Best Garage Gym Flags for your Home Gym

Creating a home gym and working from the comfort of your home sounds quite tempting. But, staying motivated enough to adhere to your workout routine is as challenging as you could imagine. Most of us give up within a few weeks/months simply because of boredom and lack of motivation. 

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Thankfully, killing the boredom is easy. You can buy new workout equipment when you are bored with the existing ones. The equipment need not be a big, expensive one. Even a resistance band or a set of pushup handles will make you eager enough to be more regular with your workouts. So, don’t buy everything together. Rather, keep adding things slowly, so you will always have something new to do. 

Another trick you can try is to ramp up your workout space, so you don’t feel like you are pumping iron in a mechanic’s shop. Instead of exercising in a dark, claustrophobic space, create a stylish gym-like workout space. Add dramatic lighting to create various workout moods; low light for yoga and bright light for cardio. Paint the walls with bright colors and add some motivational banners just like you see in gyms. Do everything you can within your budget to create a home gym space that invites you to work out more often. 

Out of all the gym decors, gym banners are one of the least expensive things you can buy. They instantly jazz up your workout area and, the moment you look at them, they make you give up your at-home temptation and follow your fitness course. 

Below, we have listed some of the ‘best garage gym flags and banners’ that we believe will make your home gym more inviting. 

Best garage gym flags and banners 

Coolguyid American Flag by U.S. Veterans Owned Dwight Schrute's Gym for Muscles 

Dwight Schrute Gym for Muscles flag which available in various color schemes and can also be use as a banner

If you are a fan of ‘The Office’, you would love to adorn your home gym or home office’s wall with this Dwight Schrute Gym for Muscles flag. It measures 3 X 5 ft and doesn’t come with a pole. But, you can use it as a banner too. 

It is available in various color schemes. White 5 and white 11 are our favorites. These gym flags are made of semi-transparent polyester fabric. They are weatherproof and fade-resistant, so you can hang them outside too, if you have converted your patio to your home gym. You can also give them as gifts to your fitness freak friends or family members. 

Please note that it has only two grommets, so you will have to brainstorm a bit to find out how to use it as a banner. 

Banger – Globo Gym Dodgeball Flag Banner

Globo Gym Dodgeball Flag Banner from one of the largest retailer in America, Banger makes a perfect decor for garage gym's entrance

Banger is one of the largest flag retailers in America. They sell almost all types of flags on almost all popular themes, especially college dorm themes. Their globo gym banner is an excellent piece of wall decor for fully-equipped home gyms. 

If you don’t know; the word ‘globo gym’ is used for high-end commercial gyms that have a wide range of equipment and offer a wide range of exercise options including yoga, zumba, kickboxing, etc. They are usually bigger than the conventional ‘box-gyms’, which have limited equipment, limited workout options, and averagely-trained staff. 

This Globo Gym banner makes perfect decor for your garage gym’s entrance. It will make you feel like you are visiting your nearby globo gym. The banner will also make you feel motivated to buy new equipment frequently. It comes in a standard size of 3 X 5ft and is made of lightweight polyester. This gym flag has four grommets so you can easily hang it anywhere you want or use it as a banner. 

Motivational Muscle Gym Poster by EzPosterPrints 

The Motivational Muscle Gym Poster by EzPosterPrints is a perfect option if you're looking for wall-sized or big-sized inexpensive gym wall posters to add some color and them to your home gym walls

If you are looking for wall-sized or big-sized inexpensive gym wall posters, EzPosterPrints has some of the coolest options for you. They are made of high-quality photo paper and the print quality is superfine. You can buy the posters in four different sizes; 18 X 12 inches, 24 X 16 inches, 36 X 24 inches, 48 X 32 inches

These posters are one of the most inexpensive options to add some color and theme to the walls of your home gym. Being made of paper, they have very limited durability. But, since they are inexpensive, you won’t mind changing them every year or sooner if you get bored of the existing one. 

Most of this collection of gym posters by EzPosterPrints have typical black and white color combinations. They feature different quotes meant for people looking for a strong inspiration to spend more time in their home gym. Some quotes such as ‘Let exercise be your stress reliever. Not food’ are good for displaying in your living room, so they remind you to exercise. Some of them say ‘I am not strong for a girl. I am just strong’ will remind you to compete with a bigger world and not just your next door neighbor. All of their posters are impressive and worth buying. 

Gym Inspiration Posters by EzPosterPrints 

Gym Inspiration Posters by EzPosterPrints is another inspiration wall decor by EzPosterPrints. These are colorful with strong inspirational messages that dominates the poster.

This is another set of inspirational wall decor by EzPosterPrints. These are different from the ones listed above. These are colorful and have strong inspirational messages printed on them. Text dominates these gym posters

You can buy these gym posters in three different sizes; 12 X 18 inches,  18 X 24 inches, 24 X 36 inches, and 32 X 48 inches. These posters are made of high-quality printing paper and have a satin shine. They are UV safe, so you can even use them to jazz up the entrance of your garage gym. These gym inspiration poster banners come well packed in a cardboard tube. You can frame them if you want. 

The quotes on these gym posters are short but powerful. Some of them are meant for gym only whereas others can be pasted on your home office walls, kitchen, living room, etc. 

Most buyers have mentioned that the print quality of these posters is very good. But, they still find them expensive enough for their price

Yatsen Bridge Store Motivational Canvas Wall Art

Yatsen Bridge Store Motivational Canvas Wall Art features the boxing legend Muhammad Ali for athletes that need some motivation to practice and work harder.

If you are an athlete and need some motivation to practice more often and work harder every day, this kickboxing-themed gym wall art should be a part of your home gym decor. It features boxing legend Muhammad Ali with the text ‘confidence has no competition’. Many buyers have stated that this poster is powerful enough to persuade you to do more reps today. 

It is an oil painting on canvas and has a wooden frame. You can choose from four different sizes; 18 X 12 inches, 24 X 18 inches, 36 X 24 inches, 40 X 30 inches. Most buyers have expressed their satisfaction regarding the overall quality of this home gym decor. A few buyers have mentioned shipping and handling issues but nothing major. 

Please note that being a canvas painting, it is expensive and many of us may not want to spend so much on it.

Great Art Workout Poster Set 

Great Art Workout Poster Set are high-quality glossy paper that are available in 12 and 16 poster gym sets or bought individually.

Please note: Although this is available as sets of 12 and 16 gym posters, you can buy individual pieces as well. The individual piece will obviously cost you more than what will pay for it if you buy the whole set but if you don’t have ample space to put them all, you can buy one or two of them. Sets are great for creating a theme wall. 

The posters are made of high-quality glossy paper and each of them measures 24.4×16.5 inches. Many buyers have mentioned that the paper is thicker than the regular posters available at any store near you. They feature graphic images of people with well-built bodies and have minimal yet powerful content written in white and red. Cover the whole wall of your garage gym with these and we bet they will add a lot of fire to your workout sessions. 

While most buyers have stated that they adore this set of highly energetic workout posters for home gym, many others have expressed dissatisfaction over the way they are shipped. A few buyers found them overpriced too

My Vinyl Story Wall Decal for Home Gym and Yoga Studio

My Vinyl Story Wall Decal for Home Gym and Yoga Studio is a cost-effective alternative to expensive gym flags and posters.

If you are low on budget, wall decals would be a cost-effective alternative to the expensive gym flags and posters listed above. My Vinyl Story has quite a few options for you but this minimalistic home gym decal with text ‘Excuses don’t burn calories’ is our favorite. It will definitely set the tone of your home gym or yoga studio or whichever place you use for your workouts. 

This vinyl wall decal measures 22×32 inches and comes in two pieces. Most buyers have confirmed that it is pretty easy to align and peel it off. The manufacturer has made a video tutorial explaining how to put it together and it is truly helpful provided you stick to its instructions. 

The decals are made of ORACAL 631 Vinyl, which is a premium grade material meant for commercial use. They have a strong adhesion and yet, they are easy to peel off your wall without damaging the paint. 

Gym Open 24/7 No Excuses! Vinyl Wall Decor for Garage Gyms 

Gym Open 24/7 No Excuses! Vinyl Wall Decor for Garage Gyms is an inexpensive vinyl wall decal you can buy to create a warm and inviting environment to help you stick to your fitness commitments.

This is another inexpensive vinyl wall decal you can buy to create a warm and inviting environment in your home gym so you spend more time there and stick to your fitness commitments.  

It measures 36″x22″ and uses oracal 631 matte vinyl for extra adhesion and finish. Some buyers have complained that the letters don’t stick. Well, they do stick pretty well but you need to follow the exact instructions they have provided in a video link that you will receive with your order. The video states that you have to press out the transfer with a card, so it peels off easily without any damage. If you do it right, it will stay there for years, as confirmed by many happy buyers

90% of buyers have rated it 4 stars and above. They have mentioned that the quality and print of this vinyl wall decal is at par its price. It removes easily without damaging the paint of the wall. Various color options available. 

Personalized Gorilla Lifting Logo Garden Flag

Personalized Gorilla Lifting Logo Garden Flag has the graphic of a gorilla that is lifting weights but offers an option to personlize

Well, even if the name states that it can be personalized, you don’t actually get any option to personalize it in any way. So, ignore the word ‘personalize’. It is a gym flag featuring a graphic of a gorilla that is lifting weights. It is made of polyester and measures 3 X 5 ft.  

If you are a fitness freak or if you are looking for a gift for someone who trains like a gorilla, this flag makes a suitable addition to his home or garage gym. Since it is weather-proof, you can hang it outdoors too. The canvas header and two brass grommets make it easier to be hung anywhere. Flagpole not included. 

97% of buyers have rated it 4-stars and above, so it is obvious that the quality and print of this garage gym flag is as per its price. 

GRAPHICS & MORE Personalized Gym Rat Weight Lifting Flag/Banner/Sticker 

GRAPHICS & MORE Personalized Gym Rat Weight Lifting Flag/Banner/Sticker for fitness enthusiast who are truly gym rats and can go to any extent for achieving goals.

This is a personalized flag for fitness enthusiasts who are truly gym rats and can go to any extent for achieving their fitness goals. It is available in numerous sizes, smaller ones are available as window stickers for cars or your gym’s windowpane. Larger ones made of vinyl can be used as flags. Those made of paper can be used as posters. If you are willing to spend more, you can also buy this garage gym flag in metal, plastic, or wood and use them as wall decors. 

The flag features a graphic of a rat’s face with the body of a bodybuilder; indicating a gym rat. You can add one-liner text below the graphic. There are four metal grommets for easy hanging and extra durability. Since it is made of UV and water-resistance ink, you can use the flag or poster outdoors as well. Makes a great gift for your fitness freak friend or family member. 

Wrap up 

A drab basement or garage will make your workouts boring and, soon, you will start missing your gym. Don’t let it happen. While planning the budget for your home gym, make sure you keep a small part of it for decoration. Make it look like a proper gym; warm and energetic. Only then, you will feel like spending more time there. 

If you are looking for home gym equipment, we have got quite a few recommendations for you. Our team spends weeks evaluating hundreds of products and selecting the best of them in terms of quality, durability, safety of use, and price. We hope you like our product suggestions. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave a comment below.