their strength training efforts to the next level. Its affordability and ease of use are its USPs. But, as expected from any CAP Barbell product (or any other affordable product for that matter), the welds and finishing may not be absolutely perfect. 

Before you go, do check out our detailed reviews of other open traps bars we have listed above, so you can make a thorough comparison and decide upon the one that best suits your needs. We have also created a list of Best Safety Squat Bars, just in case you need something to improve your squatting performance and form.